Saturday, February 28, 2009

Partners in "Seizure"

Well, this post is happening a bit later than I had originally planned, but that's what happens when one's been abed with the flu for the better part of three days. I didn't even turn on my computer for two of them, and I have to be pretty much "dead" for that to happen... or...not...happen, as it were.

I haven't even felt like "playing" with Bobby...that's how bad it's been. I mean, a girl would have to be comatose to not want to do that...right?

Anyway, I have the "Partners" slideshows ready from "Seizure," so thought I would post them while I'm feeling like it. Don't really have a lot to say about it...I'm saving up for my "Quotes" tome in a couple of days. Mainly, I think Bobby is looking exceptionally tall and handsome in this episode. So, a hearty "thank you" to Mr. D'Onofrio for that.

Partners Slideshow - "Seizure" - Part I

Partners Slideshow - "Seizure" - Part II

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eames In "Seizure"

Well, I'm sitting here doing something I almost never, and I do mean never, do...I'm actually listening to an entire political address by a politician...President Obama. But to be fair, who could stand to listen to the insipid drivel that spewed forth from the lips of the previous occupant of that office? Thank GOD he's gone back to Texas where he belongs, and may he languish in the world of obscurity forever and ever more...amen.

Okay, now that's out of the way, let's get on with the reason for this post. I'm finally done playing with Bobby...insofar as the episode of "Seizure" is concerned...and am ready to start the first of five posts.

As has become my custom, I shall begin with the petite and lovely Kathryn Erbe as Eames. And that leads me to this lament: "O Music Wench, Music Wench! Wherefore art thou, Music Wench?" I miss you. This one's for you.

Eames Slideshow - "Seizure"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bobby's Comin' Back

At least, if one can believe the plethora of Google Alerts I received today announcing the spring premiere date for Season 8 of Law & Order CI. It's Sunday, April 19 at 9:00p.m. Mark your calendars. Be there or be square. Here's hoping USA doesn't do another "bait & switch" on us.

Meanwhile, I've been meaning to post this little ditty that came my way a few days ago through a YouTube subscription alert. It's all about favorite kind of video...and it shows how he "changes" from Seasons 4 through 7.

It was posted by Shaylah Shmoo and is called "Can't Keep Up" and that is all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Number One "Adult" Joke From 2008

According to an email I received earlier today, the following is the Number 1 joke from last year. I have to admit, it did make me chuckle out loud. Unfortunately, there is a lot of "truth" mixed in amidst the humor...ugly...unfair...wretched truth.

* * * * * * * * * *

A couple had been married for 50 years. They were sitting at the breakfast table one morning when the wife says, "Just think, fifty years ago we were sitting here at this breakfast table together."

"I know," the old man said wistfully. "We were probably sitting here naked as jaybirds way back then."

"Well," Granny murmured suggestively, a lustful gleam beginning to twinkle in her aged eyes, "why don't we see if we can rekindle some of those old times?"

Where upon, the two stripped down to the buff and sat back down at the table.

"You know, honey," the little old lady said a little breathlessly, "my nipples are as "hot" for you today as they were fifty years ago."

"I wouldn't be surprised," replied Gramps. "One is in your coffee and the other's in your oatmeal."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Phantom" Quotes

Well, the first thing I noticed about this episode is that it originally aired on my birthday. Then I noticed the black ribbon across Bobby’s badge when they’re at the morgue. I believe that signifies that a fellow officer has died.

After the set-up scenes, we arrive at the morgue and get a glimpse of Bobby’s wry sense of humor when he tells the other cop he “lives” to make his life easier. But it wasn’t until I watched it for the purpose of capturing dialogue that I noticed the other detective’s follow-up retort, “I take it you’ll be by to wash my car?” LOCI has a sense of humor. Who knew?

Ah, once again the trusty Goren nose comes into play when Eames says the hundred dollar bill smells like perfume. He takes the bill from her hand, takes a cursory sniff and quickly determines that it is, in fact, Barbicide. Or, to “dumb it down” for the rest of us…that blue stuff barbers use to disinfect combs. Who knew it had a name? That’s right, Bobby did. How does he stand himself?

I always find it interesting to watch Bobby and Eames examine the body and/or crime scene. In this case, it was the body in the morgue, but they notice everything; the non prison issue haircut, the manicure, the scuff marks on the shoes, no defensive wounds. You get the idea. They notice details…the little things. Remind me to never invite them to my place for dinner. Wait! Did I just say that? Bobby can stop by any ol’ time he wants.

