Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Lady's Man" USA Promo

Well, evidently the wonderful people who make the advance promos and clips available to us did not get the "memo" about back-to-back LOCI episodes this week because the only scene clip I've been able to find is for "Salome In Manhattan." While I do plan to watch this episode it or not...Nichols and Wheeler are amusing to watch, it will not be the focal point of my evening. Bobby will.

Oh, well. Perhaps the "preview" clip will be posted somewhere the day after...along with the two-minute replay.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Family Values" Recap

The first thing I have to say about this episode is that I am "officially" tired of the religious themed storylines. I thought this was a very good episode and Bobby was in “prime” form; especially at the end. But, for the record, I feel compelled to say that not everyone who believes in God is an irrational, homophobic, fanatical, murdering lunatic...all evidence to the contrary if one is to believe Dick Wolf and his bevy of writers.

Second, right off the bat, I noticed “three” repeat guest stars. Besides the obvious David Harbour, who played the charismatic “master thief” in “Silver Lining” back in Season 4, there were two others. Susan/Susie Misner, who played Harbour’s wife in this one, also co-starred in “Smothered” in Season 1 and “Acts of Contrition” in Season 5. And Karen Ziemba, the gay drama teacher, co-starred in D.A.W. in Season 3 as the doctor’s love interest. You know, the way they recycle actors on Law & Order CI and the other two Dick Wolf shows, I have to wonder what will happen to them all when the franchises finally leave the air.

And third, just how stupid do the writers think we are? The bad guy’s name is Paul Devildis. I’ll repeat that…D-E-V-I-L…dis. Yeah, he's the devil. We got that when he bashed in his brother-in-law’s head. I’m sure the eight of hearts that was prominently displayed on Paul’s workbench when he was constructing the pipe bomb was meant to have some symbolic meaning as to Paul’s psyche as well, but my interest has not been piqued enough to inspire me to research it.

After eight years, I never tire of hearing Bobby say, “Just one last thing.” It is good to know that some things never change, don't you agree? He says this in the beginning when he and Eames are interviewing Paul and his wife and it happens to be another one of those scenes when the observant (translation...obsessive) viewer can tell that he is "fidgeting" about. It's a head shot of Bobby, but one can see his shoulder “vibrating” because he is bouncing that nervous leg of his.

I’m liking Ross better again now that he seems to have rid himself of that enormous chip he’d been carrying on his shoulder earlier this season. Guess he had to have time to get over Bobby’s “face off” in his office during “Frame.” For example, when Bobby states he’s pretty sure they’re dealing with a first offender, Ross accepts Bobby’s assessment without making some sarcastic comeback. Lately, every time Bobby says something, Ross makes a snarky comment, so I am glad to see that is changing. They’re on good enough terms for Bobby to do some of the briefings, too.

Looks like the effects of aging are starting to creep up on my guy, too. Have you noticed him stretching reading items to arm's length? It happens to all of us...eventually. After all, the eyes are the first things to they say.

How "convenient" that the daughter turns on the radio at just the right moment to learn that her mother has been reaction, by the way...and that “Daddy” was wanted by the police for questioning. I understand she recognizes that her father is acting strangely, but to make that leap to think he is a psychotic murderer… she’s astute for her age. And then when she tried to run away…I knew she was doomed. I mean, I’ve watched enough B-movies to know that running into the woods away from the “bad guy” never bodes well for the heroine.

I guess it was Eames’ turn to use the walkie-talkie this week since Bobby had it last time. And this stakeout was orchestrated a good deal better than the previous one.

Okay, I’m all for the “heroine” taking control of her destiny and having the presence of mind to leave clues for her rescuers to follow, but...come on. Really? Did you check out the “perfect” symmetrical drawing of the box with the cross? I can’t draw that well freehand, and she had her hands tied behind her back, could not see what she was doing, and was in fear for her life from her maniacal father. And when Ross asked “what it was” and Bobby said, “You tell us,” was he being sincere, or playing with the captain, or just “including” him in their investigation?

My new favorite LOCI moment…at least for the time being…has to be watching the look of determination on Bobby’s face as he marches over to Paul and grasps him by the shoulder and leads him away from the others. Talk about being taken out to the woodshed. Although, did you notice that somewhere along the walk from the driveway to inside the cabin, Bobby shed his gloves and scarf?

