Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Could Not Help...

...but chuckle when I saw the "name badge" for Vincent D'Onfrio when he appeared at the career day for students in Woodstock, NY on Friday. I thought, "Really?"

Woodstock Film Festival

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't Know Why...

...But there is just "something" about the way this man "holds up" a wall that makes me...shiver.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Final Two

Here are the final two videos from the "In Conversation" interview at the Sarasota Film Festival last spring. Sorry it took so long to get these up, and I also apologize for the lack of screen caps. I'm just "done" and "done-in." Don't know when I'll feel like capping or blogging again, so thought I'd go ahead and throw these up on the blog while the spirit hit me.

As I recall, in the first video, VDO chats a bit about the "process" of acting and, in the second one, he gets a bit "personal," talking about his family and...ahem...underwear. Enjoy.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Short 'N Sweet

No, I have not forgotten the final three segments...just haven't felt much like blogging lately. This installment from the Sarasota Film Festival "In Conversation" interview with VDO has to do with a question from the audience about the NYU Film School. The audience member says she is just starting at the film school and inquires about his work in student films there and how the process works going from theater to films.



Monday, September 27, 2010

The Whole Wide World

I know it has been a while since I posted a clip from the "In Conversation" interview. I've been a wee bit busy is all. I finally had some time over the weekend to catch my breath and do the screen caps on this section. So, here is the one and only, Mr. D'Onofrio, talking about my personal favorite film of date...The Whole Wide World.



Three "small" segments to go, and I'll get to them as soon as I can...promise.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Also Wonder...

If the USA Network will pull out "all the stops" for advertising Season 10 like they did when LOCI was originally welcomed into the fold back in...what...2007?

Remember these?

USA: Law & Order Criminal Intent Crime Scene
Uploaded by ElectricArtists. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

USA: Law & Order Criminal Intent New Logo
Uploaded by ElectricArtists. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

Also, I have decided to disable "anonymous" comments, or at least "I think" I disabled them. Life is just too damn short, ya know?

I Wonder...

Who will bring Bobby a "pie" to welcome him back to the USA Network? In case there is "any" doubt, I happily volunteer to undertake that particular delectable "chore."

I realize I have already revisited this promo on a recent post, but...considering the developments surrounding LOCI and VDO...I decided one more look couldn't hurt anybody.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Knew Something Was Afoot...

...when I opened my Yahoo email and messages. Turns out, there will be a Season 10 of LOCI; eight episodes, and the kicker? VDO is coming back.

So, Bobby is coming back after all. I know a lot of people will have mixed feelings about this, but I am one "cautiously optimistic," but otherwise, HAPPY camper! Finally, something to look forward to!!!

Now, so many things come to mind, not the least of which is...HOW are they going to do this, but I'm game. They must have made VDO an offer he couldn't refuse is all I can say, because we all know he's not in it for the money. Hopefully, he will have something to say about the quality of episodes and writers and such.

Guess I got my Bobby-Bear-Hug after all, huh?

And to the USA Network, we can all say a collective, "TOLD YOU SO!!!!!" LOCI just ain't LOCI without Vincent D'Onofrio.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Need A Hug

Not just any hug, mind you. I need a big ol' Bobby BEAR Hug!

And...perhaps...a kiss on the cheek.

Comments are off only temporarily. I'll turn them back on when I recover my life coping skills. That may take a while.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Men In Black

Cannot think of a single, solitary thing to say. Am presently working 10-12 hour days; can't eat, can't sleep...well, not without a little medicinal assistance. The "can't eat" part doesn't bother me so much; Lord knows I could stand to lose a gazillion pounds. The blog and VDO videos and my Reds are the only escape I have these days.

So, for those of you who have already seen the "In Conversation" interview...well, you're probably not stopping by here anyway. For those of you who have not seen the entire interview...this one's for you.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vincent...On Acting

In this next section of the "In Conversation" interview, VDO talks about actors and acting and some young actors he admires today. As part of the lead-in to this segment, the moderator said that, during his research, he read several references in which Vincent was referred to as an "actor's actor," and he asked VDO, "What does that mean?" To which, Mr. D'Onofrio candidly replied, "I have no idea."

Then the moderator went on to ask, and I'm paraphrasing, "What do actors look for in each other, or what impresses them in one another?" VDO's answer, complete with myriad hand gestures, may be enjoyed below.



How To Get Your Very Own "In Conversation" DVD

But first, a word from our sponsor. That would be me. A few people have contacted me privately, wanting to know how to get a copy of the "In Conversation" video, or if I would upload the videos, so they could download them to their computer. More on this in a moment.

First, let me say that I am still in "shock" that I have not seen this anywhere else on the web...the source site notwithstanding. For "weeks" I checked every VDO blog, every VDO Google Alert, conducted extensive Google searches, etc., fully expecting to find this interview mentioned somewhere...anywhere, but I found nary a whisper of its existence. I am not ashamed to say that I was "thrilled"...and a little "giddy" be in possession of this untold treasure and was anxious to share it with fellow Vincent fans. So, I started working up the individual segments because I cannot post the entire hour and twenty-four minute interview at once.

After the first two or three postings, a couple of people contacted me about uploading the videos. Well, I knew that would problem...I do not mind sharing. After all, I have no "exclusive" right to this interview. I had already checked out the Megaupload site that a lot of people use in anticipation of inquiries like that. I downloaded the my computer, and both times, my virus software went NUTS, flashing big warning signs like...Danger Will Robinson...DANGER, so I backed off from that.

Permit me to explain. I had a MAJOR computer meltdown back in March and was without my laptop for almost a month as I fiddled with the folks at Dell while I tried all the "fixes" they suggested before they finally sent me a brand spanking newly "rebuilt" hard drive. Dell asked me what the computer was doing before the "malfunction," and I told them I had just installed a Windows update and restarted the computer, as I was prompted to do, and the screen went black and never started again. The Dell employee assured me that installing the Windows update had nothing to do with my hard drive failure, but all I'm sayin' is that's the way things went down.

