Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New Oz

Oh, the joys of living in a so-called "battleground" or "swing" state. I cannot wait for this election to be over, and we can get on with dealing with and/or living with the good or bad choices we Americans end up making. I am sick to death of political ads, commercials, and emails. Well, maybe not the following one. When all else fails, we can still poke fun at our politicians and presidential and vice presidential wannabes.

Not certain I am in complete agreement with the choices for the characters in the picture...guess McCain didn't look good in a skirt, huh?

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Alaska anymore."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quoting "The Third Horseman"

This was a really good episode, I thought so at any rate. It certainly tackled a controversial topic and showed perspectives from both sides…pro-life and pro-choice. Regardless of where one weighs in on the issue, however, it is hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that there are factions out there who believe it is okay to commit murder if it furthers their “cause” especially when they say they do so because God told them to do it.

I found it chilling when Dennis read from the Bible in preparation of committing his crime and then prayed for God to “steady” his hand and let His justice find its mark. Don’t know how anyone else feels on the subject, but the God in whom I put my faith and trust neither encourages nor assists in the commission of murder.

Finally, a wife who actually reacts to the death/murder of her husband. So many times on these shows, the relatives or loved ones do not come across as being all that distraught. The wife in this episode was very convincing.

Bobby’s, “Make sure you cover him up,” in reference to the body in deference to the wife and little girl was thoughtful. Goren and Eames don’t always come across as all that “in touch” with the feelings of the victim’s family because they are so wrapped-up in assessing the crime scene and gathering evidence and questioning everyone, so it was nice of Bobby to be respectful of the family.

I also like how Bobby is solicitous of the wife, reaching out to comfort her and try to keep her from becoming totally hysterical while they talk to her. And the picture of Eames, looking away when the woman breaks into uncontrollable, inconsolable sobs makes me wonder if she might have been thinking of her own murdered husband…now that we know she has a murdered husband.

The scene in the park is pretty cool as Bobby examines the area and kneels down in the dirt with absolutely no regard to his nice suit. I love to watch his brain work as he “profiles” the unsub; i.e., he was an experienced hunter or had military training.

One thing is certain…Bobby knows his weapons; he doesn’t miss a beat when he finds the rifle and spouts off the type and model. Loved it when he used the word “aught;” that isn’t a word one has the opportunity to say often and it sounded good coming from his lips. Yeah, I know…I’m weird.

Anyone else notice how Eames gets all the "snarky" lines? I mean, Bobby has his share of disdainful comments, but Eames is always saying something condescending like the “Ma & Pa Kettle” line. Sometimes it’s cute…sometimes it’s just downright rude. On a different note, I notice she is usually the first one through the door when they’re looking for a perp or happen upon a crime scene. I wonder if that has anything to do with her senior partner status.

The Third Horseman - Part I

Bobby and Carver have another "interesting" exchange when Bobby calls Dennis a terrorist and zealot and Carver cautions that those are “loaded terms” and tells him it is a murder case and not to turn it into a litmus test on abortion.

I included the exchange between Dennis and Cutler about God slipping His hand in his and putting His finger around the trigger. That offends me on so many levels, guess I just couldn’t ignore it.

The scene with Bobby talking to the old guy is a good one. It shows how he can pull information from people in a non-belligerent, non-accusatory way. He was patient, almost sympathetic as he pointed out the man’s history of non-violent protestations on various causes in the past. Good cop Bobby…I really like him.

I thought it was really cool how Bobby takes charge when they enter the Carlson home, directing two of the officers to go upstairs, “you two upstairs, you two with me.” Ah, Bobby…so cool, so calm, so completely in control...I like that Bobby, too. It’s a little different Bobby we have these days...meaning Season 7, etc., but then life happens to all of us…we change.

I find the line from Bobby, “Now is not the time to lie to the police,” a bit intriguing and makes me want to ask him, “Okay, Bobby, exactly when is the time to lie to the police?

Adored the scene when he finds the dust bunny for a purely visceral reason; i.e., blue shirt, stubble, eyelashes, full lips. Oh yeah…Bobby was "looking good" in this scene. Lots of nice close-ups, too. Kudos to the director and camera folks.