In all the years I’ve watched this show, I’ve never been able to determine if Bobby believes in God or not. He certainly knows a lot of scripture and Biblical stories and their interpretation regardless. I know I would not want to engage in a theological discussion with the man, but then I don't discuss religion with too many people.

This was quintessential Bobby at his best. When he “tricked” Paul into revealing that his daughter was still alive, he let him know it with a cocky, “Now I do.” All the intimidation techniques were back…like standing behind the perp and talking into his ear, and badgering him to say the name of the one who told him to kill his family and the others, right up to the full-on frontal assault— Oh, yeah…my Bobby is most definitely back.

Lots and lots of very nice close-ups of Bobby during his "aria," however, have you noticed those once perfect teeth (caps... whatever) are starting to show a little wear and tear? One of his front teeth (the one on the left if you are looking at him straight on) appears to be a little "shorter" and there is a small space starting to appear to the right of the other one. I noticed it a while ago, but shied away from saying anything, lest I get hung in effigy for daring to imply that he is less than perfect. Hey, no one enjoys a trip to the dentist.

Everyone is talking about how Bobby looks like a big ol' cuddly "teddy bear" in that coat he is wearing in the final scene, and I do not disagree. But, if they all skedaddled straightaway from the cabin to the cemetery to rescue the fair damsel in distress, then where did it come from? He was wearing his overcoat at the cabin. Guess he was carrying a backup in the SUV, huh?

Well, the good news is we get another Goren/Eames episode this week, and it looks like it's going to get "personal" with Eames. Let's see, "A brutal murder brings out skeletons in Eames' closet." Hmm...she always comes across as a bit of a prude and holier than thou, so this should be interesting. I also can't wait to see her reaction to Bobby's question, "You slept with him?" Looks intriguing.

And now to the "Family Values" slideshow, and it's another big one...100 photos of Bobby and the rest.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Faith" Quotes

Right off the bat, I have to say that this is one of my least favorite Law & Order CI episodes of all time, albeit the fans who rated the episode at disagree with me; they gave it a “superb” rating. Different strokes, I suppose. I don’t know…perhaps it has something to do with the title and the fact that my “Faith” is sadly lacking these days. But, Bobby is in it, after all, so it cannot be a complete throwaway. Let’s see what sort of gems await the faithful viewers.

To start, the usual “disclaimer” at the beginning states that the episode is based in part on a true story. I don’t usually cap much of the opening bit when the “actual” murder is committed, and I won’t be doing it for this one, but something happens in the opening segments that has always confused me. Barb/Erica hands the victim a letter and says if he wants to meet with Erica in person, he’ll have to sign that. He reads it, is highly offended and loses his temper, but we never get to see what that letter stipulated. I hate it when that happens.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I love watching Bobby and Eames (okay, mostly Bobby) work a crime scene. Bobby's line about the killer being almost “neurotically anxious” about hiding her tracks after the murder. Well, all I have to say about that is a big ol’ “duh.” I’m pretty sure I’d be obsessively neurotically “beside myself” with mind numbing terror if I ever lost control of myself and actually murdered someone.

"Faith" Slideshow - Part I

Ah, here comes Eames with the sardonic retort. When the sales clerk at the jewelry store comments that the inscription on the bracelet is, "So romantic, don't you think?," Eames comes back with a saucy, "You don't want to know what I think." I love the expression that crosses Bobby's face in reaction to that statement.

I wonder why the guy who tells them about the book about Erica doesn’t find it suspicious that Eames doesn’t know the name of the book her partner has “been after her” to get into.

Ah, another instance where Bobby “almost” says my name. Well, he says the first half anyway when he talks about ALS; i.e., “Lou” Gehrig’s Disease.

Okay, I find it absolutely absurd that the editor did not have a phone number for her “author,” regardless of the dire circumstances they painted of Erica’s life, but that's just me. Just look at the sexy, flirtatious smile Bobby "wastes" on that silly woman... Christine.

"Faith" Slideshow - Part II

I thought Deakins was going to throw an aneurysm or, at the very least, swallow his tongue when Bobby asked “Erica” how ALS had affected her menstruation. My Bobby…bless his heart…knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to catching a criminal. How clever of him to figure out that Erica was a fake. He's so smart.

Gee, I wonder what talk show “book club” Carver was talking about. Can you say...Oprah? And I do believe this is the first time Carver ever mentioned his wife.