Anyway, my computer guy was able to retrieve all my data, but the whole experience cost me about $300 and untold trauma to my emotional psyche as I went through laptop withdrawal. So, I hope you will forgive me if I'm a little skittish about downloading
"suspicious" software, or at least software that my virus program
"perceives" as suspicious.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, next I tried to copy the DVD because... again...I knew folks would ask about that, and they did. And again, I am more than happy to do it IF I can ever figure out how to burn a DVD from my computer. Believe me, no one is more amazed than I that I was able to do all the things I had to do to get these little snippets ready to post; I am, barely, computer literate. But I was a woman on a mission...a "quest" to share all the VDO love.

So, if you want your very own DVD of the interview, follow the yellow brick road of happiness... otherwise known as...the "link" and contact the folks at METV in Bradenton, Florida . I passed this info along to a fellow VDO-ite on Tuesday, and her copy is already in the mail from the good folks at METV. I believe she said the cost was $12. That is a small price to pay for 84 minutes of pure "bliss" with Mr. D'onofrio. (Don't we all wish? Well, I actually wish for BOBBY, but you get my drift.)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vincent's Portrayals of Orson Welles

Only six more segments to go from the "In Conversation" interview with VDO from the Sarasota Film Festival after this one. As the title implies, this portion of the interview is devoted to VDO's portrayal of Orson Welles in "Ed Wood" and "Five Minutes Mr. Welles."



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vincent...The Player

I don't have a lot to say by way of a lead-in for this segment of the "In Conversation" interview. Let's just say it has been one "very" long week...month, and let it go at that...for now. (I may be back to "vent" later.) Regardless of how crappy things have been for me, however, at least I'm not buried underground like those poor miners in Chile. It is going to take...what...four months to "dig" them out. I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of hell they must be going through.

Anyway, here is Vincent D'Onofrio, talking about his death scene in "The Player" and the director, Robert Altman. You know, this is one VDO movie I actually saw at the time it was on HBO or Showtime. Unfortunately, I didn't know who he was at the time. My how things have changed...for the better.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full Metal Jacket - Part II

The Reds are on the west coast, presently losing to the Dodgers, so while I'm watching the game, I thought I would go ahead and post Part II of the "Full Metal Jacket" segment from the "In Conversation" interview with Vincent D'Onofrio.

There is one amusing comment that got left on my "cutting room" floor, but want to make note of it here. The moderator says to VDO that his "expression" throughout the scene in the latrine is one of almost "demonic" possession. Without missing a beat, VDO replies, "Yeah, my son has that look." I thought that was cute.

Then the moderator goes on to ask, "How did Kubrick get you there?" And VDO's answer may be viewed in the following clip from the interview.



In the next segment to be posted, VDO talks about his death scene in "The Player" and how he came up with the idea.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Bobby's Birthday

He may be "gone," but Detective Robert Goren will "never" be forgotten. Yes, I know that a couple of the photos in the following collection are not "technically" of Bobby, but I couldn't help myself. As you can see, my preference runs to "scruffy" Bobby... albeit I'll take him anyway I can get him.

Happy Birthday, darlin'. I sure do miss you.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Full Metal Jacket - Part I

I divided this part of the interview into two videos because each one is a little over five minutes long. As the title implies, this portion of the "In Conversation" interview is devoted to VDO's experience in the movie "Full Metal Jacket." I have never watched this movie...for several reasons. I have, however, watched "the" scene in the latrine when Private Pyle has his -- "I've had all I can stands, I can't stands no more," -- meltdown. Powerful stuff.

The moderator comments that Stanley Kubrick had a reputation for being a methodical, time-consuming type of director...especially when it came to selecting actors. He asked Vincent to share his experience with the casting process, how long it took, etc. And his response can be seen...and heard...below.



Again, I apologize for a few "blurred" fingers and hands, but the expression on his face was just too good to delete. That would know...scandalous. Part II will be posted as soon as I can find the time to screen cap that segment.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vincent Talks About Getting Started

I have been working on actual "work" stuff since 9:00 this morning, so my reward for being a good little employee is: I now get to play with Vincent.

I dubbed this section "Getting Started" because VDO talks about his early days; things like hitchhiking from California to New York and his days as a bouncer. I bet he could write an interesting book and/or movie...or both...about those experiences. I would love to hear more details about that.

Anyway, the moderator makes a comment about Vincent growing up in Bensonhurst, and the fact that the area had a rich heritage for producing show business people. People like: Barbra Streisand, The Three Stooges, and Vic Damone. He wanted to know if Vincent had been aware of that heritage while he was growing up and if it influenced him in any way. His response can be heard in the following video. Enjoy!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Johnny And Me...And Vincent

In this installment from the "In Conversation" interview, VDO talks about how he came up with the idea for the yet to be filmed movie, "Johnny And Me." He also explains why, even though he wrote the part for himself, he has decided he cannot act and direct and do the music and play guitar, so he is looking for another actor to play the lead. Bummer! He would be "perfect" for this role.

I had to chuckle when he says, "IF anyone has paid attention to his career..." Yes, Vincent, a few of us have paid very close attention to your career. Granted, I arrived a little later than some to the party, but I sure am glad I "crashed" it.



Disclaimer: I suppose I should make some generic statement about "no copyright infringement intended;" indeed none was/is intended. Just trying to perpetuate the VDO love fest, that's all. Once again, I found this interview via a live feed from the METV website.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, We Have No McNuggets

Okay, I'm going to take a wee break from the VDO videos to share this with all y'all...on the outside chance you have not seen this already. Evidently, this incident occurred back in January at a McDonald's in Toledo, Ohio, however, Toledo's finest just released the surveillance tape yesterday.

Apparently, one Melodi Dushane took some "serious" offense when she pulled up to the McDonald's drive through to order-up some chicken McNuggets only to be informed that they were not presently available. It was, after all, 6:20a.m. Sorry, darlin', you won't find McNuggets on the Mickey D's breakfast menu. That's the time they're knee deep into McBiscuits and McGravy, and hash browns and such. Well now, as you can see in the video below, Ms. Dushane...not a fan of McMuffins or McGriddles.