A note about Eames. This is one of the few times I recall seeing her so visibly, emotionally distraught when talking to a witness; i.e., Mrs. Carlson. She said she didn't believe Dennis did the things they accused him of, but if he did, he obviously believed he was doing God’s will and God would deal with him. Eames had to forcibly control her voice when she replied that maybe God was too busy dealing with Leo Cavella’s five year old daughter who was standing next to her father when he was shot. Good scene for Eames. It was nice to see Goren intervene when he recognized her emotions were getting the better of her, and he stepped in with the questions, and Eames stepped away.

The Third Horseman - Part II

It was cool how they contrived to get Cutler out of the room, so Eames could install the spyware on his computer. And how Bobby stood back and let Eames play the “bad cop” to his “good cop.” At the risk of repeating myself, I like good cop Bobby. Note to self: never be on the wrong side of the law when Goren and Eames are on the job. Oh, and wonder if somewhere way down deep inside if Bobby truly means what he said about women on the force coming with an extra set of "brass" ones?"

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating…it never ceases to amaze me how easily and convincingly Bobby lies to people. For example, how he convinces Cutler that he is on their side by telling him he’s glad Dennis left the state, so he doesn’t have to be involved in his arrest. I’m glad I’m not dating the guy…wait, did I really say that…I’d never know when he was lying or telling the truth. Such a complicated man.

Like Music Wench and so many others, I suspect, I love the scene when Bobby goes undercover in the homeless shelter and "guilts" the others into saying grace with the "unsub." And I am quite certain we were all quite jealous of the men who got to hold hands with our handsome “homeless” Bobby. Then when he leans back…and oh so nonchalantly reaches in his pocket and pulls out his shield and taps it on the table. So

The Third Horseman - Part III

Eames was like a pit bull in this episode wanting to know what everyone thought about abortion…first Bobby, then Carver. She coerced Bobby’s opinion out of him, but Carver adroitly sidestepped the issue. Actually, the more times I watch this episode, the more I realize that Eames pretty much had the “lead” in this one…at least it appeared so…and Bobby assumed a bit of a lesser role. So much for him being the genius and her carrying his water, huh? Uh-oh, did I just say that?

A purely self-serving observation: I liked Bobby’s hair in this one. The stylist for the show was finally getting it right, and I love, love, LOVE how he looks in the jet black suit with the white shirt and red(ish) tie with the diamond pattern. Yummo!!! Then there was the blue shirt and the homeless green shirt with the dirty white-T underneath. I repeat...Yummo!!!

The Third Horseman - Part IV

I found myself feeling a little sorry for the "doer" in this one. I mean what he did was atrocious, and he deserved to be caught and sent to jail for his crime. But when you learned a little about his backstory, you learned his “intent.” As Bobby said, he “took a life for a life.” The scene with him sitting on the park bench…he looked like a sad, lonely young man.

It’s cool how Bobby distracts Dennis on the roof; i.e., telling him it looks like it’s going to rain while he inches closer and closer, and finally clamps his big hand onto Dennis’ arm. But when he started talking about rain and lightning, I have to wonder what the rest of the cops in the background had to be thinking…probably wondering what that crazy Goren was up to now.

I remember I complained a lot when I first started capping Season 7 this year because of all the "extra" people walking around and in front of Bobby and blocking that marvelous face from view. I thought it was something new, but as I am capping these shows from Season 1, I realize it was going on then, too. I realize the writers, producers, etc., want to portray a realistic setting…you know…show a busy squad room, but it was as distracting and annoying in Season 1 as it was in Season 7.

Oh, and in case anyone was counting the number of times Bobby had a gun in his hand in this count was four. There was the rifle in the park, the scene when they entered the protester's home, the scene when they entered Mrs. Carlson's home, and on the rooftop at the end. As a rule, I detest guns, but in Bobby's hands...I don't just does something to me.

The Third Horseman - Part V

That's it for "The Third Horseman." Next up is "Crazy." I'm starting to think that's me...crazy...for ever starting this "capping and quoting" all the LOCI episodes from the very beginning. Obsessed much? No, not me. I average one a week, and there are more than a hundred Bobby episodes, so that means this is a two year + project. I should live so long.

