Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Yesterday" Partners

When I logged onto my email account this morning, I saw the headline for a news story in the Florida Keys that read, "Officials Fear Python Invasion." Now, there was a time when my mind would have arrived at the logical conclusion about this story, however, that was before I became a bonafide Detective Robert Goren addict. I've got to say that the thoughts of being "invaded" by that imposing gentleman's...ahem...python left me all a-twitter, and I'm not talking about the latest "craze" to hit the Internet.

Now, be honest, all you dyed-in-the wool Vixens had the exact same image pop into your head when you read the aforementioned title, but...alas...the article was not about Bobby. Evidently, the threat of Burmese Pythons gaining a foothold in the Florida Everglades is so prevalent, the "powers that be" have formed a "Python Patrol" -- if you will -- to track down the pesky buggers.

Hmm? A "Python Patrol?" Sounds like an interesting concept to me and a perfectly reasonable way to wile away one's time. And I believe I am safe in assuming that the "patrol" will be in full force in earnest come April 19th when Law & Order CI returns to the airways.

Until then, let's have a look at Eames and Goren as they track down the doer in "Yesterday."

Partners Slideshow - "Yesterday"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eames From "Yesterday"

Well, here it is Sunday evening and I'm sitting here thinking...as is my routine virtually every Sunday evening...just where did the weekend go? There are so many things I needed to accomplish...should have tried to accomplish...but alas, I pretty much sat on my butt all weekend long and watched Netflix DVDs and television shows I had taped during the week. Not very productive, I grant you, but extremely therapeutic.

One project I did manage to finish was cataloguing and uploading my photos and quotes of "Yesterday" to Photobucket. Again, perhaps not the most constructive use of my time, but then does anybody really give a rat's ass as to how I spend my weekend? I didn't think so.

Anyway, I shall begin my "homage" to "Yesterday" as I usually do; i.e., with a slideshow dedicated to Goren's sidekick and partner ...the ever pragmatic...Alexandra Eames.

Eames Slideshow - "Yesterday"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

President Obama On Leno

I'm sitting in a hotel room and have a few minutes to kill before I have to run out and meet some friends for an early dinner, so thought I would do a "quickie" post. I watched this interview the other night, but figured I could find it on the Internet if I wanted to watch it again. I thought President Obama did a good job. He is articulate, intelligent, and forthright. In short, he is all the things...and then some...that George Bush was not.

He is one of the few politicians I can watch and listen to for an extended period of time without making me want to wretch, so that says something in and of itself. Except for the small gaff about the Special Olympics, which the press...in oh so typical fashion...chose to focus on instead of the "heart" of his comments, it was a clean interview.

President Obama has been in office...like what...61 days. G.W. and his cronies and a host of other greedy bastards had 2,920 days to bring the "global" economy to this "pit of despair." We're not going to emerge from this economic meltdown overnight, but emerge from it we shall...that's what we do. But the President and his team are going to probably need a little more that 60 days or so to bring it about. Wonder what the naysayers will "say" then?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beauty And The Beast

I could have...and probably should have...come up with a more thought-provoking title for this post, but this is what came into my head when I started contemplating it. It won't leave, so I'm stuck with it.

This week started out pretty much like all the others. The alarm went off at 6:15a.m. Monday morning, and I hit the “snooze” a couple of times before turning on the TV to check out the weather forecast for the day. It’s not that I’m not a “morning person,” I just have to “ease” into my day. I cannot jump out of bed the instant my eyes pop open in the morning; I need a little time to reconcile my senses with the arrival of each new day.

Anyway, I woke up and flipped on the TV, expecting to see Larry Handley’s smiling face, telling me if I needed a jacket, an umbrella, or my sunglasses for the day. I also braced myself for the “usual.” You know, the shootings, stabbings, robberies, rapes, home invasions… what have you…that occurred over the weekend. Since moving to Cincinnati, I have come to truly realize what a “depraved” world it is in which we live. I guess I always knew, it’s just now it is in my face every day. No wonder I’d rather sit at home with my TV and computers.

But Monday morning was different for me. The lead story was about a seventh grade student form the School For Creative And Performing Arts who had been found murdered over the weekend. I am familiar with the school because a co-worker and friend…Angie…has a son who attends the school. I realized it couldn’t be Julian because he is a sophomore, but my curiosity had been piqued.