Have you ever noticed how…when Bobby wants your complete attention…he always contrives to make you focus on him? Like I need a reason.) But, for example, when he and Eames are questioning the former girlfriend, and she is talking while she bustles about the kitchen and yells at her kids to stop arguing. By the way, I loved it when she yelled up the stairs, “Don’t make me come up there!” Very realistic. Anyway, she is answering their questions, but her attention is clearly not centered on them, so Bobby grabs hold of the cereal bowl she is carrying and “compels” her to look at him. As if I need to be “encouraged” to look at him. The look on his face is priceless, too, right before and just after after he takes hold of the bowl. I love this man. I miss this man.

Oh, and as a side note, isn’t “schlepping” a wonderful word?

"Phantom" Quotes - Part I

Anyone notice "the look" Bobby is giving Charlotte Fielding when they first meet? I wonder if she is one of “those” pretty, young actresses that Ron Harris talked about in his article that was on “The Reel.” You know the ones that D’Onofrio showed up early to check out and make “small talk” with? He’s such a…you know…man.

I liked how Eames “subtly” lets Charlotte know just who is in charge when Charlotte said her phone number wasn’t listed and Eames told her it was in their book. You go, girl. And leave it to Bobby to notice the girl was running her “tongue” over the back of her teeth. I mean, if anybody would know about…tongues. And since it looks like he got his teeth fixed somewhere between “The Insider” and “Homo Homini Lupis,” the line about, “I’m thinking about getting my teeth fixed,” was obviously just a ploy.

Anybody else go all weak in the knees when he haltingly reaches out and...ever so gently...brushes aside a wisp of hair near her ear and tells her that her earrings are lovely and asks if they are family heirlooms? I know, silly question. I love it how Eames kind of stands back and lets Goren “do his thing” and then she steps in and lowers the boom. And I am more than a wee bit curious as to how Bobby knows so much about the "grooming habits" of Brearley girls.

Ah, once again Bobby is the romantic with the “guys will do anything for love” line, and Eames, the cynic, counters with “and money." I have to say that this show gives us its fair share of “memorable” lines. But then, perhaps that has more to do with the fact that I’ve watched each one about a hundred times…or a lot of lines sort of "stick out" in my memory.

"Phantom" Quotes - Part II

Oh, and this is the one where Bobby offers up “cooking” advice on bouillabaisse…of all things. The man is amazing…pure and simple. Is there nothing outside his realm of expertise? I wonder if the Food Network ever thought about offering Detective Goren a cooking show. He is smokin’ hot, after all. But I digress. When the woman they are questioning says that her culinary skills are challenged…it is Detective Goren to the rescue. (Do I really have to say it? I want... be rescued by Detective Bobby.) Just look at that smile he gives her when he tells her all she needs to do is reduce the stock. So, as Bobby goes about being all “helpful” in the kitchen, Eames gets down to the matter at hand. It bodes well for Goren that Eames understands him and his quirky ways.

We learn a little more about Eames from a couple of her “side” comments. Like when the lady says that she thinks Charlotte’s boyfriend travels a lot and Eames says she’s heard that excuse before. Then later, Eames says the only money she ever got from her family was the fifty bucks her dad gave her for her prom dress. First, I can’t imagine she got much of a dress for $50 and, second, sounds like Eames has had to fend for herself most of her life. That helps explain her sometimes snarky/cynical attitude.

I always enjoy watching this scene for the lighthearted exchange between Goren and Eames. He asks her if that was the same year she was selling apples outside of city hall, and she replies that it was matchsticks and it was snowing. Then the person she is calling answers on the other end of the phone and the frivolous moment ends. We didn’t get a lot of those in the early years, but they did sneak up on us now and again. Now, they’re even more scarce.

Did you catch his work number: 555-0146 and the little “s
mirk” when he hangs up the phone? Bobby was definitely "cocksure" of himself in the early days. Not that his self-confidence or brilliance has waned in recent episodes. He’s just emotionally drained and worn down from all the upheavals/drama in his life. I’m ready for cocksure Bobby to reappear.

I don’t know about you, but Bobby wouldn’t have to ask me twice to “play.” Just once, I would like to see the “set-up” scene when Goren and Eames plan out what they’re going to say and do to get the person being questioned to “spill their guts." 'Cause you know they have to discuss this stuff. I just wonder how they decided who was going to do what to poor ol’ Charlotte. Oh, and on an entirely different note, if you watch closely as Charlotte is walking toward the Interview Room, a microphone momentarily dips below the door frame. That’s the first time I have ever caught that type of “goof” on the show. I’m sure there have been others…just the first one I noticed…so far.