Just Bobby And "The Third Horseman"

Yes, I am well aware that I included a "gabillion" pictures of undercover homeless Bobby in the two slideshows. Couldn't help myself, I love that prolonged close-up of him in the interrogation room. The close-up of him in the blue shirt, checking out the "suspicious dust ball" is another favorite of mine.

Just Bobby Part I

Just Bobby Part II

"The Third Horseman" Extras

I didn't find too many "extras" this time around...just a few I believe to be worth mentioning. For example:

I don't know about you, but if I stuck my tongue out at my boss, I'd most likely be looking for a new job. And there's that "pointing" tie again.

Bobby with his "Quicker Clicker."

I am embarrassed to admit how many of these pencils I presently own.

Bobby seems to be saying, "My, what soft hands you have."

We finally get to see Bobby hold somebody's hand, and it's this old guy. Lucky guy.

Partners From "The Third Horseman"

I don't have a lot to say insofar as a lead-in for this slideshow. It's just Goren and Eames, doing their thing, and by that I mean...detective-work. I'm saving up my comments for the "Quotes" post. Trust me, I've got a lot to say on that one.

Eames From "The Third Horseman"

I've been working on this episode off and on all week. Just need to put the finishing touches on the "Quotes" post, so thought I'd start with the Eames slideshow. I thought Eames was showcased quite nicely in this one. Loved her "margarita" line. I know how she job often makes me long for tequila and chocolate.

The Real Palin On SNL

Well, if it's Sunday, that means there must have been an SNL skit last night with Tina Fey posing as Governor Sarah Palin. There was, and it's another funny one...with a twist. The "real" guv was on hand as well. (Be very afraid.) I guess she was in another skit, too, but I didn't check for that one. The brief Mark Wahlberg cameo was pretty funny, too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Twenty Something Betters

I've always been a Steve Martin fan. I don't know why, but a few days back the movie "Roxanne" popped into my head. In the film, Martin plays a modern day "Cyrano de Bergerac" -- complete with an over-sized schnoz -- who is smitten with the new girl in town (Roxanne) portrayed by Daryl Hannah. She, however, is infatuated with another man who is extremely handsome, but incredibly dimwitted.

As in the play, Martin's character is sensitive about his perceived ugliness; i.e., his "big nose" (which he cannot get surgically altered because of a dangerous allergy to anesthetics) and speaks to the object of his adoration the only way he can: he writes expressions of love and allows "the other man" to present them to Roxanne as if they were his own.

Now, whenever I think of this film, the scene that comes to my mind first is one that takes place in the local bar. This is set in a small town in Colorado, I believe, so pretty much the whole town is present when some big gorilla comes up to Charlie (Steve Martin) and says, "Heard you're tough." Charlie makes some dismissive reply and turns to walk away when the man shouts out, "Hey, where you going, Big Nose?"

Charlie publicly berates the brute because "big nose" is the best he can come up with and the guy taunts him with, "I suppose you could think up something better." They decide on "twenty something betters" and that is when the fun starts. Actually, Charlie ends up ticking off more like 25 something betters and not only does he come up with the zingers, but he categorizes them as he goes; i.e., musical, obscure, pornographic, naughty, disgusting, French, and aromatic to name a few. I love this scene.

Guess I was in the mood for a little levity, and who better than Steve Martin to bring a smile to one's face. The movie itself, while decent, is not necessarily a favorite of mine, but I will stop and watch it for a bit if I happen upon it while channel-surfing; especially if I know I'm about to be treated to...twenty something betters.

With thanks to Dozirulf at YouTube for the vid.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LOCI Publicity Photos

These are everywhere, so no surprises here, but wanted to put them on my blog for me...if no one else. That's the reason for this here blog after all. I snagged these from The Reel and/or Music Wench's blog. Funny, The Reel always disables the "right click" function, but if you click on the photo and then right click...all is well with the world again. Or, when all else fails, I use the handy, dandy "disable" right click gizmo, I installed on my computer.

Hey, a girl has to have her Vincent D'Onofrio fix, capiche?

Anyway, I did a bit of cropping on some of them...for obvious reasons. No offense to the Eames fans...I mean, I like her and all, but I watch this show for one reason and one reason only...Detective Robert Goren. Looks like VDO shed a few pounds over the break, but he still strikes quite an imposing figure. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. Wait...yes, I would.