To set it up, this is the actual surveillance video and it goes on for a little over two minutes. If you watch, for the first minute, the McDonald's employee appears to be...very patiently...explaining that they are not serving the item she requested at that time. After a bit, Ms. Dushane flies into one point it looks like she is actually trying to climb in through the window. This whole scene is simultaneously hilarious in its absurdity and sad in its...well... absurdity. People are just "bleepin" insane.

McNugget McRage - Video Courtesy of WUPW

Boy Howdy! Have you ever witnessed such a "hissy-fit?" Oh, how I wish this came with audio. At one point, I can almost "hear" her screaming, "I want my "effing" nuggets, right "effing" now!!" Can you imagine becoming that overwrought over something so trite? Especially...McNuggets. Come on. I tried them...once...when McDonald's first introduced them a hundred years ago. I was not impressed. In fact, I dubbed them "pieces parts" because I was certain I tasted a hint of beak and feather in mine.

The girl's mother, in the whole spirit of people not taking responsibility for their actions, blamed the McDonald's employees for allowing the situation to escalate. HELLO!! It appears to me that they were trying to avoid a confrontation by attempting to lock the window when her "little darlin" pitched a full-fledged fit. For her tirade, Ms. Dushane will receive 60 days in jail and has to pay for the window replacement.

But the absolutely BEST part of the video is when she finally drives away, and the car behind her pulls up to the window. The McDonald's employee just unlocks the broken window and calmly hands the customer their nothing ever happened. What a hoot!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vincent Chats About Kate And Jeff

If I have a single complaint about the "In Conversation" interview with Vincent D'Onofrio, it's that the moderator does not repeat the question from the audience. So, while I can "infer" from VDO's comments that the initial question had to do with Kathryn Erbe and their relationship on and off the show, I cannot duplicate the exact question for you here. Nor was I able to discern the nature of the question that led to his follow-up comments regarding Jeff Goldblum.

Regardless, here is the next installment from the interview at the Sarasota Film Festival.



Thursday, August 5, 2010

I SAID Don't Go In The Woods...

...Would be the title of the "sequel" should VDO decide to continue on with the saga of DGITW. At least, that was his impromtu response when asked if he would make another "slasher" musical. We get a "tongue flick" in this segment, too...and I do love me some good old fashioned "Bobby" tongue flicks.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't Go In The Woods - In Conversation

It has been one "crap-awful" day, and I have spent most of the evening ranting and no one in particular, mind you...over the unjust disposition of my "crap-awful" life. So, in an attempt to turn my thoughts to something considerably more pleasant, I thought I would post the next video from Sarasota.

While doing my rounds of the VDO blogs today, I noticed a "theme" of sorts surrounding VDO's movie: "Don't Go In The Woods," which I think should be "Into" the woods, but what do I know? To me, don't go "in" the woods sounds like someone cautioning me to not "pee" the woods, but I digress.

First up is the video. He talks a bit about the cost and who he got to work with him on the project. He talks about the movie again later in the interview, but I haven't "capped" that section yet. Then perhaps y'all don't care one way or another whether I capture the individual photos or not. Anyway, I'll get to it one day soon.


I have two slideshows this time; one from the video and another of pictures taken during the "filming" of the movie. Doesn't he look positively scrumptious in camouflage?

Slideshow - Interview

Slideshow - Filming DGITW

Sunday, August 1, 2010

More From In Conversation With Vincent

In this segment, VDO talks about a new television show idea he is working on with James Yoshimura, the man who wrote the "Subway" episode in which he starred from Homicide Life On The Street. I cannot believe I've never watched this yet...even though I have owned the tape for a couple of years now.



I just wish the folks who filmed the interview would have had the foresight to set up a camera, so that when he looked to his left, we could have seen his handsome face from that angle. Not that Vincent doesn't have an exceptionally nice profile and all. I'm just sayin'.

I guess it's time I gave a shout out and a ginormous thank you to the folks at METV for posting a live feed of the interview on their website.

August Calendar - 2010

Gee, August is here. Time to get ready for those "dog days" of summer. If this month proves to be as "hot" as July, I suppose we can always blame Mr. D'Onofrio. He has a tendency to heat things up, doesn't he?

Don't know why the pictures aren't showing up below, but if you click on the arrow, a lovely selection of Vincent photos will appear. Trust me.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Badge Switch That Wasn't

This is a short and sweet segment from the ongoing interview. There was a two-part question from the audience regarding Bobby's badge. During a series of interviews posted on the USA Network website, VDO had commented that the one thing he would like to take from the show was his badge. Apparently, that is a big ol' affirmative...he says he got his badge.

The second part of the question has to do with the "badge switch" that took place in "Loyalty: Part I." While I was screen capping that episode, I happened to notice that Eames was wearing Bobby's badge and visa versa, and I did a blog post about it...which you can read here if you are thus inclined. Anyway, VDO was asked if the switch was done on purpose or by accident, and he replied that it was an accident.

He then went on to say that "no one" notices stuff like that; only really, really "intense" fans notice things like that. To that I can only say, "Guilty as charged, Vincent. Guilty as charged."



Off to screen cap the next selected section. I'm just getting started, by the way. I videos total to share with "all y'all."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vincent D'Onofrio Talks About "LOCI"

Here's another clip from VDO's "In Conversation" interview in Florida. This time, he is talking rather openly and candidly about his tenure on Law & Order CI. I feel considerably more "at peace" with his decision to leave the show after having heard his explanation. Even so, I still miss Bobby.


Slideshow - My apologies for some of the "blurry" digits; the man does "talk" with his hands.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vincent D'Onofrio "Pauses"

For those Vincent D'Onofrio "D'Votees" who are not among those fortunate few who will be in New York tonight to see him perform at Joe's Pub, here is a little something to help ease the pain.

This is the last bit from his "In Conversation" interview at the Sarasota Film Festival earlier this year, and it is my favorite part. There is a question from the audience regarding his Detective Goren character, wanting to know if there is a connection between Goren and Columbo. Vincent answers the question and then treats everyone to a specific anecdote from his "Bobby" days. I laugh out loud every time I hear him tell this story. It is a pure least, I think it is. Enjoy!!