I’m finding several scenes and lines that I’ve never really paid attention to…because, as I’ve already said, I didn’t care for the episode all that much. For instance, Bobby’s line about the professor having two bestsellers and four wives and that “apparently” he liked the ladies and vice-versa. I’ve got news for Bobby…the ladies like you, too, darlin'.

"Faith" Slideshow - Part III

I’ve got to say, I have no recollection of the scene where Eames goes up to the professor, pretending to be a graduate student. I loved watching Bobby “sneak” into the background by pretending to check out items on the bulletin board behind the professor. Well, knowing Bobby, he probably was checking out the items on the bulletin board. He can’t help himself. Even in the background, Vincent D’Onofrio, “chews” the scenery and takes center stage. I was more engrossed in watching his movements than anything Eames or the professor were saying...that's probably why I don't remember Eames.

Here’s a question: why didn’t they just tell the professor who they were and what they wanted? I understand there are times when they have to play their “games” with people from whom they’re seeking information, but I don’t “get it” with this guy. I don't know...maybe the “role” playing just helps break up the monotony of solving the case.

Ah, and one of the few times Bobby refers to Eames by her “given” name…Alex.

Leave it to smart Bobby to "outsmart" the Professor…or at least know as much as the guy. When Cantler starts quoting some fancy-schmancy “theorem,” Bobby finishes the quote for him. How does he remember it all?

This is the first time I noticed that Bobby took his check back from the pharmacist after they busted him. He does it in one smooth, fluid motion, with this “look” on his face, like, “I’ll just be taking that back, buddy.” I wish I knew how to “capture” entire clips of an episode because this is one snippet I’d like to archive. He’s just so darned cute.

"Faith" Slideshow - Part IV

Ooh…here’s an eerie line from Bobby. He and Eames are interrogating Barb, the “alleged” foster mother. In response to something she says, Bobby says he’s just a natural born skeptic, followed by, “Maybe I haven’t had enough "tragedy" in my life—” Wait a few years, baby, the tragedy is going to find you soon enough and forever change your life.

Don’t you just love watching Bobby lay a trap for a criminal? For instance, the methodical way he goes about placing a trail of gravel from her driveway around the edge of the table. The man is talking about about "gravel," and I could listen to him all day. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

"Faith" Slideshow - Part V

As I watch this again…frame by frame…I guess the reason I disliked this episode so much was because the perp…for all that she was supposed to be this powerful, smart and sophisticated New York editor…turned out to be a stupid and gullible dupe who was completely hornswoggled by the likes of Barb and Toby.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it never ceases to amaze me how easily Bobby can lie to suspects and witnesses. It never shows on his face, and he is “very” convincing. I don’t know that I could ever believe anything he told me was truthful. Just look at the avaricious expression on the greedy Barb’s face. She’s almost licking her lips at the thoughts of a $2 million insurance payout. Gotcha!

"Faith" Slideshow - Part VI

And thank you, Bobby, for your line about “beauty won’t help.” One of these days, I am going to launch into a long and vitriolic “rant” on this blog about “beauty” and its perception in this ugly world. But that is for another time.

For my quotes, I omitted a bunch of the frantically spoken “Ericas” from Christine. I mean, just how dumb is the woman to not know that, once the person who initiated the call hangs up, the line is disconnected. See what I mean about this episode? This is one perp for whom I do not feel sorry...not one little bit.

I don’t know, perhaps even more “clueless” was Barb when she asked Carver when she was going to get “her” insurance money for helping with the charade to entrap Christine. And she looked so incredulous when she found out that “they” had lied to “her.” Some people.

As usual, Eames get the parting, closing "jibe" when she says that "Erica" will be so disappointed in "them" meaning Barb and Christine.

"Faith" Slideshow - Part VII

The next series of posts and quotes will be for the final episode of Season 1, "Tuxedo Hill." With Bernie Madoff coming up for sentencing next week, I can't decide if that's timely or just plain ironic. Or maybe it just has to do with the innate greedy nature of some people.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Truths And A Lie About LOCI

I was searching NBC, trying to find a copy of the video from SNL when Vincent D'Onofrio made a cameo appearance. Well, I came up empty-handed on that, but did come across this. I missed this somewhere along the way, which only makes me wonder what else may be "out there" that I have overlooked.