Pub Photos 2008

These are great, but I do hope they take some "stills" of the individual actors; especially you know who. Oh, and I almost forgot...a great big shout out to Eliza for alerting me to the posting of the most recent photos on The Reel. Thanks, Eliza. You're the best!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Simply The Best

I was never much of a Tina Turner fan, but I always did like this song, and Jazzylin has outdone herself with this wonderful Bobby video she made for all the Vincent D'Onofrio fans around the world to enjoy. Luckily, I subscribe to her vids over at YouTube, or I would have missed it.

She is absolutely right...Bobby is "Simply The Best."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Tides Of Ecstasy"

Yes, I'm certain that is the feeling of ultimate bliss that most "Vixens" believe they would experience if granted the luxury of languishing in the arms of one Vincent D'Onofrio, however, believe it or not...alas...he is not the topic of this post.

You see, twenty-eight years ago this month, October 10th, I sold my first book…an historical romance novel. My working title had been “Born To Be Loved.” The publisher…Zebra Books…evidently thought that was too lame and/or tame because they decided that “Tides of Ecstasy” more aptly reflected the amorous tenor of the book.

I never started out to be a writer. I was going to be a history teacher until student teaching made me realize that I possessed very little…none whatsoever, actually…patience for mouthy, disrespectful, ill-mannered teenagers. I mean writing was never an all-consuming passion or burning desire…I just sort of “fell” into it.

It’s not very “romantic,” historical or otherwise, the story of how I came to be a writer. In fact, it’s downright uninspiring. I was recovering from a back injury…that still plagues me to this day on occasion…and had been confined to complete bed rest for a week and half by my chiropractor. I had also just broken up with Pete, he of the Valentine’s Day post earlier this year, and was in a pretty fragile state…physically, emotionally, mentally…well, you get the picture.

I was still living at home with Mom and Dad at the time and was holed-up in my bedroom with nothing to do…until— One of the girls I worked with, who was an avid reader, brought me a big grocery bag full of paperbacks. Now, as a kid, I was wont to read everything I could get my hands on, but college…with all its fun-sucking mandatory reading requirements…put the kibosh on that. I had not read anything for pleasure in months.

But when one is stuck in bed…alone…with a bum back and a broken heart…well one finds diversion where one can. So, I plucked the first book from that bag and started to read. As I recall, in addition to historical romances by the likes of Kathleen Woodiwiss, Valerie Sherwood, and Rosemary Rogers, with titles like “The Flame and The Flower," and “This Loving Torment,” and “Sweet Savage Love,” there was also a series of books by John Jakes; i.e., “The Bastard,” “The Rebels,” “The Seekers,” etc. These books incorporated real historical figures and settings within the fictional story he was weaving. It was great storytelling, and I was hooked.

I read nonstop for days on end. I would read one book, put it away, pick up the next and start reading. I stayed up until all hours of the night until my eyes were burning and tearing because they were so tired. I used to kid my friends and tell them I read until my eyes bled.

Anyway, I cannot recall the exact moment, but somewhere in the midst of all this marathon reading, it dawned on me. “I could write something like this,” I remember thinking to myself. Hell, I probably said it out loud. My objective at the time was two-fold. It would be a good way to put my love of history and historical research to work and…more importantly…if I was constantly working out the intricacies of a plot in my head…I wouldn’t have time to think about Pete. The thought of actually getting something published was never the the beginning.

So, that’s how it all started. Like I said…not particularly inspiring.

The actual writing, the trials and tribulations of finding a New York publishing house willing to even read...let alone manuscript, deciding on the spelling of my name for the book cover, that first book dedication, and the reaction of family (especially my mother) and friends when it came out is a story I believe I’ll save for another time.

Meanwhile, this is the book cover from my first book…I had a total of five published before I gave it up. I was so excited when I received a copy of the cover…until I read the “teaser” on the back. To quote, “…she was soon to become the bride of Lord Thomas Beauchamp.” One problem with that…the characters were Thomas Bainbridge and Charles Beauchamp. Thomas was my heroine’s father, and I certainly didn’t write anything like that. Oh, well…at least they published the book.