If I do say so myself, these are some pretty darn good pictures. Albeit that can be attributed more so to the subject matter than my screen capping skills.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vincent D'Onofrio And The Radio Dude

With many, many thanks to Diane for sharing this with everyone. I downloaded it to my computer, but found this on YouTube, which makes it so much easier to share...until they take it down. There's a little bit of our "Bobby" in this video. I love it when he says to the guy, "See my finger...follow my finger." The only distracting part was when the DJ kept slamming his hands down on the table.

Good is to be continued. Enjoy!

Oh, and the video credit goes to 1019rxp.

One last thing. I mean no disrespect to the man, and I don't want to tick off anyone, but...enough with the black shirt and pants already.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Calendar - 2010

Goodness, is it July already? Here's a little "sumthin" to gaze upon on those hot, sultry days of summer. I didn't include any music on this one; I didn't think the added distraction was necessary. Enjoy!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

In Plain Sight Promo - Bobby Goren Style

I was lucky enough to "capture" this commercial...hmm...I guess it was about three years ago. It was around Father's Day because there were several ads for "Dad" on the DVD as well. Anyway, I was never able to do anything with it...until now...because I finally, finally purchased some recording/converting/editing software that I could figure out.

And now, I have turned into a recording/converting/editing "whore." My problem will soon become that I have run out of space on my computer to store little tidbits like this, and I will have to find another place to put them. Can YouTube be in my future? Probably not. I'm having enough trouble getting Photobucket to cooperate with me, but -- huzzah, huzzah!! -- it finally did. I guess perserverence does pay off eventually.

On to the commercial. It was back in the "good old days." Remember them? When the USA Network actually "liked" Law & Order CI and Vincent D'Onofrio and recognized the benefit of having a well-established, well-loved, well-respected "character" like Detective Goren welcome a newcomer into the fold. "Ah, yes. I remember it well," she says, wiping a nostalgic, whimsical tear from her eye.

For those of you who recall this ad, this particular version is just a "smidge" longer than the one USA aired the majority of the time. In this version, Bobby says, "So, welcome" and gives her this "look." And Mary says, "Thanks, it's great to be part of the team," and appears to be totally oblivious to his shy "boyish" charm. Silly woman. I still crack up when he says he has to go because it's a 32-hour drive to New York, and he puts the siren on and it makes it go faster. But he looks a little hurt and dejected that she doesn't invite him in to have a piece of...pie. I repeat...silly woman!


In Plain Sight Promo - Slideshow (Please pardon the "gratuitous" hand-shot. Also, notice how he keeps looking at her...ahem...chest. That's my Bobby!)

The Video

Monday, June 14, 2010

Loyalty Part 2 Comments & Just Bobby Slideshow

Okay, so I know I am several days late and a whole bunch of dollars short on this post. Sorry, I just haven't been in much of a blogging mood as of late.

And I've got to tell you, if I cannot figure out a way to ward off the bothersome "anonymous" comments that keep showing up every day on a couple of older posts, I may just give it up all together. I'm not talking about the "real" people who leave an occasional comment anonymously. Those comments are welcome. I'm talking about the long, boring, drawn out advertisements that appear in my email...every...freakin' It is annoying. I always reject them, but they keep coming back.

I have considered enabling the "word verification" function, but I believe that would eliminate all anonymous comments, so I don't know. If you drop by some day and find that you have to enter a series of letters in order to leave a comment, please don't take it personally. Blame it on clueless advertisers who believe this type of "spam" advertising actually works. All it does is piss me off, ME...already.

Speaking of "bite me," I have finally decided to post my comments/ observations and the "Just Bobby" slideshow from the last LOCI episode...the last episode that matters to me at any rate. For those of you who don't want to revisit the specifics of this episode, please feel free to go directly to the end of the post and feast your eyes on the wonderfulness that is Bobby.

I have to say that I actually teared-up when the show began and the announcer started with those all too familiar words, "In New York City's war on crime..." I did not expect to have that kind of reaction, but I suppose it just "hit me" at that precise moment that this would be the very last time I heard that lead-in in the context of a new Bobby episode, and I got a little emotional.

THEN we arrived at the opening scene, Captain Ross' funeral scene, and there stood everyone in dress uniform...except Bobby...and I was pissed off from that moment on until the show mercifully ended. Music Wench did an excellent post on this episode on her blog in a much more timely fashion, and one of the comments said that Bobby put his hand on his heart instead of performing an official salute because he was not in uniform. And I read could have been on Music Wench's blog, but I'm not certain, that the reason Bobby was not in uniform was because he had already been suspended, which means the crappy writers/producers "screwed" us over "again." Continuity. Evidently, not an important concept on this least not in Seasons 8 and 9.

You know, my heart really isn't in this, so I will probably skip over a bunch of stuff that I had originally jotted down in my notes; I have not watched this episode since it aired except to do the screen capping. Most of you have probably long since forgotten everything except the hug and peck on the cheek at the end anyway.

But I do have to say that this episode did provide one of Bobby's better lines in that when he and Eames went to collect Van Dekker, the bald bad guy slime ball, from the FBI, Bobby gets all up in his face and says, "You're mine." (Would that Bobby would say those words to me, only in an entirely different context...if you catch my meaning, and I believe you do.) But no, he wasted it on this wart-hogged faced buffoon, who replied with, "No, I didn't know you cared, darling," just before Bobby slams his bad boy butt into the wall.

In contrast to Bobby's golden line is perhaps one of the stupidest statements ever uttered on LOCI by the FBI agent who told Van Dekker that, "the safest place for you is in Federal custody...with us." Yeah, right. That turned out well, didn't it? Anyway, as the FBI leads Van Dekker away, Eames says, "It's bad, Bobby." To which, he replies, "No, it's good."

Then came the opening credits and Jeff Goldblum received "top billing" over Kathryn Erbe. I have to be honest, I was still so ticked off over the "no dress blues" incident that I did not notice this "slap in the face" initially. I read about it on Music Wench's blog, and then I had a whole other reason to be pissed off with this if I needed more.