I mean, why did Bobby do that bit with his watch? He’s not a stumbling, bumbling fool. Why did he act that way? Inquiring minds want to know. And, of course, Charlotte was supposed to see the Yearbook. That was the whole purpose of their little ruse. The lies just fall trippingly from his tongue…so easily…so effortlessly. I would never trust a word the man said to me. He plays it well though, looking all guilty that they were found out; i.e., “Well, now you know we know.”

"Phantom" Quotes - Part III

And then he acts so modest when Eames points out that Bobby was the first one to “see through” her act, but then once the “cat is out of the bag,” he shows no mercy…ragging on her nose, her hair, her voice. Then it’s no holds barred as Eames joins in and they “tag- team” her. I have to admit that I felt kind of sorry for Charlotte…she was a victim, after all.

Okay, all I have to say is that any actress who can lay perfectly still, pretending to be in a coma, while Vincent D’Onofrio…Bobby Goren… fiddles with her hands, turns her head this way and that, and pulls the blanket back to check out her "thigh," deserves an Emmy nomination. That’s all I’m saying.

I love the subtleties of this show; especially now that I’ve watched it for seven years…not counting countless re-watching of every single solitary episode. One example: the look on Eames’ face when Bobby told her that Mkunga is "Swahili" for midwives made me chuckle out loud. She stopped just short of rolling her eyes. I’m sure it has to be "tiresome" to work with someone of Bobby’s intelligence; i.e., a “Mr. Know-It-All.” To be fair, he doesn’t come across as if he’s showing off…just sharing bits and pieces of minutiae he has stored away in that handsome head of his. I had a friend who was like that…remembered everything she ever read or heard…only when she “corrected” or shared a particular fact with you, it was usually done in such a way to let you know just how smart she was.

The other "subtlety" occurred in the media office at the United Nations, when Carver is openly “flirting” with the lady in an effort to get information about their would-be perp. The look that passes between Goren and Eames is "priceless" and one of the early peeks into their blossoming professional relationship and just how “in-sync” they are with one another…again…on a “professional” level.

By the way, isn’t Carver married? At least, he implied as much in “Shrink-Wrapped” in Season 3 when he said, “These people make me want to go home and kiss my wife.” So, what’s he doing blatantly flirting with this chick? Men…what can I say? Can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em all.

"Phantom" Quotes - Part IV

Don’t you just love people who have to make everything a competition? I’m talking about Eames when they are questioning the employees at the Botanical Gardens. They are talking to different workers, so when they meet up again, Eames says, “My witnesses did better than yours.” Perhaps that was “payback” for the Mkunga comment.

Later, as she and Bobby are walking up the sidewalk toward Gerry’s wife, she says, “Here’s hoping for another satisfied Volvo owner.” What was that about? Just another snarky comment, or a plug for Volvo? Oh, well...perhaps it is possible for one to pay too much attention to the details of the show.

Bobby is so helpful in this episode; first helping the lady stir the bouillabaisse pot and then helping Tessa Rankin untangle the wind chimes. All I know is, I’ve got a few “chores” that need tending, and I’m thinking Bobby is the perfect “Handy Man” for the job.

Does anyone else find it “odd” that the wife didn’t know where her husband’s office was in the U.N. building? Yes, yes, I know there was no office, but did they never talk about his "work?” All phone calls went to his voice mail, he didn’t have a secretary because he didn’t “trust” them. Was she never suspicious about any of this? I guess we never, ever “really” know people, do we, even the ones closest to us.

Poor, clueless woman. Such a
cliché; in this instance, the wife was truly the last one to know.

First time I ever noticed the chess board in Deakins’ office. Question: when did he ever have time to play? And wouldn’t it have been an absolute “hoot” to watch him and Bobby swap strategies in a game of chess while they were discussing the particulars of a case?

"Phantom" Quotes - Part V

I love to watch Bobby’s reaction to things. Like when he asks Tessa to call the school to ask about her children. You know he already suspects what the rat bastard father is up to, but once he realizes that something is amiss, he is "beside" himself with anticipation/anxiety, pacing all about, waiting for her to hang up the phone and confirm his worst suspicions.

And just look at him, holding her hand while he carefully and patiently explains the urgency and importance of not letting her husband suspect she knows something is wrong.

I guess I don’t completely understand the dynamics here either. Why would Gerry want to kill his kids and not his wife, too? I mean, he’s a big coward...that's a given. I get that his “intent” is to kill his kids because he won’t be able to endure their disappointment when they find out what a complete and utter failure he is, but what was he going to do after that? Guess we’ll never know, huh?

Did you notice how quickly Bobby came up with the location of the hotel where Gerry was holed-up with his kids? Eames says the name, and without missing a beat, Bobby blurts out that it’s "by the Newark Airport." I'm just sayin’…the man knows his hotels.