Anyway, the premise is: Vincent D'Onofrio and Jeff Goldblum are discussing three things that may or may not happen during Season 8 on Law & Order CI. Two things are supposed to be true and the third is a lie, and we get to guess which is the lie. It's cute. I especially liked it when VDO said, "...and drama will ensue." Also, it's funny to watch Goldblum stare "intently" at VDO while he's talking.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Family Values" Two-Minute Replay

So, here is the two-minute replay from last night's episode, "Family Values." I thought it was a pretty good episode. It started a little slow...for me...but gradually built to a resounding crescendo, with Bobby "singing" the aria at the end. He was..."perfetto." (Hope that translated from English correctly.)

Now, I'm off to begin screen capping the eppy and am getting a late start. I fell asleep when I got home from work and did not wake up until good luck sleeping tonight, huh?

Video may be found at the USA Network.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More About The Fly And The Prez

Well, I just got back a while ago from seeing "The Narrows" and the live satellite feed with Vincent D'Onofrio, et. al. I truly enjoyed the film and loved, loved, LOVED the live interview. I have a LOT to say about it all, but it is much too late to start a blog post about it tonight. I need to have a "fresh" and alert brain, so I can try to remember every miniscule detail. Plus, I'm hoping some enterprising soul "out there" managed to capture it all on video someway, and maybe it will be up on YouTube by the time I can get my thoughts "organized." You just know somebody did.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, when I got back to the motel, I did a quick blog check and discovered that Music Wench had found a little ditty in the continuing saga of the "Murder At The White House" as it has been dubbed by the folks over at "The Colbert Report." Granted, I don't follow this show, but I had to take a peek at the video after Music Wench recommended it. It did not disappoint. And you gotta love Jeff Goldblum's shameless, self-promoting plug for Law & Order CI. Cute.

Oh, and one last word about "The Narrows" and the disgusting insect that PETA is so worried about. How can I possibly connect the two, you ask? Keep reading. I'm not giving anything away here, so don't worry, but there is a scene in the movie when one of the characters...not telling his buddies that he heard a housefly both craps and pukes every six seconds. There happens to be a fly sitting on the edge of one of the guy's coffee cups and the kid counts off six seconds and starts laughing uproariously because...well his reckoning, the fly just crapped and puked in the guy's coffee. The other "gentleman" did not find it so amusing. (See, I told you I could make a connection.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is: with all the truly disturbing and potentially horrifying things confronting the world today: Things like...I don't know...Iran, North Korea, Iraq, poverty, starvation, a seriously flawed health care system, an economy that's in the name a we really need to concern ourselves about the untimely demise of a freakin' insect? And now I am officially done talking about the stupid fly "incident" at the White House.

I'm off to grab a few hour's sleep, spend tomorrow shopping and eating and catching-up with my friend, Betty. My goal for tomorrow evening shall be to devote my efforts to a post that will be "All About Vincent." Here is the video that Music Wench mentioned on her blog. Jeff Goldblum is quite amusing, but I have to ask: "What's up with the hair, dude?"

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Murder in the White House - Jeff Goldblum
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

PETA vs. Obama - Really?

It never ceases to amaze me as to what passes for "news" in this country. Last Friday morning, the first four stories I saw on "Good Morning America" before heading off to work this order: 1. Adam Lambert, the runner up from "American Idol" -- a show I never watch -- announces to the world that he is gay. 2. Miss California gets fired...don't even get me started on this "nonsense." 3. Chastity Bono has decided to become a man and change her/his name to "Chaz." And finally -- 4. Madonna gets to adopt the child from Malawi after all.

Now, I'm not trying to make any political statements on any of these "stories." I may not always understand the individual choices a person chooses to make, but it's their choice, and who am I to question it? But, on the other hand, what makes any of these stories "newsworthy?" Why should I care? If my neighbor across the street decided to have a sex change operation, or adopt a child from an impoverished country, no one would give a tinker's damn. The world is out of control.

And now the "Dumber Than Dirt" award of the week goes to... PETA. In case you missed it, President Obama was preparing for an interview this week and a fly...a common, ordinary Musca domestica, otherwise known as a housefly...kept buzzing the President. So, eventually it landed on him, and he smacked it and it fell to the floor...dead. Something we've all done, right?

Well, evidently the folks at PETA took exception to President Obama's "overt" action and issued a statement, which you can read here if you are thus inclined. Basically, they said "they support compassion for even the smallest animals and they wished that President Obama had served a better example." Then they sent him a "Katcha Bug" which is a device that will...henceforth...allow the President to trap the pesky critters and release them back into the wild from which they came. Yeah, right.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am all for the humane and ethical treatment of animals, but get a grip, people. It's called "perspective" or even just plain old COMMON SENSE. It was a "HOUSEFLY" which by definition is "often considered a pest that can carry serious diseases."