And then Bobby gets suspended...again. And everyone keeps watching him warily, like they expect him to explode or something. But, no. He keeps his cool, hands Nichols a folder and says he will be in touch with him and also with Eames. I have in my notes that I loved watching how he closed the desk drawer with his...thigh. It's the little, unexpected "Bobby-moments" like that I will forever miss about this show.

Shortly after this, Van Dekker gets offed while under FBI protection. You know, the safest place he could be. And THEN Major Case shows up to investigate the murder. Anyone else see the irony, or should I this? The FBI had shut NYPD out of the case, so why would they let them investigate the murder of someone who know...under their protection? It's not like I care anymore...just pointing out yet another inconsistency.

Don't you just love how... since we learned that Bobby's "biological" father was a serial killer, they effortlessly make the leap that Bobby could be a killer, too. Someone says they have to go where the evidence leads them and they're off...investigating Bobby.

That leads Eames to Bobby's apartment/house...whatever. Did you notice (if you even remember at this point) that when Bobby says he was home at the time of Van Dekker's murder, Eames says, "Alone, right?" But Bobby never answers her. Hmm? Something to think about, or it would be...if we still had a reason to think about this show. Don't get me wrong, I still think about Bobby, just not in the confines of Criminal Intent.

And I have to say, for someone who has known this man for more than eight years, I cannot understand why Eames seemed so surprised to find out that Bobby was still accessing the police data base to ascertain information about the case. He was still working the case. It's Bobby. It's who he is. It's what he does. After 8+ years, she expected something else?

When Bobby confronts the dude in the bathroom and he wants to know who Bobby is and Bobby says, "I'm your worst nightmare," I had to chuckle. I mean, I always think of Bobby as my "best" dream...or daydream, as the case may be. And I have to say that, had the man not already availed himself of the bathroom urinal, he most likely would have "diddled" all over himself considering the way Bobby lit into him. That twerp sang like the proverbial bird.

Again, Music Wench pointed this out on her blog, but I wondered, too at the time...why was Bobby driving an NYPD vehicle when he went to check out the warehouse? He was suspended after all. So many inconsistencies.

If I had been "on my game," I like to think I would have figured out the link between the Patel dude and the FBI. I mean, if he was really a bad guy, why wouldn't they just go ahead and kill Bobby? Which leads me to -- perhaps -- my biggest complaint with this entire episode. Bobby is barely in the show as it is, did they really have to cover that beautiful head with a canvas bag? Which, by the way, should have been another big clue to the FBI connection. Why would the bad guys care if he saw where they were taking him? They would have just killed him anyway after they determined what he did or did not know. Like I said, really off my game on this one.

And I really disliked the black FBI agent who kept saying snarky things to Bobby. For instance, when he threatens to hold Bobby in federal detention and says he heard that Bobby was once committed to an insane asylum. "Is that true?" he asks. Bobby replies that it was for the, "greater good." And this creep says, "Like you know what that was." Argh! I really didn't like this guy, but I loved Bobby's reaction. He just gets this little smile on his face, like he's thinking, "Let me out of these cuffs, and I'll show you insane asylum."

For what it's worth, and even though I hated the FBI bitch, I do believe she appreciated Bobby's "genius" in the end. Enough so that I have to wonder if he perhaps ended up there after all was said and done, or was he too much of a "problem child" for them?

This is also the scene when Bobby says, "Ross believed in what you were doing, and I had a lot of respect for that man." Okay, so that's a nice line and all, but the truth is it always felt like Bobby "tolerated" Ross or anyone in authority because it allowed him to do what he did best...catch bad guys.

Moving on, let me just say that the whole thing with the Chief of Detectives dangling the Major Case captain's job in front of Eames was just plain...nonsense. Don't get me wrong. I like Eames. But she had no administrative experience...what so ever. She had not even taken the exam yet, and she is going to leap frog over every other viable candidate to be the top dog at Major Case. Sorry, not very believable. I understand why the writers did it that way, so Eames could be the one to fire Bobby, but still.

And the knife in my heart? Bobby...wearing a VISITOR'S BADGE.

Look at Bobby, being the reasonable, rational one when he talks Nichols into letting the bad guy go for the "greater good," so Ross will not have died in vain.

And that leads to the end of the story...the show...for those of us who truly believe that Law & Order CI is, was, and always will be...Goren and Eames. The scene in the Captain's office when Eames fires Bobby. He accepts it with grace and dignity, says it's been a long time coming. She tells him he's the best...always will be. They hug, he pecks her on the cheek, says he'll see her around, and leaves.

Eames walks around the desk, takes out her gun and shield and places them on the desk, picks up the phone and calls the Chief of D's and tells him she won't be taking that captain's exam. Fade to black. That's all she wrote. End of story.

When all is said and done, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth; I will forever believe that these three characters (Ross included) deserved a far, far better send off than this paltry offering. And now having said all this, I am done beating this long since dead horse. I am going back to the beginning. Well, back to Season 2 where I left off in the middle of "Best Defense" and finish screen capping and quoting that episode. There is still a lot of good Bobby to be quoted and commented on after all.

"Loyalty Part 2" - Just Bobby Slideshow - Season 9

Friday, June 4, 2010

Food For Thought...So To Speak

As I was browsing my file folder where I keep interesting tidbits that I have collected from the Internet or have received in emails, I found the following offering. I believe this was from an email. I have no idea if it is true or not, however, I do embrace the overall sentiment of the piece. Enjoy.
* * * * * * * *

Recently, in a large city in France, a poster featuring a young, thin and tan woman appeared in the window of a gym. It said, "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

A middle-aged woman, whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster, responded publicly to the question posed by the gym.

To Whom It May Concern,

Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious humans.) They have an active sex life, get pregnant and have adorable baby whales. They have a wonderful time with dolphins stuffing themselves with shrimp. They play and swim in the seas, seeing wonderful places like Patagonia, the Bering Sea and the coral reefs of Polynesia. Whales are wonderful singers and have even recorded CDs! They are incredible creatures and virtually have no predators other than humans. They are loved, protected and admired by almost everyone in the world.