Then Kathrine Nero broke the story…Esme Kenney, a 13-year old, had gone for a jog on a running path near her home Saturday afternoon and not returned. Her body was found in the woods early Sunday morning. Luckily, the police had also apprehended the one responsible for her death and were actually questioning him when Esme's body was found. As murders go, that was pretty quick, I thought.

Then they showed a picture of Esme…

Next they showed her murderer, Anthony Kirkland, being arraigned and said he was a registered sex offender.

The news did not give any of the particulars surrounding her death, but I “just knew” this poor child had been made to suffer horrific atrocities at the hands of this vile man. I could not stop thinking about her as I went about my morning routine…wondering if he had sexually assaulted this baby and what she must have gone through...how terrified she must have been...crying out for her mom and dad. Then my thoughts turned to her parents and how completely devastated they must be. I mean to have this beautiful, vibrant child one minute and then to have her brutally murdered the next? How does a parent live through something like that?

When I got to work and Angie walked by my office, I asked her if Julian knew Esme. She said they were not friends…because of the age difference…but he knew who she was; they were in some of the same music classes, etc. Then later that afternoon, Angie came back and sat down across my desk…with tears in her eyes. Angie has a friend who is a cop in the CPD, so I just looked at her and said, “He raped her, didn’t he? She nodded and then proceeded to tell me that he had tried to “burn” her body…in an effort to destroy DNA evidence.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no corner of hell hot enough for this monster. Way back in the day, I used to live next door to a guy who worked at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. Lucasville is where they maintain the “hardcore” prisoners…your murderers, rapists, death row inmates, etc. Mike was the prison librarian. I remember one time we were discussing the fate…oddly enough…of a man from Cincinnati who had murdered and sexually assaulted a two and half year old boy.

Mike told me the guy would most likely end up in Lucasville, and that, if he did, he probably wouldn’t last long because the inmates have a “code.” And, if there is one thing even the most grizzled felon cannot tolerate, it is a “baby raper.” Well, if that is still true, here’s hoping Mr. Kirkland’s sorry ass finds its way to Lucasville with all due speed.

I don’t know why this particular story touched me so, but it has haunted me all week. I keep thinking about Esme’s parents and how hollow, empty their lives must feel now…to have their “sparking” little girl snatched from them when she had her whole life ahead of her. I mean, I had a pretty crappy week myself, but nothing… absolutely nothing...compares to this.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Best War Movies Of All Time

So, I'm messing around on the Internet last night, and I find this link for the Best War Movies Of All Time. I like movies. Who am I kidding? I love movies...yes...even a good war movie. Whenever I find a "list" like this, I'm always curious to see if any of the movies I've seen and liked made the cut, so I started clicking through the pages.

You know, I've never seen the movie "Full Metal Jacket" although I've certainly read enough about it and Vincent D'Onofrio's haunting portrayal of Private Pyle. I was not truly surprised that FMJ made the list...No. 6, in fact. The "blurb" about the movie says: "What It's Good for: It's Kubrick's gritty look at the dehumanizing effects of basic training and the even more brutal experience of combat during the Tet Offensive. Matthew Modine stars, but Vincent D'Onofrio, as the seriously disturbed Pvt. Pyle, will haunt your dreams."

When one follows the "link" to Vincent's name, there is a brief biography that states: "An actor whose hulking presence belies his ability to slip quietly into an astonishing variety of roles, Vincent D'Onofrio is one of Hollywood's most unpredictable and compelling performers." Unpredictable and compelling...that sounds about right.

There's so many nasty and unkind things said about VDO on certain websites...that shall go forever unnamed...that it was so refreshing to accidentally stumble upon this small tribute to his talent.

My search of all things Vincent D'Onofrio also led me to his "imdb" page where I found that he is listed as a cast member in another movie for 2009..."Brooklyn's Finest." The movie stars Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, and Lily Taylor. Couldn't find out much about the movie and it doesn't look like he has a very large part, but at least he can add another film to his credits...to the delight of his faithful fans.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Seizure" Quotes

This is one of my favorite episodes, but I really can’t say what it is about this one versus so many of the others that appeals to me. It just does. I suppose it has to do with a woman allowing herself to be so completely dominated by a man that she would commit a murder for him…just pick someone at random and kill them. I know we live in a horribly violent world, it’s just hard for me to wrap my brain around such blatant and senseless violence.

