Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Badge" Quotes

Well, since the USA Network evidently has no clue as to what the words "consecutive" or "uninterrupted" mean, there will be no new episode of Law & Order CI to watch this evening, which means an extra week of waiting for another peek at my Bobby. Instead, USA will be airing a "House" marathon. That retching sound you just heard was me; I'd rather stick needles in my eye than watch that show. So, if I can't have a new LOCI, I'll just console myself with "rehashing" a tried and true episode from Season 1.

This is another one of my favorite episodes from that season. In fact, I’d say that “Badge” ranks in my top five from the inaugural season of Law & Order CI. I mean, I hate the gruesome storyline in that an entire family…including two children…is annihilated by a bunch of greedy, dirty cops, but I love the way Bobby and Eames go about solving the case.

Gee…for a “favorite” episode, I find that I'm more than ten minutes in and haven’t had a thing to say about it. That’s got to be some sort of record, huh? I guess I'll go back to the beginning when the black cop is bringing Bobby "up to speed" on the murder. They go downstairs to the kitchen, which I thought was an unusual floor plan for the house, but that's just me. Bobby goes through all his normal machinations...well they've become "normal" to me now...bending down, almost standing on his head to look at the carpet. Then he stands up and tells the CSU photographer that he wants all kinds of pictures of the carpet. Take a look at the expression on the black cop's face as he looks at he can't believe what he's seeing. (Those pictures can be found in the "Extras" posts from a couple of days ago.)

You can tell that this murder is particularly "disturbing" for the detectives because it involves two children. Eames seems a little more subdued...restrained...than her normal demeanor when scoping out a crime scene.

Ah, you gotta love Deakins; as always he's worried about how the "brass" perceives the murders and how quickly his squad will solve them. In this instance, it was the the mayor, a budget crunch, and worries over a potential scandal surrounding one of the murder victims...who just happened to have been an accountant in the mayor's office. Poor Deakins, he often found himself between a rock and a hard place.

Leave it to Bobby to instantly point out that men who kill their wives "usually" only kill their kids if there is no one else to care for them. And, sometimes, I have to wonder if Bobby ever grows weary with scouring through the mountain of minutia he often tackles when endeavoring to solve a case. For instance, the marks on the carpet left by the vacuum. I mean, how long did it take him to mark up those white boards while scrutinizing the pile of photos? He's a marvel. I would say he's "one of a kind," but Nichols has displayed some of the same characteristics early on, so he may give Bobby a run for his money, but Bobby will still come out on top in my book.

And now we arrive at the point of our story when Bobby "reenacts" the wife's murder. But first, he has to remove his coat and tie. Call me crazy, but I do love to watch this man engage in these little perfunctory tasks. I found it peculiar that Bobby swung the bat with his right hand instead of his left...unless, of course, the perp had been a rightie. It's been a while, but I could give him a couple of pointers on his batting stance and how to "choke-up" on the bat. And is it blood "spatter" or "splatter?" Bobby uses both terms in this scene, but it doesn't matter; the pattern of the blood on the shirt is how they determine that their perp/perps had to be someone with a basic knowledge of forensics and police procedure...cops.

"Badge" Slideshow - Part I

In typical fashion, Deakins is reluctant to believe that cops could have perpetrated this crime. Like what…cops don’t do bad things, it's not possible that a cop can be corrupt? Have you seen "Serpico?" I believe this is the first LOCI episode to highlight a dirty cop. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last. One, in fact, will be the the undoing of Deakins. And a couple more are the reason Bobby ends up with a dead “rat” in his desk drawer at the end of "Purgatory." (I still think we haven’t seen the end of that one.) Practical logic does win out over blind skepticism, however, and Deakins gives them his blessing to investigate the possibility that cops were involved in the murders.

I’ve noticed sometimes when Bobby is sitting, he tends to “bounce” his leg like he has nervous jitters. The camera doesn’t actually show the leg, (until last week's episode of "Faithfully") but you can tell something's going on "down there" because you can see Bobby’s upper body “shaking.” I catch myself doing the same thing sometimes, especially when I’m stuck in a boring meeting and have work waiting for me. It looks cuter when Bobby does it.