Mermaids don't exist. If they did exist, they would be lining up outside the offices of Argentinean psychoanalysts due to identity crisis. Fish or human? They don't have a sex life because they kill men who get close to them, not to mention how could they have sex? Just look at them ... where is IT? Therefore, they don't have kids either. Not to mention, who wants to get close to a girl who smells like a fish store?

The choice is perfectly clear to me: I want to be a whale.

P.S. We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver, and a piece of chocolate with my friends.

With time, we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.

Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, "Good grief, look how smart I am!"

* * * * * * * *

For the record, upon reflecting on the size of my considerable...ahem ...derriere, I must be a freakin' genius!

Monday, May 31, 2010

June 2010 Calendars

I wasn't around much during the merry month of May, but fortunately, VDO has been quite visible ever since he gave Law & Order CI the old "heave-ho." He looks as good as ever, doesn't he?

With special thanks to Diane for the source material.

June 2010 - Part I
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June 2010 - Part II
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Vincent D'Onofrio And Hugh Jackman

Just found this and had to post it. Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

May 2010 Calendar - Plus One

I had the following Bobby calendar all ready and "good to go," then I got an email from Heather and...well...let's just say May is gonna be a "bonus" calendar month. You get two...two...two for the price of one. Enjoy!!

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And now...the bonus round.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Supreme Court Nominee...Uncle Jay Style

I realize that the next "logical" post would have been the comments and Bobby slideshow from the final Goren & Eames LOCI episode, but I'm not quite ready for that. Meanwhile, Music Wench's post today reminded me of this week's "Uncle Jay Explains The News" video in which he sings...dueling banjos to how both parties will handle the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. Funny stuff and... sadly...freakishly accurate.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loyal Partners...Plus A Couple

I shall apologize at the outset for the initial image that will greet you in this post; many of you cannot stomach the sight of Jeff Goldblum these days. I get that, but you know, I don't blame him for what happened with the show. He's just a guy, trying to do his job. But, having said that, I'm not interested in watching a Law & Order CI that does not include Detective Goren. LOCI was Goren...and...Eames, but mostly Goren for me.

The purpose for the following photo is to show everyone precisely who was responsible for the atrocious writing in "Loyalty Part 2."

I felt so sorry for Rodgers in the scene at the cemetery, so I wanted to include a photo of her. She looks so forlorn.

One last "tongue flick" for the road, or is Bobby merely sticking out his tongue at the departing FBI agents?

And now that brings us to the partners...the good and faithful, LOYAL partners...slideshow.

By the way, did anyone else notice how Nichols kept watching Bobby with this wary, bordering on mistrustful, look? It was almost as if he expected Bobby to "explode" at any moment.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eames - The Last Slideshow

Well, I suppose I should say this is the last Eames slideshow for the "last" new Law & Order CI episode. I still have dozens of shows to screen cap and quote, so there will be more Eames, of course...just no more new material.

She had a lot of good moments in this one; especially at the end. When she got all teary-eyed in the captain's office with Bobby, I could not help but wonder...was it Eames or Erbe getting all emotional?

Eames Slideshow - "Loyalty - Part II" - Season 9

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uncle Jay Explains Taxes...Sort Of

In "honor" or perhaps I should have said "horror" of "tax day" here in the good old U.S.A., I thought I would share this video from "Uncle Jay Explains The News." So, enjoy.

For some reason, the entire width of the video is not showing on my blog, thereby, cutting off most of the right side. I've never encountered this problem before; usually the video will extend beyond the right hand boundary, but not this time. So, if you want to watch Uncle Jay, just double click inside the video and it opens up in YouTube...where I snatched the dang thing anyway. Argh! All this bother for a silly video.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dixie Carter - The Ultimate "Designing" Woman

I have been so wrapped up with restoring my laptop to its former working condition and watching the entire second season of "Damages" this weekend that I had not heard the sad news about Dixie Carter passing away yesterday morning. She was 70 years old. That's hard to believe; she always looked so young and vibrant.

I know she has had a long career, but I shall forever remember her as the tough, classy, high-spirited and redoubtable business woman... Julia Sugarbaker. "Designing Women" was one of my all time favorite sitcoms. I loved all four of those big-haired, loud-mouthed, brassy, ballsy, larger than life southern women...until Jean Smart and Delta Burke left the show that is.

Like most shows that undergo a "major" casting change, it lost its appeal after those two cast members departed the show. Hmm? Any other show that recently suffered a similar fate come to mind? Those of you who are avid Law & Order CI fans may or may not know that Tony Goldwyn...Bobby's ne'er-do-well brother, Frank...appeared on "Designing Women" way back in 1987 as a young man, dying of AIDS.

There are so many funny, touching episodes and scenes that come to mind, but since this is a "tribute" of sorts to Dixie Carter, I found a couple of my favorite ones over at YouTube. My all time favorite Julia "tirade" is the one involving her and an IRS agent named Ray Don (that's what I love about the South...everyone is called by both their first and middle names) but I have never been able to find that particular scene on YouTube.

One thing about Julia Sugarbaker...she always endeavored to conduct herself with the deportment of a sophisticated, well-bred, gentile southern lady. Unfortunately for Julia, but fortunately for the viewers, the writers frequently played havoc with that image -- with hilarious results -- by having her walk down a fashion runway with the back of her skirt tucked inside the top of her pantyhose, or getting her head stuck in the banister while decorating the Governor's mansion for some fancy shindig.

Perhaps my favorite episode doesn't involve Julia at all. It's when Suzanne and Anthony (Meshach Taylor) have to share a hotel room in the dead of winter when they get stuck in a snowstorm en route to a design show. Good stuff. Good show.

Good-bye Dixie were one classy broad.

In the following clip, Julia takes issue with Charlene for "ratting" her out because Julia heard the rest of the group discussing the case she was hearing on jury duty. Because of Charlene's interference, the jury is sequestered, thereby, putting Julia's upcoming dinner with former President Carter at risk.

Whenever the "girls" and their significant others went away together for a long weekend or vacation...well, let's just say it was always "eventful" and usually provided Julia with an opportunity to freely express her opinion on things.