Now, having said that, I consider myself to be a peaceful, non-violent person. I hate guns and weapons in general. In my experience, a sharp tongue wielded properly can be a pretty vicious weapon on its own, so who needs a gun? But there is something about Bobby when he pulls out his gun, or – his pocket knife – that “really” gets to me. I’m sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with me, but that’s a post of a very different nature.

Without further ado, and ready or not, I give you my humble observations of this episode. To begin, the badges are once again draped with the black ribbon out of respect for a fellow fallen officer.

I “cringe” every time I watch this episode when Bobby makes the comment about Rosa (the victim) not being much of a housekeeper. Later he says she was a “slob.” I used to be a good housekeeper, I used to care…now I don’t. Suffice to say, Detective Robert Goren wouldn’t think much of my housekeeping abilities either.

Ah, a man who pays attention to what his mother teaches him. I am, of course, referring to Bobby’s line on the playground when he asks the intended first victim to please not lie to them. He goes on to tell her that her ears are turning red and his mother had taught him what that meant. I love it when the writers reveal to us little bits and pieces of what makes Bobby “tick” like that. And I noticed that Eames was jotting down the notes from their conversation…usually Bobby does that in that big ol’ leather binder he carries.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part I

Did anyone “really” believe Bobby when he clanged the chair in the interrogation room to awaken the sleeping suspect and then said, “Sorry about that, Johnny.” And I noticed that Johnny is in handcuffs. I don’t recall all that many suspects interviewed in the Major Case interrogation room being cuffed during the questioning. I mean, he didn’t appear to be that much of a threat. He folded like a cheap tent when Bobby confronted him with the money evidence they had. They didn’t have to resort to good cop…bad cop with this suspect. And his tone certainly changed when he realized they thought him complicit in a murder.

I like this scene…for so many reasons. The whole thing with the knife when Bobby cuts his hand to prove a point. Talk about “driven” – a man who is “into” his job. Then we segway to Deakins, Eames, and Carver as they are treated to a mini-Bobby-lecture on syncope. They just stand there – mesmerized, stupefied, fascinated – as he meticulously explains the condition that Johnny has and why he couldn’t possibly be the doer. That’s my Bobby, never misses an opportunity to impart knowledge.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part II

Moving on, we arrive at Reddick’s bail hearing and the scuzzy little skank wannabe “spreading” her legs for the scumbag serial killer. The look of abject disgust on Eames’ face is priceless. I can’t quite put my tired brain on an apt description of Bobby’s expression; he doesn’t appear surprised or appalled…it’s more of a smug “gotcha” look than anything. His disgust of the girl becomes evident, however, in the subsequent interview scene back at 1PP when he refers to her as “Kevin’s submissive little doggie" and slams his notebook onto the table.

As silly as Karyn is, I do understand where she’s coming from. I mean, just listening to Bobby talk makes me want to do things for him…and with him…and TO him. Thankfully, Bobby is not a serial killer, but he is definitely and undeniably HOT. Don’t you just love it when Bobby hears a piece of information that makes him “perk up?” Like when Karyn mentions that Reddick has a brain disease.

Eames gets some good lines in this one. Like when she shakes her head in dismay after Karyn leaves the interview room and bemoans serial killer “groupies.” Then she goes on to say she thought she was pathetic with her ABBA fan club card. I wasn’t a card carrying fan either, but I did like some of their songs...still do.

Ah, leave it to Eames to keep the boys “on point.” When they visit Dr. Buckman’s office, Bobby and the doc become engrossed in discussing the doctor’s theory of violent behavior in certain individuals. Eames, being the practical soul that she is, steps in to bring the conversation back to the matter at hand.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part III

This episode has a number of memorable scenes for me…the next one being one of my favorites. Bobby makes it quite obvious that he wants to question Dr. Dwyer without Buckman hanging around, so he “dismisses” him with a cursory thank you. Then he very quickly assesses Dwyer’s obsessive compulsive tendencies and promptly goes about pushing every OCD button she’s got.