We learn something new about Eames...more specifically...her father in that he got in trouble for working for the city after he retired from the police force. Evidently, it's a no-no to draw a pension and a salary at the same time from the City of New York.

You know, I rarely feel sorry for the criminals of this show or any show for that matter, but I have to say that no one can humiliate or debase a potential suspect more completely than the crack tag-team of Goren and Eames. I'm talking about the scene when their investigation leads them to the home of Phil, the ex-cop, who is on his way into his home following a trip to the grocery store. The ever "helpful" Bobby is carrying a bag of groceries for Phil when he starts to "snoop" (as only my Bobby can) and comes up wondering how Phil can afford prime rib, lobster and a $50 bottle of wine on his "curtailed" income. When all the suppositioning ends, and Phil has been suitably humiliated by the questioning, he tells them to take their "Mutt and Jeff" act off his property. My question is: "Is Bobby Mutt or Jeff?"

"Badge" Slideshow - Part II

They use the same "Mutt and Jeff" double-team technique when talking to the guy who sold Phil his boat. They're trying to figure out how Phil paid for it and are trying to catch the guy off guard...which they eventually do. I think it's funny how Bobby keeps using the salesman's name…Mel. He does that sometimes…no doubt…to intimidate people.

As usual, the clues they find in one scene, lead them to the next; i.e., the questioning of the hapless Phil in the 1PP interrogation room. During the interrogation, Bobby tells Phil that everything in his file says “worker bee,” the implication being that Phil might be capable of committing the murders...just not orchestrating them. Well, Bobby, even though I tell all my co-workers that I am the "Queen" and Mike even "curtsies" when he comes into my office, I consider myself to be a most efficient and loyal "worker bee." I prefer it that way, in fact; I have no desire to be the one calling the shots. Besides, the world needs worker bees.

During the course of the interrogation, Bobby tells Phil that he’s looking at the death penalty, but I guess the Empire State must have repealed that law somewhere along the line because, in later seasons, the death penalty is no longer an option for Carver. As I recall, they were still considering it in Season 4 in "Want" because Carver wanted to use it against the perp (Neil Patrick Harris) in that one. Oh, well. The normal, obsessive thing for me to do would be to "Google" that fact, but I'm not feeling overly obsessive today.

I loved Bobby's reaction after Phil kills himself en route back to his holding cell. After the cop explains how Phil managed to get his gun and "off" himself, Bobby walks over, looks down at the body and just throws his arms up in the air as if to say...WTF.

Once again, Eames gets the good or “clever” line about the erstwhile cops they're investigating making a conscious decision to be the "best bad cops they could be."

When Bobby and Eames are going through the files, looking for potential suspects, Bobby “assumes” that “Terry” is a guy. Eames, however, takes great delight in informing him that Terry is a woman and says, “Funny how that detail escaped your powers of observation." (And she’s right because Bobby may be a lot of things, but he doesn’t come across as being a chauvinist. I mean, he noticed the discrepancy in the direction of vacuum marks on the carpet for Christ's sake. Now that's paying attention to detail.) Did you notice Bobby’s little smile at his own short sightedness? He’s such a handsome boy.

"Badge" Slideshow - Part III

It was nice to see Lt. Van Buren from the “mother ship” of the Law & Order franchise make a cameo appearance on LOCI. As a matter of fact, I wish they would have done a few more crossovers among the three shows. I’ve always enjoyed S. Epatha Merkerson in that role. I always get a “particular” mental image of Bobby when he suggests to Eames that they go “mark-up” Terry’s territory, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

But that line does lead into a somewhat confusing, albeit enjoyable, scene for me...the school yard. I mean, I “get” that they’re “playing” Randolph by doing the quintessential “Good Cop, Bad Cop” thing, but I have never quite understood why Bobby adopted the fake Brooklyn (I "assume" it was a Brooklyn accent. Notice how Bobby purloins the kid's cigarettes before he sends him packing? Perhaps Vincent D’Onofrio needed a nicotine fix.

