Sunday, June 29, 2008

Call Me A Copycat

So, I'm up late and decided to do a "blog check" and what did I find on Music Wench's blog, but the following video. Gotta admit, I'm a little pissed at myself for not finding it first. Good job, Music Wench! I am in total agreement with you...the song is perfect for Bobby's present state of mind. He's not crazy...he's just a little "Unwell." Thank you for finding it and posting it, so I could add it to my ever-expanding collection of Bobby videos.

Video posted on YouTube by yulivee94, and it's a good one.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ask...And Ye Shall Receive...Sometimes

Earlier this Wednesday...I sent an email to Angie of "Angie's Vincent D'Onofrio's Wallpapers" and asked her if she planned to make a wallpaper of the "Purgatory" episode. She, very kindly, emailed me back that same day and said she had some nice screen captures and had every intention of making a wallpaper. I just checked her site a few moments ago, and here it is. Very nice!

Now, just so you know, Angie is very specific on her website as to the purpose/intent of her work; i.e., her wallpapers are for personal use only and NOT for sale. Be sure to check out the rest of her wallpapers and calendars and such by clicking on the link under "Fun Places To Visit" on my blog or through the link at the beginning of this post. so many other talented VDO fans... does great work.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cousin Betty Update

Well, news of my cousin's alleged wicked past has finally made it to my old hometown's local newspaper..."The Ironton Tribune." Evidently, her first husband's brother says Betty was not responsible for his death...that he did not, in fact, die in 1952. Betty and Clarence Malone divorced in 1952, and he was murdered in 1969 or 1970 and was on his third wife by then.

This was the picture that appeared in the paper to announce her engagement. She was only 18 when she married, and her groom was 19. People married young back then.

And this is what one looks like after "life happens" to them.

Vincent D'Onofrio in TV Guide

So, I opened up my online TV Listings page and was greeted with the following "Insider" article: "Vincent D'Onofrio Puts Criminal Intent's Goren On The Couch." (Pardon me while I pause to exhale a big heady sigh and catch my breath.) Wouldn't we all just LOVE to do that very thing, but I digress. Here is a link to the article. There was no photo, so I decided to add a recent one...just in case you've forgotten what the dear boy looks like.

I've been using this particular TV Listings site for years, and this is the FIRST time VDO has ever made a headline article. 'Bout damn time is all I can say!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How My Mind Works...Scary Stuff

Today at work, we were having a lending department meeting. Since this is the beginning of vacation season, everyone was giving their out of the office schedule for the next couple of weeks. So, Andy says he's "mostly" out all next week. Well, in my twisted mind, I immediately summon the image of Fezzik in "The Princess Bride" when he cautions Westley not to push himself because he's been "mostly dead" all day.

So, me being...well...ME, I mouthed that phrase at Mike, who was sitting across the table from me. Mike, who is a bit of a kindred spirit in some ways and a huge fan of TPB knew immediately what I meant, and we shared a secret laugh. So, tonight, while I was watching the Reds game, I got to thinking about TPB and how much I love that movie and how I ought to go through and "script" some of my favorite dialogue and match it with some screen caps.

My next thought was...gee, this movie is almost a "cult" flick for me and that, in turn, led me to think of the "ultimate" cult flick; i.e., "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Now, I saw this movie years ago on a Saturday night at midnight...of the Keith-Albee in downtown Huntington, West Virginia. I saw it with my friends, Carlisa and Ralph, and their PRIEST -- whose name eludes me at the moment -- who accompanied us following Saturday evening mass. He was a pretty cool priest.

Anyway, I don't remember much from that movie...other than the fact that people were "dressed-up" like characters from the movie and yelling back at the screen as the movie progressed. For some reason, the memory of a young Tim Curry, strutting about in pearls, garters and black stockings, and singing "Sweet Transvestite" popped into my head. I have no idea why my brain runs off in these weird and varied directions, but it does. I suppose I should just be happy I have a few remaining functioning brain cells and just go with the flow.

A quick search of YouTube and...wah lah...I found the desired clip I wanted to see. It was posted by thevandal. Just look at how young and "virginal" Susan Sarandon looks. That's a younger, thinner, dark-haired Barry Bostwick, too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For Music Wench

As you may or may not know, Music Wench is a huge fan of...not only...our big ol' teddy bear of a detective Robert Goren, but she spreads the love around to include Eames and Ross as well. She has mentioned on her own blog how much she admires and respects Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian and the depth and range they bring to the characters we have grown to love and sometimes "anguish" over on Law & Order CI.