Every now and then, I go back and reread certain scenes or passages from my books, but whenever I pick up “TOE,” I cannot help but think I could have written it so much “better” later on because my writing…in my opinion…improved with each successive book. I have two friends…Terri and Audelene…who would most likely disagree with me, however. They thoroughly loved this book. In fact, the reason Terri wrote me was because she had read her copy so many times it had fallen apart.

They both wrote me “fan letters” as a result of reading this book, and through the course of events, we have become life long friends. So, I suppose something worthwhile eventually came out of my bum back and broken heart.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Quoting The "Enemy Within"

I know I say this on a regular basis, but this really wasn't an episode that I particularly enjoyed. Not sure why. I didn’t like the paranoid old geezer one little bit, so I guess I really didn’t care that someone did him in. There were no redeeming qualities in any of the characters…none that I could find anyway. Well, except for Bobby. I wouldn’t mind...ahem...redeeming some of his qualities, but I digress.

As always, there was an abundance of great Bobby moments in this one, and Eames had her fair share of memorable, acerbic lines. My first Bobby line of note was the, "We're all working stiffs here," comment when they were interviewing Rick at his home. Perhaps that provided a little insight as to how Bobby perceives himself…maybe.

And we get to meet Irene…the first of several references to former girlfriends from his past that will follow in subsequent episodes. She calls him “Goren.” I find that singularly odd in a former girlfriend, but then if he broke her heart, he’s lucky she didn’t call him a son of a bitch…or worse. Not sure how to take the, “You’re making money,” comment; i.e., was Bobby envious or merely stating a fact. Or perhaps making money was important to Irene and that is why Bobby knew it would never work between them. While I’m sure he earns a decent living, Bobby's not gonna get rich on a cop’s salary…unless he turns corrupt…and that is not in Bobby’s nature. (Listen to me…talkin’ about the guy like he’s a real person, but that’s the effect this character has on me.)

There was a time when Bobby evidently knew how to relax and have fun; i.e., the poker game reference. I can just see him with his poker buddies, tossing down a cold beer and puffing on a big ol' smelly cigar. That’s what regular...dare I say "Joe Six Packs" do, you know. And while I think Bobby does try to be a "regular guy," he’s just so far above everyone else intellectually, and it's hard for people like that to "fit in” sometimes.

Poor baby, he sounded so disappointed when Irene mentioned that she and Carlos were saving up for a house. “You’re breaking my heart,” he said. (And I wanted to be the one to break his heart.) Irene’s candid, “You blew your chance,” has Bobby fans around the world wondering exactly what he did to screw-up things with this woman. Not that I truly care; single Bobby is wayyyyyy more appealing, engaging than “attached” Bobby.

I like the scene when he takes the cab from the guy they want to question and arbitrarily gives it to the woman who was standing there “first.”

And Eames was at her feisty best when she told the Wall Street guy how things could go down if he didn’t cooperate. Bobby just smiled coyly throughout her aria.

First Slideshow - Part I

Our Bobby…always one step ahead of everybody...including his boss. For example, when Deakins tells them not to waste their time hitting the AA meetings to try and find information because they won’t find out "squat" that way, and Bobby tells him, "That’s why we’re hitting the coffee shops near the meetings." He’s so smart. Eames' "duh" reaction was priceless, too.

Actually, Eames had a lot of good lines in this one. Another particularly good one was when the waitress in the coffee shop commented that she had not seen the one guy for a while and had anything happened to him, Eames quips, “Job burnout.” And she does it with such a blase, deadpan expression...she makes a great straight-man.

Oh, Bobby, Bobby…how he does keep checking out the waitress’s butt in that same scene. I repeat, the man's a real horn dog.

I did enjoy "basketball Bobby" when he and Eames go to arrest Edward outside the AA meeting. Bobby grabs the coffee cup from his hands and tosses it across the sidewalk into the trash can…nothing but net…for two points.

An editorial comment: I guess the wardrobe budget was a little on the lean side for Eames this epi; the brown-T and the gray jacket is about all she wore in this one.

Bobby was at his glorious best in the interrogation room in this episode. I just marvel at the wonderful, whimsical way he has of totally demoralizing people and sucking away any semblance of their self-esteem. (He could have been my former boss.) Sometimes, I almost feel sorry for the perps for the utterly relentless way he goes at them...picking them apart.