You know, sometimes I wish LOCI came with a cheat sheet or Cliff Notes, so I could fully understand if Eames and Bobby are on the same page. You know, that she is fully on board with his “shenanigans" because Eames looks a little annoyed at Bobby when he snaps to attention and calls Randolph, “Cluster Sergeant,” and I would like to know if that was her knee jerk reaction to the attitude he had copped, or was it part of their "game?" It would just be nice to know for sure.

"Badge" Slideshow - Part IV

How enterprising of Eames to anticipate the precise form Deakins would need to sign to requisition the information on the batches of leuco. The man didn't have to think. She ripped that form out of the typewriter...which in itself is an oddity in this day and age of computerized forms...and all Deakins had to do was sign his name.

Didn’t you just want to smack Arliss, the CSU guy, up the side of the head for his snarky attitude when Bobby and Eames are questioning him about the leuco? I guess...after all this still amazes me that Bobby can pick up on the smallest detail of a crime scene and it ends up leading, albeit sometimes in a circuitous route, to the killer. Like the vacuum lines on the carpet and the leuco not being listed on a crime scene report. Most people don’t pay attention to things, but not Bobby…he notices everything.

Ah, and we learn the name of another of Bobby’s "numerous"…no doubt…conquests over the years. This one is the Chief of Detectives’ assistant, Denise, and Bobby can “vouch” for her. Anyone besides me wonder exactly what that means? (Silly question, huh?) Eames calls him a “dog.” Perhaps the fact that Bobby was...apparently... hitting the Chief of D’s assistant may explain why the guy seems to have it in for Bobby in Season 7.

I found it amusing that Bobby and Carver seem to be switching job descriptions when they’re discussing how they can bring Randolph to justice. Carver keeps suggesting people they can bring in for questioning and Bobby keeps offering up reasons why it won’t work. I thought it was funny that Bobby was the one “pooh-poohing” Carver’s recommendations for a change, and Carver compliments Bobby for his efforts by telling him...with a smile...that he’d make a hell of a defense attorney.

"Badge" Slideshow - Part V

My favorite scene in this episode is when Goren and Eames execute a search warrant at Terry Randolph’s home. Bobby is back to using the fake accent and acting like an arrogant hard ass, but Randolph gives us some good insight into Bobby’s character by doing a mini-profile of her own. I am particularly fond of Randolph’s retort to Bobby when he says he’s just asked an “innocent” question, and she comes back with, “There’s nothing innocent about that baby face." Yeah, I like that a lot, and she is so right. Actually, Bobby appears to be momentarily put off by just how accurate Randolph is in her assessment of him, but he quickly rebounds.

Finally, we arrive at the "gotcha" scene and all I can say is: My, my how computers have changed in just a few short years. How many of those heavy, bulky, cumbersome monitors did I go through before the advent of the flat screen and/or the laptop? I cannot even begin to imagine what they’ll be like a few years from now.

Bobby and Eames nab Randolph with a computerized siren and handcuffs for her “virtual” arrest. Bobby is so clever. Not that he could have programmed it because we all know that computers are not his “strong” suit...that's Eames' forte. But I bet he had a hand in it. Did you notice how long it took Eames to "cuff" Randolph, what with all the cop paraphernalia she had to remove? I'm with Bobby on this one; how could this woman, who so obviously loved her two little girls, ruthlessly kill two innocent children? I guess that's why we call them criminals.

"Badge" Slideshow - Part VI

Well, that brings me to the end of another "lengthy" look back at Season 1...where it all began. In the next week or so, I'll be recapping "Faith."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Bobby From "Badge"

Where did the day/evening go? I meant to put up these slideshows earlier today, then I got sidetracked by alternating cleaning the kitchen and screencapping "Faith" for my next set of Law & Order CI posts. Trust me, the screencapping is a vastly more enjoyable activity, however, the kitchen task was wayyyyyy overdue. At least I no longer "stick" to kitchen floor when I walk across it. Yeah, housekeeping is most definitely not my forte.