Finally, perhaps Julia's most memorable "tirade" is her infamous "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" speech. It was no secret that Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker had an oftentimes tempestuous relationship; they were sisters after all. Though Julia frequently took issue with Suzanne's self-centered, materialistic ways, she was also fiercely protective of her. Though Julia may not have always "liked" her sister, she "loved" her and was the first to rush to her evidenced in the following video. Blood is truly thicker than water.

Acknowledgments go to DavidLovesDisco, guanabeetv, and SouthTubeGathering respectively for the featured videos.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"High Midnight" - Another Vincent D'Onofrio Film?

I happened to stumble upon this information a few minutes ago while I was going about the monotonous task of restoring all my "lost" information to my newly repaired laptop. Anyway, when I arrived at Vincent D'Onofrio's imdb page, I found this new movie listed for 2010; i.e., "High Midnight." Well, it's new to me at any rate, however, the rest of you "Vixens" may have heard about it already.

Now, I have been told that anyone can put anything on these sites, so it may not be true at all, therefore, I shall rely on those of you who possess more stalwart investigative skills than I to undertake the sleuthing for me.

This brief synopsis was provided: "A broken-down sheriff is forced to join forces with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter to defeat an undead force consuming a small frontier town in 1892 New Mexico." VDO has top billing and his character's name is Marshal Stoudenmire. Vampires, the undead, the wild, wild west and Vincent D'onofrio. Who could ask for anything more?

Now, I don't much care for vampire or scary movies, but I have to admit that I rather fancy the notion of VDO in a western. Ah, yes... that's a delicious image to have in my head as I fall asleep tonight.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Loyalty" Part II - Initial Reaction - SPOILER ALERT

Don't read this if you haven't seen the show yet; I need to vent a bit.

Well, except for the last five minutes, I cannot begin to tell you exactly how much I HATED this episode. I don't think it did justice to Bobby and Eames...not even close. Too much time was spent on the sub characters/plot, too much time on Nichols, wayyyyyy too much time was focused on the new chick -- who I instantly disliked when she turned and said, "One more thing," when questioning someone. I SCREAMED, "that's Bobby's line, you bitch!" There was just way too much of EVERYTHING...except Bobby and Eames.

Wasn't it nice of them to make Eames a captain "pro-tem" (is that the right term) so she could fire Bobby. I get why they did it that way, but it still pisses me off. Good for her for telling them to stick it.

And SHIPPERS everywhere will be delighted to see Bobby kiss Eames on the cheek before he gives her that good-bye hug.

Yes, they explained the plot they started last week, but for an episode that was supposed to give us a satisfactory conclusion to Bobby and Eames, it fell far, far short of the least for me. I'd say I'll have more to say once I digest it and watch it again, but I don't know if I want to watch it again. One thing is for sure, it won't take me long to screen cap the Bobby and Eames scenes...there's aren't that many of them.

One last thing. The opening scene is of Ross' funeral. We see Eames in her dress blues and Nichols in his dress blues, but Bobby is in a suit. That stuck out like a sore thumb for me, and sort of set the pace for the whole episode. I mean, the freakin' writers deprived of us that visual of Bobby in his dress blues. What a crock!

I am very, VERY disappointed. Someone out there tell me I'm wrong...tell me it's not as bad as I think it is. Please...anyone? Well, I'm off to bed, but I don't believe I'll be drifting off to sleep anytime soon. Yes, I know it's silly to get this riled-up over a television show, but I am. I never thought I'd see the day when I said this, but D'Onofrio and Erbe are well rid of these nitwits.

"Loyalty" Part I - Comments & Observations

I may be a bit late with this post, but wanted to get my thoughts and comments about this episode "on record" before tonight's "finale" airs. Not that I have any earth shattering insights to impart...just a few offhand observations.

Well, right off the bat, I can say that it wasn't a truly "horrible" episode...a little confusing, perhaps, but not awful. My initial reaction, after it was over, was that it was a pretty far-fetched plot. I mean, proposing that Ross could create/head-up a law enforcement agency in Somalia or Puntland or wherever, and take on a corrupt government and merciless pirates...come on. Ross? Who thinks up these things? Oh, yeah. Walon...dumber than a box of rocks...Green. If they had to kill him off, they could have at least come up with a more plausible, or at the very least...understandable...story line.

For the record, never for a New York minute did I believe that Captain Ross had gone over to the dark side. I figured out fairly early on that he was undercover -- for what -- I had no idea. But I decided that "the woman" was most likely an FBI contact for whatever covert operation they had going.

Since the show moved to the USA Network, I have noticed that the morgue scenes have gotten progressively more "graphic." It's not as bad as "Bones;" I have to watch a lot of the lab scenes of that show through my fingers. I did find the whole exchange between Ross and Rodgers to be quite amusing. When she popped open the container of stomach contents and extended it toward Ross for him to "sniff" in order to ascertain the wine the deceased had with his dinner, I had to laugh. I loved the look of trepidation on his face. He clearly wanted no part of it, but he "manned-up" and took a whiff and said, "Too yeasty, I'll go with champagne." For a second, I thought he was gonna toss his cookies, but he held on and Eames' reaction shot was priceless.

Okay, can someone tell me when did Goren go all "shy" about a woman's anatomy, or anything for that matter? I'm still in the lab with the two victims when he pointed out...falteringly...that the woman had breast implants. He's sort of looking around and acting like he wants to "touch" it...cause we all know how he loves to fidget with stuff. Do you remember back in Season 1 in "Faith" when a self-assured, unabashed, cocky Detective Goren questioned a "supposed" 13 year old teen-age girl about her menstrual cycle? What happened to that guy? THAT guy wouldn't fumble over or mix words about a couple of boobs. And I believe Bobby would have known that implants have serial numbers...even I knew that.

Did anyone notice how "blond" Vincent D'Onofrio's hair looked sometimes in this episode; specifically when Eames is recounting how she saw Ross with a woman. I assume it was the lighting and the way it was reflected by the camera or something like that, but I found it hard to concentrate on what was being said because all I could focus on was Bobby's blond highlights.

I laughed out loud at Eames' reaction/facial expression when Bobby made the comment about Fox Hunting having been outlawed in ever many years ago he said it was. I mean, she didn't say anything, but her expression spoke volumes. Something on the order of, "Yes, I get it. You're a freakin' walking, talking encyclopedia, but after eight years of it...ENOUGH already."