Insanity, folks. It's a freakin' epidemic, and -- unfortunately -- we're riddled with the disease and there does not seem to be an antidote in sight.

As you may well imagine, this story is all over YouTube, but I nabbed this one from Halbertis.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Faith" In Bobby

Don't have much to say by way of a lead-in for this post, but then I doubt if people truly stop by to read my pearls of wisdom or "witty" repartee. You're here for the eye-candy...just like me...and I am happy to oblige.

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Faith" - Season 1

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Clip From "Family Values"

Couldn't fall asleep...mainly because I have to keep fiddling with my air conditioner to get it to turn on and off properly. Plus the Reds are still playing because we had to endure two "rain delays" this evening. Normally, the game would have ended by 10:00 or so. No such luck tonight. We're in the top of the 6th, bases are "juiced" with only one out. We're leading at the moment, but the way my boys play sometimes...most times...having the lead can often prove to be a purely fleeting condition.

Anyway, since I was up, I thought I might as well check out a few sights and see if I could find anything new related to LOCI and/or my favorite leading man. I was not disappointed; I came upon another clip of this Sunday's episode over at YouTube...posted by Heatshiver.

Extras From "Faith"

I awoke this morning before the alarm went off and drowsily wondered if it was Saturday or Sunday. You may well imagine my disappointment when it finally dawned on me that it was only Tuesday...four more work days to muddle through until the weekend. So, I might as well make the best of a Tuesday evening and post a few "extras" slideshows from "Faith."

Once again, I have three to share. One has captions and the other two need no explanation; the Bobby-watchers and D'Onofrio-ites out there will "get them" without me cluttering up the caps with words.

Extras Slideshow - "Faith" - With Captions

Extras Slideshow - "Faith" - "The Stance"

Extras Slideshow - "Faith" - "Finger Pointing"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Holy Cow - Literally

I could hardly believe my eyes this afternoon when I came across this item. Evidently, it ran on CBS a while back, but I just saw it today for the first time. The news story showcases a restaurant, called the Heart Attack Grill, that specializes in hamburgers. Not just any hamburger, mind you, but giant, greasy, artery-clogging... monster-sized...burgers.

They have one, called the "quadruple bypass," that consists of 4-8oz. patties of beef, so that's two pounds of meat, most of a tomato, and half an onion. They coat the buns in "lard" and top it all off with eight slices of cheese...all of which adds up to a whopping 8,000 calories. (If I could make that number blink, I would.) Oh, and they don't offer lettuce or diet sodas or light beer. I guess I can understand why. That would be rather like offering a drowning man an anchor as a life preserver, wouldn't it?

Now for the clincher. All this high caloric, coma-inducing food is served-up by a bevy of scantily clad "nurses." It's like "Hooters" except with an ER theme...sort of. If the giant side of beef and fries deep-fried in lard don't make you puke...that surely will. Don't get me wrong, I like a burger now and then as well as the next carnivore, however, this is one restaurant I'm thinking I'll "bypass."

More details in the CBS video below...if you've got the stomach for it. Only in America, folks.

And if your jaw is still is another video. Listen to this, if you weigh over 350 pounds, you eat for free...every time you come into the restaurant. I'm speechless.

"Family Values" Clip And Promo

Not much else to say, is there? Except that, even though I am not overly fond of Vincent D'Onofrio's "really" short hair, I am happy to see his face again. (Love the beard, too...just a little tired of it.) The good thing about hair? It grows back...if he'll let it.

"Family Values" Clip

"Family Values" Promo

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Faith" In Partners

I purposely chose to word the title that way because cops have to have "Faith" in their partners to have their backs when they are out amongst the riffraff, trying to make the world a safe place for the rest of us. God Bless 'em. They surely have their work cut out for them; if you haven't's an ugly world out there.

Partners Slideshow - "Faith" - Season 1

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Meager Efforts At Making A Bobby Collage

With many thanks to Eliza, over at The Velocity of Vincent, for giving me guidance in the art of "collage making." Obviously, I have a long way to go, but when one's subject matter is so "compelling," can one really muck it up too terribly? Here are a couple of my first attempts...for what they're worth.