Anyway, before I turn off the computer and head back to the bedroom to watch the 11:00p.m. rerun of "Faithfully" on USA with my friend, Linda...via a long distance phone call...I thought I would take a moment and share a "few" photos of my favorite detective from one of my favorite episodes from Season 1.

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Badge" - Part I

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Badge" - Part II

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Badge" Extras

Don't have much by way of a lead-in tonight, so I'll just get on with the business at hand. That "business" would be posting the three "Extras" slideshows I have put together for this episode. Yes, I said three; in addition to my "usual" set of extras, I found a couple of other segments I thought worthy of special attention.

Up first, I give you 1 Police Plaza's newest division: The Major "Squat" Squad.

I call this one: "Striptease" -- for the obvious reason. Cue the music, please.

And now for my usual set of "Extras." Maybe not my best work, but even the funniest funny-man/woman has an off night now and again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Badge" Partners

There's been a lot of "chatter" since the episode "Faithfully" aired last Sunday regarding Bobby's kitchen; i.e., is it or is it not the same one from "Amends?" Well, the layout looks the same, as far as I can tell...other than he moved his coffee pot to the other end of the counter. The cabinets look the same and one blogger...who happens to know her stuff about cabinetry...has determined that the cabinets are the same. (Follow the link in the previous sentence to read her explanation.)

Everyone, however, seems to agree that the floor is different, so here's my theory. The man was suspended for six months. He had to fill in the time someway, so perhaps he engaged in a little "home improvement" by "laying" a new kitchen floor. (Tut, tut...heads out of gutter...Vixens.) Then he fiddled around with rearranging the appliances on the counter top and installed a new wall phone. There's so much stuff to obsess about over this show...this man...I have decided I'm not going to worry about his kitchen anymore. I'm more interested in his "boudoir" anyway.

Meanwhile, back in Season 1, I have arrived at the "Partners" slideshow for "Badge." I usually focus on Bobby and Eames in this particular slideshow, but this episode had some rather nice shots of Deakins and Bobby, Eames and Deakins, as well as the three of them together, so this is an "all-around" partners slideshow.

Partners Slideshow - "Badge" - Season 1

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eames in "Badge"

My friend, Terri, called me on Sunday to catch had been a while. She is one of only two friends whom I've given the address for my blog, and she reads it on a regular basis. She is not, however, and please don't hate her, a Vincent D'Onofrio fan. She doesn't say mean things about him or anything; he's just not her cup of tea, and that's okay. Terri told me she thought I had fallen into a "rut" because the majority of my posts in recent weeks have centered on...none other than the aforementioned Mr. D'Onofrio...or more specifically...his alter ego, Detective Robert Goren.

Terri and I became friends many years ago when she wrote me a fan letter about my first book "Tides of Ecstasy." She likes the way I write, which I consider a great compliment, so I'm thinking she wants to see something besides Bobby photos and recaps of Law & Order CI episodes. She is right, after all. The original intent of my little blog was to give me a place to rant and vent about "My Big Fat Freakin' Life" and to throw in a little Bobby on the side. And, while I do have several more anecdotes and other "life" stories to recount on this blog, I am momentarily lacking in both energy and inspiration for the writing "process." So, Terri, bear with me. I'll get back to it one of these days...I hope.

Until then, since "playing" with Bobby is my only only refuge at the moment, I shall continue to do just that. Don't know what will become of me when/if my "obsession" for Detective Bobby ever wanes.

I have finished all the slideshows for the episode known as "Badge." I'll begin with Eames and get the rest of them posted in the next few days.