And I, for one, was happy to have the "doink-doink" back. I know a lot of viewers didn't care about it one way or another, but I have missed it. I always liked being able to follow the time line of the investigation; see how long it took them to nab the criminal and solve the case.

I know others picked up on this, but there were a couple of scenes where it almost appeared that D'Onofrio and Erbe had switched roles. For example, when the two of them are at their desks and they're discussing the redacted files, and Eames says she'll call and get a warrant, and Bobby, I repeat...BOBBY...says, "No, we should tell Ross." I found myself screaming at the TV, "Who are you, and what have you done with Detective Goren?" I mean, Bobby has always been the rogue, bull-by-the-horn cop, and Eames has always been the by-the-book, no nonsense cop. It's a little late to change them now, don't you think? Then there is the scene when Ross tells them to put the files on his desk by the end of the day. And later, Eames tells Bobby that she's going through the emails she found, and Bobby says, "Ross told us we should have this on his desk by the end of the day," or something like that, and I thought, that's not Bobby. He wouldn't say that. Eames would say that...not Bobby. So, like...WTF was that?

That whole scene with Bobby in the plane hangar was interesting, and I quite enjoyed his plane imitation. Don't know why, but it was these quirky little things that made us all fall in love with him in the first place. Have you ever noticed how Bobby always looks so "hurt" when people make him out to be a cop when he is trying so hard for them not to know?

As death scenes go, I have to say that the writers didn't do Ross justice. It was pretty lame and ho-hum. Don't know anyone else's thoughts on this, but Ross just didn't come across as the undercover cop type...not suited for it. Poor Bobby thought the Chief of Detectives was hoping he would get himself killed when he went undercover in "Purgatory," and here Ross is the one who gets snuffed out.

I felt really sorry for Rodgers when Bobby and Eames found her at the crime scene. Given her line of work, she always comes across as pretty blase about the whole dead body thing. It's different when it's one of your own, however...and someone you obviously care about. It was sweet when Bobby reached out to console her.

And, please don't misunderstand, I know that Bobby and Eames would be upset about Ross' murder. I like Eames' line about it not being about jurisdictions and politics...he was their friend. Nice line, but I never got the "friends" feeling from Ross. And Bobby...being Bobby...would have, of course, "demanded" access to the crime scene if for no other reason than the FBI was hell-bent on keeping him out. But his, "We do what our boss tells us. Our boss is over there," line didn't do it for me. Again, after eight years of a decidedly different Goren, that comment just didn't ring me. Quite frankly, I believe Bobby deserved a better line. Too bad the writers were not up to the challenge, or simply didn't understand the character.

Here's a question: Ross took two shots to the body, right? Then, how come, when Bobby is looking at Ross in the body bag, there is smudged blood all around the left side of his face and across his forehead? His face looked scratched-up, too. Maybe it happened when the perps dumped the body. Hey, I answered my own question. Go figure.

It was a very nice...unspoken...moment that Bobby and Eames shared when they were standing there, watching the proceedings. Eames was getting upset and Bobby reached out to comfort her. She sort of lets her guard down for a split second and leans in to accept his embrace, but then pulls herself together before she loses control and pulls away. But that's Eames...stoic to the bitter end.

Which leads favorite line/scene of the episode. As they are walking away from the crime scene, Bobby says he thinks their investigation may have gotten Ross killed. He goes on to tell her about how he confronted Loftin in his hangar and how he "thought" that Loftin read him for a cop. Point of order, Bobby. The man flat out asked you if you were a cop, and asked to see your ID. So, yeah...he made you, darlin'. Anyway, as they continue to walk, Eames gives him this look and says, "We don't have time for you to "torture" yourself. We have to beat the FBI to his files." Ah, there's that no nonsense Eames again. The Eames equivalent of, "Snap out of it!"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch; i.e., the Major Case Squad, there they go doing that role reversal thing again. Bobby is at the computer, going through files and deciding they need to take the hard drive and Eames is rifling through the captain's desk, looking for clues. Whoa Nellie, hold the you remember when Bobby found "scrolling" to be a challenge and needed Eames' help to restore a screen saver? Who is this guy?

Okay, here we go. Did anyone else hear the "Snidely Whiplash" music playing oh so softly in the background when Zach Nichols entered the captain's office? Actually, to be fair -- she writes, adroitly dodging the bushels of rotten tomatoes being hurled at her virtually through cyberland -- had it not been for the way the USA Network mishandled this whole fiasco regarding Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian leaving the show, the inclusion of the Zach Nichols character made perfect sense. He was, after all, Ross' former partner, they had a history, and Ross was his captain, too. Now, having said that, it thoroughly pissed me off that Nichols got to interrogate the bald dude all on his lonesome. Yet again, I found myself screaming at the TV, "Bobby should be the one questioning this guy. You get the show in a couple of weeks. Go do your little dance in hell now!"

I did love it when Bobby asked him if he had a screwdriver. Don't know why that sticks out in my memory, but it does. Yes, sucks being me.

Here's another question: Did anyone else not find it totally absurd that-- given the whole post 9-1-1 era-- that someone shot off a heat seeking "missile" -- a MISSILE -- at a warehouse on Staten Island in broad daylight...and no one noticed. I'm not sure if that's bad writing or just plain scary.

Oh, and did you catch the FBI "bitch" calling the Major Case cops, and I quote, "pricks?" I sincerely hope that Bobby nails this witch in tonight's episode...and not in the way we all want to be "nailed" by Bobby.

And one final note: I have a feeling the "Goren lean" in the interrogation room was purposely done by VDO for the devoted fans who have followed this wonderful character's every move for the past eight years. I have no way of knowing that, of course, but it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my tummy to believe it, so I'm going with that.

Well, it is almost 8:30p.m. as I put the finishing touches on this post. Only an hour and a half to go until we are forced -- against our will -- to bid a melancholy farewell to our dashing detective extraordinaire. I am, to say the least, full of conflicting emotions.

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Loyalty" Part I - Season 9