I have to admit that I typically miss a lot of the dialogue in a scene like this because I am so focused on Bobby’s antics…what he’s doing…more that what is being said. I mean if Vincent D'Onofrio is like this in "real" life, I'm surprised his wife hasn't conked him over the head with a skillet by now. Anyway, in this scene, he keeps grabbing the film and fiddling with her files and books…deliberately creating chaos in her orderly little world.

I love the “confrontation” scenes between Goren and Carver. You know, when Bobby has to bring Carver around to his way of thinking about a case or a suspect. This one was particularly well played, I thought. Carver is, at first, reluctant to believe that Dwyer could be the doer because she is a university researcher with a PhD.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part IV

Just found a “goof.” I’ve watched this episode dozens of times, but this is the first time I've ever noticed this slip-up. That’s what I mean about watching them so closely when one is capturing dialogue and photos. Anyway, Eames is talking to Buckman about Dwyer’s solo sessions with Reddick and she asks if Dwyer had access to the crime reports or did “Dwyer” tell “her” any details of the killings. At first, I just thought the caption had been entered incorrectly, but I listened to it again and, sure enough, Eames says Dwyer not Reddick. I have to give credit to the other actors, though; they didn’t miss a beat…if they even noticed the error. Ah, well. I make mistakes in my job, too. I’m just surprised someone else didn’t catch it. I corrected it for my “Quotes” slideshow.

Again, I’ve watched this episode…literally…dozens of times, but this is the first time I truly took note of Bobby helping the technician spread out the sheet on the table. Ever, oh ever…the helpful Detective Goren.

I understand that the police have a job to do and that they put their lives on the line every day to make the world a safer place for the rest of us. Having said that, I have a problem with the fact that they can come into my home…even with a warrant…and search through my things and they don’t have to tell me about it ahead of time. (My editorial comment for this episode.)

Moving along, a couple of good lines did come out of this scene. Goren finds the scrapbook and notes there are no pictures of Dwyer’s dad, so he wags that damnable finger of his at Eames and says, “What did I tell you about the negligent dad?” To which, Eames replies, “I don’t know. I forgot to write it down.” Then, as Eames is rummaging through the closet, she happens upon Dwyer’s secret stash of “erotica.” Or, as Bobby promptly informs Eames…it’s domination porno for intellectuals. Figures he’d know that. Then there is his follow-up line about Dr. Dwyer liking a “strong daddy.”

Okay, am I completely insane to find the sight of his “breath” in the cold to be incredibly sexy? I know, I need an intervention. Problem is…don’t want one. I am perfectly happy and content with my Vincent D’Onofrio – Bobby Goren – obsession.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part V

Another favorite scene is the meeting with Reddick and his attorney. Probably, my second favorite line from this eppy comes from Carver and his comment about the tie he plans to wear to Reddick’s execution. Then there is the whole exchange between Bobby and Reddick about the “educated, uptight little scientist.” Don’t you just love it when the perp’s lawyer tries to get his client to shut up or leave the room, and they’re always so arrogant that they think they can outsmart our Bobby…and Bobby always gets them in the end. I just love watching Bobby outmaneuver this little twerp without so much as working up an intellectual sweat. Bobby rules.

“Dr.” Goren examines the PET scan and determines that he needs to see an “actual” doctor and leaves Eames standing in the dust. I mean, the man is brilliant, but – come on. On the other hand, I, for one, would love to see a “scan” of Bobby’s brain.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part VI

The final “gotcha” scene has my favorite line of the show, but it’s at the end, so I’ll wait and close with it. It is also a long scene with lots of Bobby dialogue and close-ups and Bobby being...well...Bobby, so I had to split it into two slideshows. Don't know about you, but I find that stumbling, bumbling Bobby is always good for a chuckle or two. I’m talking about when he “accidentally” drops Dr. Dwyer’s porno publications all over the lab floor. And as for Eames’ follow-up line, stating they did not mean to embarrass her, all I have to say is: “Liar, liar…pants on fire.”

"Seizure" Quotes - Part VII

I loved watching Bobby in this scene. I mean, could you take your eyes off of him? He simply "commands" one's attention. Getting up in Buckman's face, bobbing up and down, leaning in and out, twisting back and forth before finally telling the good doctor that he knew his theory was "crap." Oh, yeah. Dr. Dwyer isn't the only one who likes a "strong" daddy.