Eames Slideshow - "Badge" - Season 1

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Faithfully" Recap

Ever since I read about the scene where Bobby was sitting around the table having a family dinner, I have been dying to see it. In true, typical LOCI fashion, however, it fell woefully short of the mark and left me with more questions than answers. (Which leads me to think the LOCI writers must be in cahoots with the writers from LOST, but I digress.) Then later, when Bobby shows Eames the photo with Molly and her rabbit and he refers to her as his “niece,” well…that really had me scratching my head.

The USA synopsis states that, “Goren revisits simple family values in the Midwest with his Great Aunt Connie. We pick up Eames as she returns from Staten Island and a complicated family dynamic (she was the surrogate carrier for her sister’s baby). They both arrive back in the city and are thrust into the murder of Dr. Ryan Conlon." Maybe the writers will do the "faithful" followers of the show the courtesy of an explanation one of these days, but until then, I’ll make up my own storyline. I used to be a writer, I can do that.

Now, onto a few observations from this week’s episode. First, I noticed that, when Bobby and Ross shook hands upon Bobby’s return to MCS, Ross didn’t look Bobby in the eye, focusing his attention instead on Eames. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but it looked like a blatant snub to me. Then later, when Bobby was trying to explain the significance of the kid trying not to stutter and the fact that the minister’s wife had been his speech therapist, Ross appears to be annoyed and dismissive. So, in true Bobby fashion, he takes hold of Ross’s arm to “encourage” his attentiveness. Not likin’ Ross so much this season…so far. But then, it appears that Ross may have issues of his own; i.e., his bitter reference to divorce lawyers and that mysterious pill.

And, oh, sweet delight…about nine minutes in (minus commercial interruptions) we get to watch Bobby stroll down the street in that gray suit. Forget the perp walk, I’ll take the “Python Walk” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Loved, loved, LOVED the batman line. When, after Bobby describes the perp…black motorcycle, black helmet, black gloves…Ross says, “Great! Batman.” And Bobby comes back with, “Actually, Batman was a vigilante, sir.” Eames liked it, too. Yeah, that’s something the old Bobby would do…correct everybody…regardless of their rank.

And now I have a new thing to obsess over…the “leg bounce.” I could tell he was doing it in previous episodes, but this is the first time I recall actually getting a good look at it in “action.” I’m talking about the scene when he is sitting in a chair, opposite the blonde chick, questioning her about calling the church secretary and leaving a message for her husband. Anyway, his right leg is really going to town…all that pent-up nervous energy, I suppose.

Ah, so Bobby checks his personal emails at work, but don't we all? I keep trying to read his email address, but can only make out a portion of it. I find it interesting that the little girl refers to him as “Uncle Bobby” in her subject line of her email to him, but begins her note to him with “Dear Robert.” And the note was very sweet in that she was sending him some pictures to remember them by.

So, perhaps Bobby does have some “normal” relatives in his lineage to turn to…something besides dope addicts, and drunkards, and gamblers and schizophrenics, and serial killers. I suppose sitting down to dinner as a family, saying grace, being served butter beans, and drinking a wholesome glass of milk with one’s meal is a welcome change of pace from all that.

I’ve always had a suspicion that Bobby lived in Brooklyn, and now we have proof. The address on the envelope is 219 Mather Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Bobby’s newfound family…the Frys with the “simple” Midwest family values…live in Lebanon, Michigan. Nothing wrong with that. The zip code of 97071 (at least that’s what it looks like to me) is another matter, however; that is the zip code for Woodburn, Oregon, which in no way can be construed as the Midwest. Oh, well. No one has ever accused the LOCI writers of being…you know…consistent.

And, finally, we get another glimpse of Bobby’s kitchen…with a wall phone instead of the counter top phone we saw in “Amends.” Not that I’m complaining, but I wish they’d give us a peek of another room like, for instance, his bedroom or…dare I suggest it…his bathroom. I, for one, wouldn’t mind being treated to the sight of a “wet” Bobby, stepping out of the shower and reaching for a towel, or…be still my heart…Bobby shaving. And with that provocative image burning in my brain, I’m going to wrap this up and go prepare myself a simple family-value-filled Midwestern dinner…sans the butter beans.