"Folie a Deux"


Eames In "Faith"

I mainly started doing the slideshows of Eames because I knew Music Wench was a big fan, but I don't think she stops by anymore since she isn't blogging so much these days. So, I guess what I'm saying is, I'm not sure how much longer I'll stick with Eames; especially since there is so much Bobby to love.

But, since I have this set of photos good to go, I might as well share.

Eames Slideshow - "Faith" - Season 1

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Folie a Deux" Recap

What follows will be a few rambling, non-cohesive, possibly scattered and off the wall musings about this past Sunday night’s episode of Law & Order CI.

Okay, even though I now know the outcome of the story, I was still outraged that this couple not only supposedly left an 18-month old alone in a hotel room while they went off to enjoy a quiet dinner, but a sick child at that. Even though he didn’t say it, the look on Bobby’s face showed his disgust with the whole situation. Eames finally made a comment about how stupid it was to leave a child alone in a hotel room as they were leaving the room, which I found odd that she waited so long to say anything. In the old days, Eames would have been the one to make some snarky comment at the get-go to the couple about their questionable parenting techniques. That’s the thing about Eames… she’s blunt and to the point…she pulls no punches.

So, it turns out the wife was crazy and the husband was a jerk and used his wife’s mental illness to try and enhance his “fiscal” situation with his wealthy aunt. Nothing new there…greed, greed, greed. Everyone wants a piece of the pie…even when they had nothing to do with baking it. I have to admit the writers had me running in circles on this one. I never once thought it was the burglar who took the kid, but it took me a minute to realize there was no child at all.

Ah, and the leg bounce appears again...fleeting, but it was there. What's a man to do with so much nervous, pent-up energy? Bobby, baby, let me help ease your “tension,” big guy.

Here’s a question: You're planning a sting operation to nab the kidnapper…follow him back to his crib and find the kid. Everyone will be happy, right? You stash the ransom in a shopping bag in a garbage can about fifty feet from a subway entrance. DUH! How come “no one” – not even our curly-haired detective – even considered the guy might…you know…make his escape in the subway? Cops are "hovering" everywhere except around that area and once the bad guy scampers down the steps, the technician announces that the GPS they planted in the bag cannot be tracked in the subway. Hello! You know, to be an “elite” unit, Major Case surveillance stings have a tendency to go awry. “Suite Sorrow,” “Silver Lining,” and “Great Barrier” fairly leap to mind.

And just how intimidating can our Bobby be without uttering a single word? Of course, we’ve been privy to that on numerous occasions… most notably in “Crazy,” but when Bobby is questioning Georgie, or rather sitting in the room “staring” at him, the hapless George blurts, “Stop that, please.” Three words I don’t believe I’d ever say to him, by the way. Ah, the quiet, sublime power of that face.

Here’s a totally random observation…have you noticed that Bobby still wears the same ID badge from Season 1? I mean his looks have changed…just a wee bit...since then.

And I have to say that Ross played it pretty straight in this one. He just worked the case with them without making any condescending, derisive remarks to Bobby…which is good. I was getting pretty sick and tired of that.

On a totally frivolous note…the man does wear his jeans well. And that is all I have to say on that subject.

Many comments have been made on other sites about the fact that Bobby's hair and beard seemed to have a lives of their own in this episode. I believe that has happened before…the hair anyway. You know, back in the day of the “doink, doink,” and when they listed the dates and addresses they visited, it “might” have been more easily explained away. I, personally, miss that because I liked seeing how long it took them to solve a case, but that’s just me. I guess I’ve just grown accustomed to LOCI/USA cutting corners and not worrying about storyline and continuity or “loyal fans” who watch the show more closely than the hands of a clock, counting down the last few seconds of the work day. I guess what I’m saying is…I noticed it, but there are other things about the show that bother me more.

This episode had two fleeting characters named Lucy and Annie. Ah…once again, Bobby “almost” says my name.

Most memorable line: “Do you have any idea what it’s like to have everything taken away?” That is what Lynn Redgrave/Aunt Emily said to Goren and Eames in the interview room. I kept waiting for a reaction shot of Bobby…because he certainly knows how it feels, but none was forthcoming.