"Phantom" Quotes - Part VI

I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention the “blue shirt” especially since we get a healthy dose of it in the final scene. Ah, yes…the blue shirt. He looks smokin’ hot in the blue shirt.

I always love to watch Bobby insinuate himself in a situation…such as the “grand finale” of this episode when he confronts Gerry in the hotel room where he is planning to murder his children in their sleep. He keeps talking to Gerry, telling him that he knows Gerry's misfortunes in life aren't his fault, that he did what he had to do for his family. Bobby's tone is calm, his manner unobtrusive as he slowly inches his way toward Gerry and eventually places himself between the barrel of that shotgun and the children. There is one dicey moment when Bobby incorrectly "assumes" that Gerry has been unfaithful to his wife with Charlotte Fielding, and he has to do a bit of fast talking. But then Bobby is pretty good when it comes to talking himself out of dire predicaments.

Finally, it is apparent that Bobby is emotionally "drained" when the ordeal is over and he "pumps" the shotgun to eject the shells and discovers there were only two...meaning that Gerry was planning to murder his children and then just...walk away. All in all...a good, solid episode. Not my favorite, but very good none the less.

"Phantom" Quotes - Part VII

A bit of LOCI Trivia: Gerry was played by Michael Emerson, who also plays the frequently creepy and always enigmatic Benjamin Linus (aka: Henry Gale, which was the name of Dorothy’s uncle in the "Wizard of Oz") on LOST. If you happen to watch that show, you know they are BIG on metaphors and symbolism, etc. Also, I think I read somewhere that Emerson is married to Carrie Preston…a three-time guest star on Criminal Intent.

Next up for my particular dissection-style is "Seizure," which is one of my all time favorites...not just from Season 1, but from the series overall.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Phantom" Bobby

I'm not feeling particularly chatty this evening, but I wanted to get this set of slideshows up for anyone "out there" who might be interested at a peek at our intrepid detective. And, if no one else is interested, I know I sure am.

Bobby shows off his "helpful" side in this episode; i.e., stirring the Bouillabaisse and untangling the strings of the wind chime. And is there any man alive who looks sexier in a blue shirt?

Like I said, don't have much to say, so let's just look at this incredible words necessary. Besides, didn't someone once say "a picture is worth a thousand words?" If that's the case, there are several thousand "words" awaiting you in the slideshows below.

"Phantom" Bobby - Part I

"Phantom" Bobby - Part II

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Phantom" Extras

I am so sick of snow and ice and winter and frigid temperatures. Bobby is the only thing that warms the cockles of my heart these days. Exactly, what is a cockle, I ask you? And what possible function does it have in one's heart? Oh, well...enough silliness, or perhaps not since this is the "Extras" post, after all. A healthy portion of silliness is definitely in order.

Apparently, I was in a musical frame of mind as I prepared these since a few of the "captions" are of song lyrics. There's even a Subway commercial thrown in for the heck of it. Most is just plain silliness on my part. A girl has to have something to do to while away the long, cold, dreary wintry Ohio nights.

There is a reason behind the caption when Eames is looking at the file and the caption says something about the sound man boozing it up again. While I was snagging the screen caps, I noticed the microphone appear at the top of the doorway. It dipped up and down a couple of times and eventually disappeared, but it was definitely in the scene as "Cookie" walked toward the interview room. It is visible just to the left of the dialogue box...the little black "blob" at the top and in the middle of the doorway.

It's fun...the things one notices when one advances through an episode one frame at a time.

"Phantom" Extras

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Phantom" Partners

Well, another Super Bowl bites the dust, and my team did not win. Oh, well...I'm used to disappointment.

So, it's back to the one thing in my life that seldom disappoints me...Detective Goren. I say "seldom" because I can think of one or two times he has made me want to slap him up the side of the head, but not today.

I don't have much to say by way of a lead-in to this slideshow. Guess I'm a bit off my game these days. Anyway, here are Goren and Eames from "Phantom."

"Phantom" - Partners Slideshow

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eames in "Phantom"

Well, it is Super Bowl Sunday, and here I am alternating between "Bravo's" Law & Order CI weekly marathon and the game. I am rooting for Arizona because I hate, loathe, and despise the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is a deep-seeded...and very's-rivalry-hatred that goes wayyyy back, and that is all I am going to say about that.

Meanwhile, in lieu of new Bobby sightings, and damn few "old" Bobby sightings on the USA network, I continue to methodically make my way through "the early years," and find that I have arrived at "Phantom." I have lots of comments on this one, but I'll save that for the "Quotes" post in a few days.

Until then, let's have a look at Eames, shall we?

Eames' "Phantom" Slideshow