Actually, I sort of felt sorry for Dr. Dwyer when all was said and done. Okay, yes, she allowed herself to be manipulated by these two self…albeit for vastly different reasons…absorbed men, yet she looked so young and vulnerable. That is until the big “reveal” moment when she realized what Buckman had done, and she turned into a veritable wildcat that Bobby had to physically restrain. Hmm…being physically restrained by Bobby. I need a moment.

After another officer drags Dwyer out of the lab and Eames arrests and leads Buckman from the room, Bobby just casually strolls over to the table to collect his leather binder…like it’s no big deal…just all in a day’s work. Then as he and Carver lazily walk out of the room together, Carver serves up the lead-in line for what has become my all time personal-favorite “tag-line” of Bobby’s. Carver points out that Dwyer had a lesion and she committed murder, so didn’t that prove Buckman’s theory. So, Bobby points out that Dwyer didn’t commit a rage murder…she did it for love. “Love?” questions Carver. To which Bobby gives the following tongue-in-cheek reply, “It’s a many splendored thing.” Ah, that’s my Bobby.

"Seizure" Quotes - Part VIII

Well, that brings to close another episode. Up next is "Yesterday," although I doubt if I start working on it tomorrow...ha ha. Yeah, I know. Oh, well, till next time then.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Bobby In "Seizure"

Well, I...for one...would most definitely like to "seize" hold of Bobby for a day or week or month or two, but I digress. I am presently in the middle of watching Jack Bauer save the world single-handedly... again, so I'll make this brief.

Suffice to say, I found an abundance of juicy Bobby-shots in "Seizure." Enough for three slideshows...and then some, but I settled for three. Vincent D'Onofrio...as Bobby Goren...just gets better and better with each successive episode.

Like I said, I'll be brief and just say, "Heeeeere's BOBBY!"

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Seizure" - Part I

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Seizure" - Part II

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Seizure" - Part III

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Seizure" Extras

Well, I've enjoyed two good days in a row...emotionally, physically, spiritually. I'm just really glad that February is gone and March is here and spring is within reach. Being in such good spirits, my thoughts quite naturally turned to Bobby, so I devoted a portion of my day endeavoring to come up with "witty" captions for this post. Not sure how successful I was, but I did have fun trying.

While studying the screen caps from "Seizure," I once again ended up with three separate slideshows...the regular one, one of Bobby's broad back, and another one that I will explain in detail when I get to it.

I'll start off with Bobby's back...no captions necessary. Just a few glorious snaps of that magnificent back and splendid shoulders.

Extras Slideshow - "Seizure" - Bobby's Back

The "funny" extras didn't "jump" out at me this time like they usually do. I don't know. Maybe I wasn't in the mood, but I had to look harder for the pictures, therefore, I had to think harder about some of the captions. Oh well, there's a reason I didn't try for a career in comedy.

Extras Slideshow - "Seizure"

Okay, I have no logical explanation for the last slideshow, so I'm not even going to bother to offer one except to say the following. While I was capping the episode, I couldn't help but notice the growing number of "finger pointing" photos of Bobby. I mean, there is no denying the man has a propensity for waving that imposing digit about. Anyway, I collected a bunch of them, and then I found myself "stuck" with trying to come up with something to say about them.

For some completely unfathomable reason, the book title, "Who Moved My Cheese" popped into my head...and stayed there...for days. If you're not familiar with the book, Amazon.com had the following "review."

"This is a brief tale of two mice and two humans who live in a maze and one day are faced with change: someone moves their cheese. Reactions vary from quick adjustment to waiting for the situation to change by itself to suit their needs. This story is about adjusting attitudes toward change in life, especially at work. Change occurs whether a person is ready or not, but the author affirms that it can be positive. His principles are to anticipate change, let go of the old, and do what you would do if you were not afraid."

Actually, my boss had all the managers and loan officers read the book a few years back, but being one of those people who doesn't adapt well...immediately...to change, it didn't have that much of an impact on me. Anyway, it popped into my head, it wouldn't go away, and now we're all "stuck" with the following slideshow...silly though it may be.

Extras Slideshow - "Seizure" - Finger Pointing