“Faithfully” Slideshow, featuring LOTS of Bobby, a little Eames, and as little of Ross as possible.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Clip From "Faithfully"

I no sooner posted the previous entry when I received a "Google Alert" about the following clip. Nothing to say about it...I just want to watch and enjoy.

Looking forward to this episode and hope the writers give us a bit more in the way of "updates" on Goren and Eames since we last saw "Frame."

"Faithfully" Preview

Well, what do you know? Someone is on the ball this week, and I was able to find a clip of next week's Goren and Eames episode. It's the one running on the USA website, but I like to give them a home on my piddly little blog, too.

So, we finally get to see the first episode that was filmed for Season 8, and perhaps a few "loose ends" will get tied up...see how Bobby has recuperated from the emotionally draining and horrifying ordeal that was "Frame." Bobby says he has been away visiting family, and Eames comments that he was supposed to be off another week. Hopefully, they'll give us a little more than that. And, in "Blind Spot," didn't Bobby say that Eames drives to work? So, what's she doing on the Staten Island Ferry? Oh, well, maybe she's trying to save gas money.

Before we get to the "Faithfully," clip, however, I have one or two wee observations to make about last night's Nichols/Wheeler episode. I've only watched it once, so I am still a little fuzzy and confused on some of the plot points. I liked it, and I like the Jeff Goldblum character...a lot. He brings a totally different kind of "quirky" to the show, so Vincent D'Onofrio/Detective Goren fans need not fear that he's here to replace our favorite, sexy sleuth. I really hope the show goes another season...for so many reasons...but chiefly because I would love to see Goren and Nichols work a case together.

But the main thing that caught my attention in last night's show is on a purely personal note. I've been watching this show for eight years now, hoping that Goren's dulcet tones would one day "murmur" my name. (I's a sad little life I lead.) I've heard him say the name Lewis, Louie, Ann, Annie, and I think there may have been a Leeanne once. So close.

Well, last night, after Nichols and Wheeler talk to the Texas dude, they're leaving the building and talking as they walk along the street and Jeff Goldblum says, "That's gonna be some family reunion. I'm sorry, but y'all have t' sell your houses now and move into Aunt "Lou Ann's" rumpus room." The good news: I finally heard my name uttered on Law and Order CI...the bad news: the wrong detective said it. Ah, so goes my life.

Anyway, here is a peek at this coming Sunday's episode. This is before Vincent chopped off all that glorious hair. I still haven't forgiven him for that.

Decided to throw in the "promo" for the heck of it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Sue Me...I'm Liking Jeff Goldblum

Although, I have to admit I was a little "ticked" I couldn't find an advance clip from "Identity Crisis" to put on my blog, but the day after the last Bobby episode aired, the following video was available on "Daily Motion" and "Spoiler TV." Ross and Nichols are trying to determine if Wheeler is pregnant. Ross is reluctant to ask her and Nichols thinks it's "obvious." So, this one appears as if there will be a smattering of humor as they go about solving the case, but then Goldblum is known for his "dry" sense of humor. I guess we'll see how that plays out on the show.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Identity Crisis "Mini" Observations

Well, right off the bat, I can say that I liked this episode better than the premiere a couple of weeks ago. I made the mistake of visiting the "Major Case" forum and someone there said they thought it was only marginally better than "Playing Dead" and it was "boring, boring, boring," and flat as her hair after a three day shampoo. Oh, well, you can't please everyone.

You know, some people have complained that the writers were delving too deeply into the detectives' personal lives and not focusing on the story. So, this season, the writers have gone back to focusing on the story and showing the detectives going about solving the case, and people are bitching about that. It's called Criminal "Intent" for a reason. Personally, while it was by no means "the best" LOCI episode I've ever seen, it was far from "boring." I mean, how can one be bored when they're watching Goren solve a crime? Like I said, you can't please everyone.

