Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy "Bobby" New Year!!

From my home to yours, I just wanted to take a moment to wish "y'all" all the best in the coming year.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Uncle Jay Explains 2009

Well, he takes a look back at some of the "major" topics that preoccupied the news in 2009; don't know if anyone can actually "explain" some of the events that occurred this year. But he gives it the old college try, and he does it with song, which I found entertaining. I probably should have posted this closer to Christmas, but haven't been in a blogging mood the last few days, so better late than never.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

It may take a few seconds for the card to load, but hope you enjoy it. Also, sorry that the song I chose to play in the background does not match the lyrics on the card. Unfortunately, Smilebox did not have a version of "I'll Have A Blue Christmas" among their offerings.

Anyway, enjoy the card, and may you all have a wonderful holiday, a joyous Noel, and a very...

Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Vincent Hails A Cab

Not quite Dr. Seuss worthy, but hey...I was just so excited to find these without watermarks in a "Google Alert" for the man that I'm not thinking too clearly at the moment. Couple of questions come to mind. One, is black the only color the man wears now? (Is he channeling Johnny Cash, or what?) And two, does he have a bit of a cold, smoker's cough, or just a wee tickle in his throat? I also wonder if he might be silently wishing the photographer would fall through an open manhole and be swallowed by the sewers of New York City.

I also thought about using, "There he was just a walking down the street," because that song popped into my head when I saw him. Doesn't he look great? Okay, so that' rhetorical question. DUH...of course, he looks great! He's a little grayer perhaps, but he's still the best looking man I've seen to come down the pike in a good long while. Anybody else find it impossible to curb the "impulse" to wave back at him? Sorry, it's been an incredibly long week, and this was a nice surprise. Enjoy, if you haven't seen them already and, if you have seen them, enjoy a rerun.

Vincent D'Onofrio hails a cab in Soho.

Oh, and if you "click" on the pictures, he gets bigger. On a personal note, I just upgraded my cell phone to a "Blackberry." I'm too old to learn all this new-fangled "stuff."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Good Luck" Favorite Scene

I have never made a secret of the fact that I am not a huge fan of a good many of Vincent D'Onofrio's films. Often, the subject matter is not my particular cup of tea, or he doesn't play a very "likeable" character, or he has such a minuscule role it is hardly worth the effort to watch, or know...dies. Be that as it may, even though I may not like the movie or the character he portrays, one thing is a given...VDO will "always" give 150 percent of himself and turn in one whale of a performance. He is the consummate actor.

Every now and then, however, one of VDO's movies will catch my eye and turns out to be a real "gem." "Good Luck" is one of those movies. I don't know what I was expecting the first time I watched it, but what I discovered was a funny, charming, witty and all-around "feel good" movie. I am not going to bore everyone with an in-depth analysis of a movie most of you have probably watched scores of times. I'm just going to say...if you have not seen this sure to add it to your "must see" list of Vincent D'Onofrio films.

Now, there are several "noteworthy" scenes from this movie; i.e., the furniture throwing scene, the crabbing scene, the touch football name a few. But the most memorable scene...hands down...for me at any rate, is the "morning after" scene in the bathroom when Olee summons Lem to take a look at the...ahem... "deposit" he has just left in the bathroom bowl.

I "howled" with laughter the first time I saw this...and every time since. Then, after my laughter subsided, I realized how impressed I was with VDO's acting ability...not just in this truly hilarious scene...but the entire movie. It cannot be easy for a sighted person to play a blind character. But I have never in my life seen anyone behave with such uninhibited, unbridled "joy" over having, as Olee would say, "squeezed out a honey" of a bowel movement. Only Vincent D'Onofrio, hell of an actor.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention how well Gregory Hines and VDO acted together in this movie. "Good Luck" was a decidedly different kind of "buddy" movie, but it worked...beautifully. It is one I watch often, and I highly recommend it.

The Bathroom Scene - "Good Luck"