Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today

I am quite certain that most everyone knows what today is without finding a reminder of it here on my insignificant little blog, so I am not going to "dwell" on the fact that this is the ten year anniversary of another date in American and World History that will, in fact, live in infamy.  Three years ago, I posted a rather lengthy narrative about my thoughts on 9-11 entitled We Will Never Forget (which you may read by clicking on the link, if you are thus inclined), so I am not going to repeat those thoughts today.

For the past week or more, a host of TV channels have been running myriad reminders of that awful, awful the point that I have grown an almost unnatural aversion to any mention of today's anniversary.  That is not to say that I have turned a cold heart toward remembrances of the events of that day; it's rather more like sensory overload.  I don't need visual reminders of the planes flying into the World Trade Center, or watch those towering structures tumble to the ground like so much kindling, or see people jump/fall to their deaths...I see those images whenever I close my eyes and think upon that day.

But there is another poignant image that comes to my mind whenever I remember September 11, 2001, one that I did not mention in my post of three years ago, but one that I have never forgotten...nor am I likely to.  During the days immediately following the attacks, like most people, I found myself glued to the television, watching... devouring...every tidbit of "breaking" news surrounding the events of that day.  As one of the news shows was signing off for the evening; either NBC or ABC, they played the following video of Americans Outside Buckingham Palace...

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Mikehooperz, and he posted the following narrative:  "The day after 9/11.  Stranded Americans congregate outside Buckingham Palace in London, England.  They can't go home because a no-fly order is in operation.  The Queen orders the Guards to play the Star Spangled Banner as a sign of the UK's sympathy for the USA.  Even Prince Andrew can be seen stood to attention. An astonishing departure from tradition, Brits are also moved to tears when this clip is televised."

Well, make no mistake, Brits were not the only ones who were moved to tears by this clip. I recall quite clearly my reaction when I first watched this profoundly moving and touching gesture, and again yesterday when I tracked down this video to include with this post...uncontrollable weeping and sobbing. I don't know, I suppose it was in some small way comforting to know that a country "steeped in tradition" and known for keeping a "stiff upper lip" could break with convention for a few moments in deference to their "chums"  across the pond, who were suffering the effects of a hellish maelstrom that would forever change them...and the world.

Good job, you!!