This one had me going for a long time. I mean, I figured out fairly early on there was no Emma…that something had happened to her. Apparently, the mother was a “mental mess” already before the child died. She obviously knew she could not trust her husband because she ran all over town looking for him in a jealous fit…leaving her child in the car unattended. How thoughtful of her to leave the air conditioning running. In the past couple of years here in Cincinnati, there have been at least two incidents of mothers “forgetting” their infants in car seats in the middle of summer…both times the child died. As hard as it is to believe that someone can actually forget their child in a hot car, there is no justification for deliberately leaving one’s child unattended in a car…or anywhere for that matter…while you run off willy-nilly in search of a fornicating, philandering husband.

Okay, I know Bobby is a fictional character and everything, and LOCI is just an inconsequential television show, but do you ever wonder what Bobby must be thinking when the villains in these stories finally admit to their wrongdoing and “why” they committed these monstrous crimes to begin with? No wonder Bobby wears such a haggard look these days.

In closing and, at the risk of being shunned or outright banished from blogdom, I have to say that I am getting more than a little tired of Bobby wearing the same clothes every week. And while I happen to be a woman who loves a “hairy” man, even I am growing tired of the beard. I mean, he keeps it neatly trimmed and all, but I miss his "handsome face." When all is said and done...I love the stubble, I love the beard, and I love his naked face…just don’t shave your head again…okay, baby?

And now to the slideshow, and it's a big one...100 photos to gaze upon.

LOCI Two Minute Replays

Finally, USA Network is showing the Law & Order CI faithful a little "love" by allowing us to embed some of their videos. Maybe that has always been the case, but this is the first time I've ever found it, so I am going to take advantage while I can. Don't know why I feel "compelled" to post these; I have downloaded the entire episodes to my laptop and iPod. One of the ladies at work thinks my Bobby "fetish" -- that's what she calls it -- is amusing. I think she's a "crazy bitch," but that is another story for another time. I am what I am, and I make no apologies for it.

Now...on to the two minute replays. In football, we get a two minute warning before halftime and at the end of the fourth quarter. And now Bobby is giving us two minute replays...I could start with that.

"Folie a Deux"


"Identity Crisis"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Clip And The USA Promo For "Folie a Deux"

I found another clip and the promo for Sunday night's episode, which I'll get to in a minute. But first, I saw the list of 2009 Emmy submissions for Law & Order CI on The Reel blog earlier today. Whereas, NBC used to ignore LOCI altogether, it appears that USA has taken quite the opposite approach by nominating everyone, and I do mean everyone, including a couple of stand-ins and a grip.

I mean, come on, Olivia d'Abo as guest actress? Are you kidding me? For what? One scene in a flower shop and standing outside Frank's door? Give me a freakin' break? Or, wait. Perhaps it "actually" was her heart in the box Bobby opened at that Bed & Breakfast. Talk about giving your "all" to a part. Anyway, if this is what passes for Emmy-worthy then perhaps it is time for me to turn in my remote control and go back to writing. Nah! I'm a TV junkie...for better or worse, good or bad...and there is a LOT of bad TV out there folks.

Hopefully, that will not be the case this Sunday evening when we finally get another Bobby episode. With many thanks to Heatshiver and LawandOrderonUSA for the following videos I found on YouTube.

Scene From "Folie a Deux"

USA Promo of "Folie a Deux"

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Folie a Deux" Preview

I was so glad to find this clip on "Daily Motion," so I could "borrow" it for my blog. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to a new Goren & Eames episode, and I am especially happy to see that Bobby still has a full head of hair in this one. According to "Wikipedia," the title translates to "a madness shared by two," so I'm more than a little curious as to the plot of this one. I mean, I know it involves the disappearance/kidnapping of a small child, but I'm sure there's more to the story than that...there usually is.

I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed in last night's Nichols & Wheeler episode. The actress, Arija Bareikis, who played Logan's girlfriend in "Stress Position" had a good-sized role in the show, and that's all I could think about when she was on screen. That's what comes of watching, rewatching, and then watching again the same Bobby episodes over and over I suppose. I don't know, I guess I need to watch it again because I found the plot confusing, and the ending was just waayyyyy too "contrived" for me.

But that's okay; now that Goldblum is out of the way, next week...I get me some Bobby.

Without further "adieu," I give you the clip for "Folie a Deux."

By the way, I don't know if what Bobby says about the hotel "key" card is true or not, but I read it on the Internet three or four years ago and, since then, I always take those plastic keys with me and cut them up just like an expired credit card before I dispose of them. Isn't it just like Bobby to provide us with a public service announcement? Looking forward to Sunday night.