I have just a few "mini" observations on this eppy...the things that jumped out at me. One of these days, when I get around to "quoting" dialogue, I'll most likely find a lot more things to discuss, but for now, I'll keep it "short and sweet."

First of all, I think Captain Ross needs to get laid or something. Seriously, I'm sick and tired of the offhanded way he dismisses everything Bobby says. And Rodgers doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge or harboring any resentment toward Bobby after his explosion in her lab last season.

There were lots of parallels to Bobby’s life in this one…the kid who was shot was being treated for a lymphoma…the boys’ mom was schizophrenic…two brothers, etc. Then there was the summation scene when Bobby said, “Wasn’t he all you had in the world? When the two of you were little boys comforting each other from that nightmare of a mother.” Yes, so many similarities and yet…Bobby didn’t react like he would have in previous seasons…he didn’t use the similarities in his own life to gain the suspect's trust.

I loved Bobby’s face when the snooty wife told him and Eames that her husband must have gone to Princeton because he even knew the secret recipe for some fancy soup that was made at the Occidental Club. Yeah, can you say “pretentious" bitch?

So, this season is back to "normal” know-it-all Bobby; e.g., recognizing that the name of one of the alias's Tommy used was also the name of a 19th Century conman who once "sold" the Eiffel Tower, translating Latin, knowing that Tommy's family crest documented descent from East Prussian Royalty, knowing that autodidaktisch meant self-educated. Yeah, good old Bobby is back solving crimes. He still looks sad around the eyes and in his body language, but he's pushing/working through the pain.

When the case worker was describing the two brothers, I felt so sad for Bobby. She described the younger one as being so sweet…so sad. Gee, who does that sound like?

And everyone is commenting about the Ron Carver “look-alike” – dare I say – clone? What was up with that? It was so...lame. If they need a district attorney, so be it, but – come on, don’t crap on the loyal fans who have been watching this show We watch this show under a microscope. We know things. We catch things…the obvious – which this was – and the more obscure. So, grow an imagination, or go buy some creativity...that's all I'm saying.

I knew from the outset that Tommy could not have killed his mom…for the same reasons Bobby noted in his “summation.” He was barefoot, the floor was wet, he would have been electrocuted or “seriously” injured had he grabbed hold of the heater and tossed it into the bathtub. What can I say? Bobby and I would make a terrific team.

It was sad…the way it ended. Tommy learned that he had murdered his brother for…you know…nothing. He didn’t come back to destroy his brother’s life…he was dying and wanted atonement...forgiveness. Those were things Frank never sought from Bobby.

Well, that's my "quick and dirty" look at "Identity Crisis." Now, we can move onto some photos I snagged from the episode. There's a little something for everyone; i.e., a few of Eames and maybe one or two of Ross, you may well's mostly Bobby.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Needed A Good Laugh

Just sitting here, waiting for the remainder of my screencaps from "Identity Crisis" to upload to Photobucket, so thought I would amuse myself over at the "Daily Show" website. I was not disappointed. I love Jon Stewart; he is always good for a laugh or two. Plus, he has some pretty neat guests. I found and watched his interview with Hugh Jackman. I mean, what's not to love about that, right?

But the video I am going to post tonight has as its focal point a topic that is considerably less palatable than Mr. Jackman. Indeed, it is all about the Swine Flu media frenzy that has taken over the world.

Stewart pokes fun at...almost everyone...from the pork industry who has asked the media to not refer to the flu as "swine" lest it give their product a "bad" name to Republican Representative Michele Bachmann, who thinks it is a "coincidence" that the last time... according to her...there was an outbreak of swine flu was during another democratic presidency. Yeah, I'm sure it's all the democrats' fault. Anyway, Stewart wraps it up nicely with a chart that displays all the dreaded diseases that have come about during various Republican administrations.

I really didn't mean for this to turn into a "political" post...honest... because, as we all know, politics just isn't my "thing." I was just killing time and looking for a laugh, and I found this video and wanted to share the fun.

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