Okay, this is one of those episodes that I’ve watched over and over and never quite understood the “why” of the “who done it?” I don’t think Edward meant to kill his dad…is that right? Only scare him out of the penthouse, so he could sell the building? The maid unfortunately got caught in the middle. And Kit wanted him dead because he was changing the pre-nup? Is that the motive? (My head hurts from trying to unravel it all.) Not sure how/why the male nurse orchestrated it all…just because the old coot didn’t give him a recommendation for his kids for the prep school. “What a world, what a world?”

The whole psychologically, morally, physically, materially “dead” banter between Goren and Carver reminded me of the Barrister in the "Wizard of Oz" when he tells the Mayor that the Wicked Old Witch must be examined to legally verify that she is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably DEAD. To which the coroner replies that she’s not only merely dead, she’s really most sincerely dead. (Ah…a "Wizard of Oz" moment. Sorry.) By the by, that is precisely how I feel about the Nicole Wallace character's purported demise in "Frame." I want to know that the evil she-witch is undeniably and reliably dead!

Second Slideshow - Part II

I love how Bobby is not intimidated by Carver. On the street, when the three of them are discussing the case and Bobby isn't so sure that Edward did this on his own, Carver says to him in a haughty tone, "Detective, the facts here speak for themselves." To which, Bobby replies, "The facts are up for grabs, Counselor."

I absolutely adore the "little blue pill" scene. There goes my Bobby...chair-straddling again. I love the way he delivers the line about arthritic, diabetic, 68 year old Harry with the bad…ticker. The pauses and inflections were just perfect; especially when combined with the facial expressions and hand gestures, but then that’s what makes Vincent D’Onofrio such a superb actor...paying attention to all the little details, nuances of a character. He IS Detective Robert Goren.

Actually, for me, this scene is the best thing about this entire episode…well, this one and the one with Irene. The lawyer’s line to Carver about Bobby’s conduct when he starts counting the pills being the most outrageous conduct he’s ever seen…well, he doesn’t know Bobby very well now, does he? This just barely scratches the surface. Bobby was at his luscious intimidating best…counting out the pills (evidently he likes to count as much as he likes to watch) to see just how much sex she and the old geezer were having. I love how closely Bobby watches/studies people for their reactions to things. He’s so very good at what he does.

Third Slideshow - Part III

Did you ever notice how suspects never...ever...heed the advice of their attorneys? Case in point...Edward’s lawyer says, “I’m advising you not to say another word,” and Edward ignores him and immediately answers Goren’s question. I don’t even know why they bother to have lawyers present.

Does it bother anyone else that Bobby can lie so convincingly and immediately; i.e. our investigation has run into a brick wall and we really need some help. He’s such a sly dog, the way he gets the bad guy to spill his guts with very little effort.

Fourth Slideshow - Part IV

I like how Bobby’s chatting with Rick all buddy, buddy-like…telling him he had really done nothing criminal...drawing him in, taking him into his confidence, making Rick believe he was sympathetic to his plight, and letting him believe that he understood why he felt the way he did...just before he lowered the boom and informed him that he was, in fact, guilty of a crime by doing "nothing." "And that, my friend, is manslaughter." To beat it all, the little twerp had the nerve to correct Bobby; i.e., St. Stephan’s not St. Steven’s. I have a sneaking suspicion Bobby new the correct enunciation all the while.

And it all came down to the final derisively spoken, "He owed you the salary he paid ya." Short, sweet, direct and to the point...that's my Bobby. I like that line.

So, if I understand the “motives” of this one, the son wanted Harry dead because he thought the old man was trying to have a new kid and he’d be out of the money, the wife wanted Harry dead because he knew she was cheating on him and she’d be out of the money, and the nurse set it all up because the old man wouldn’t write a letter of reference for his kids to attend some snooty prep school, and they’d never be in the money. What a fun group.

Fifth (and final) Slideshow - Part V

Ah, well..that's all I have for the "Enemy Within." On to the next episode: “The Third Horseman.”

Monday, October 6, 2008

Enemy Extras

Every time I cap an episode, I find these little "jewels" that don't quite go with anything, but make absurd comments pop into my head. So, I rounded up a few of them and put them in their own special post.

I have the UK Vixens to thank for the "tie" photo. I cannot recall which one gets the credit, but it is because of them that I cannot look at the man's neckwear anymore without thinking about the "specific" region...the python, groinular region as it were... it's pointing toward. Naughty girls.

Actually, the "Simon Says" photo also includes "belly shirt" the "tilting head" and the "pointing tie"...a veritable Bobby trifecta.

Enemy Extra Slideshow

Partners Hunt The "Enemy Within"

I got so caught up in posting my Bobby slideshow at lunchtime that I almost forgot about the Partners post. After the morning I had at work, I needed me some Bobby...real bad. I guess that is why I leapfrogged over the slideshow of Bobby & Eames and went straight for Detective Goren. That's my daily go straight for Bobby.

Partners Slideshow

Bobby & The "Enemy Within"

Taking a break from work and eating lunch at my desk, so my thoughts quite naturally turned to one Detective Robert Goren. Of course, the fact that an episode of Law & Order CI is presently playing on my iPod may contribute to that as well.

Anyway, thought I would take a moment to post the "Just Bobby" slideshows from "Enemy Within." The scene where he is resting his head on his hand in rapt concentration as he studies the multitude of prescription bottles is one of my favorite pictures of him from the early episodes.

Just Bobby Part I

Just Bobby Part II

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eames & The "Enemy Within"

Well, all the preliminary work is done on this episode. All that is left is to input the dialog into those itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, boxes that Photobucket so generously provides. (If there is a way to enlarge them, I haven't been able to figure that one out yet.)

And since there are five slideshows for the "Quotes" is going to take me two or three get that finalized. A girl has to work to support her "habits," you know.

Anyway, Eames is all ready and rarin' to go, so here she is in her very own slideshow from "Enemy Within."

Eames Slideshow

Going To Jail

It's thirteen years too late and for the wrong damn crime, but at least O.J.'s butt is going long last...end up where it has belonged for a very long time. Ironically or cosmically, it was thirteen years the day...since he was "exonerated" for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman that he was found guilty of his latest felonious act...armed robbery.

Not too smart is Mr. O.J., busting into a Las Vegas hotel room brandishing a gun. Can you spell surveillance camera? What were you thinking? Oops...that was rhetorical. Obviously, he wasn't thinking at all, but then that seems to be the common denominator among celebrities, professional athletes and what have you...even over the hill, washed-up, sorry-assed ones like O.J.

They think they're above the law, better than anyone else, and can get away with...well...murder. Granted, he did, but at least the jurors came through this time with the right verdict for the crime he committed. Here is the newly convicted felon...may he rot in jail.

The VP Debate...SNL Style

I was so caught up in the Dodgers/Cubs game last night and screen capping an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent for a future post that I completely forgot about SNL and how they would most likely do a hilarious "spoof" of Thursday's debate. So, I checked out NBC online this morning and was genuinely pleased to find the following video. It's a bit long, but oh so funny.

I love Queen Latifah and Tina Fey could build an entire career with her "spot on" imitation of Sarah Palin. As for Palin's overuse of the word "maverick," I kept expecting Biden to say, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Ah, I've quoted "The Princess Bride." I can make it through the day betcha...wink, wink.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

At least that's what "they" say. Various versions of Mrs. Hughes' comedic stand-up routine are available over at YouTube, but I chose the long one...even though it does cut off before she finishes the last punch line. Now, I've got to search and see if I can find that bit because I want to know how the episode with the car oil light ended.

I loved the bit about her hot flashes being so intense she thought she was responsible for global warning and that Al Gore had been following her around for three days because of it. Unless you've experienced a "hot flash" (and not the type that are generated as a result of lusting after one Vincent D'Onofrio) but an honest-to-gosh hot flash, then you will not truly appreciate the authenticity of that statement.

Oh, well. I've been meaning to add her to the blog for a while now. Tonight just seemed to be the right moment...I need a good laugh, and she is funny and so right on so many levels.

Vid is by Mrsjohnhughes.

What If Goren Was A Murderer

Well, that is the premise of this video I found by the ever talented Shaylah Shmoo over at the Tube. I'm going through Goren withdrawal...heh heh heh...I wish.

Anyway, I liked it. I haven't posted anything in a while. I have so many things I want to write about and post here...just am extremely lacking in motivation of late. Depression really bites!