On her blog post for today, Music Wench was lamenting the fact that she couldn't locate any screen caps of Eames for the "Betrayed" episode that aired Sunday night. So, just for you, Music Wench, I went back and snagged a few shots of Eames and Ross and Bobby (because I can't help myself). I mean what would an episode of LOCI be without Bobby? Oh, yeah. I guess we call those Logan and Wheeler epis, right? And while I watch them, I don't cap 'em.

Without further ado, I give you Eames and Ross, and a bit of Bobby thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy them.

Betrayed Mix Slideshow #1

Betrayed Mix Slideshow #2

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So, You've Had A Bad Day

Back around December 18th, I posted a rather emotional story about how one of my employees, Sandy, got pissed off at me and quit on the spot. Well, she stomped out the door without a word to anyone and didn't show up for work the next day...just called in and told the president of the company she wouldn't be back. Enough of that; it is not my intent to dredge up old wounds. Besides, the place is running better than ever without her.

Anyway, the day after all this happened, Mike...bless his an effort to lift my spirits...sent me the following video. Granted, I doubt if any/many of the scenes depicted are actually "real," but they do make for rather entertaining viewing. I mean, who among us has not wanted to bang on their computer (or perhaps a fellow colleague) with a sledgehammer at one time or another?

This 'N That...And Bird Poop Facials

Yes, you read that last part right. First things first, however, let's get the "this 'n that" part of the story out of the way.

For the past two or three weeks now, we have been warned about the potential health risks from eating tomatoes that may have been infected with the deadly salmonella bacteria. Once the alarm sounded, grocery stores hastened to remove the offensive items from their shelves, and restaurants stopped serving them in salads and on sandwiches.

I was in attendance at a luncheon during this timeframe where they made a “public service” announcement to let us know it was okay to eat the tomato on the sandwich being served because it had been “vine ripened.” I guess that distinction made a difference. Anyway, despite this reassuring declaration, I noticed that a lot of people removed the would-be “death slice” from their turkey sandwich and set it aside.

Not me, I ate it…every bite. What can I say? It’s not everyday I get the opportunity to take on the grim reaper and spit in his eye. (The last time was during the great spinach scare last year.) Besides, I happen to like tomatoes. Good news on that front. Evidently, the powers that be have sounded the "all clear" and the consumption of the juicy spheres is no longer considered detrimental to one's health. Makes one wonder what will turn up next on the list of potentially hazardous food items. Keep reading.

Next, I was watching “Good Morning America” a week ago Friday when they did a report on…of all things…lemons. Yes, they tested lemon wedges from six popular family restaurants in New Jersey and what they found turned out to be a good deal more frightening than refreshing. At four restaurants, "GMA" found the lemons were tainted with various things INCLUDING fecal matter, and one sample was contaminated with E. coli.

The problem was not with the lemons themselves, but in how they were handled by the restaurant staff in preparing them for serving. Workers are supposed to wear gloves when slicing/cutting the lemons and use tongs to place them in your glass. Big surprise, that’s not happening and, evidently, people aren’t doing a very good job washing up after making that trip to the little boy’s/girl’s room.

Apparently, it is okay to squeeze the lemon juice into your drink, but instead of dropping that wedge into your glass for that added bit of “flavor,” which is what I used to do, simply set it aside. Bet you’ll think twice about asking for lemon with your tea next time you’re out a restaurant, won’t ya? I no longer request it.

And now from the “Holy Crap, Batman, You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” category comes…bird poop facials. Yep, I could hardly believe it myself when I saw the article on this one. Apparently, high falutin’ salons in New York and London and other places are offering this new form of facial. What is perhaps even more astounding to me is the fact that women are actually getting them and paying…hold on to your socks…$180 a poop…ahem…pop for them.

So many questions verily LEAP to mind. The first of which is: Why? Closely followed by who the heck thought up this one? I mean, I have to seriously question the psyche of the person who is sitting around one morning…munchin’ on a Ho-Ho and sipping on a latte…when the light bulb goes off, and he/she sits bolt upright and blurts out, “Hey, I've got an idea. Let’s go gather up a bunch of bird crap and smear it on our faces. We’ll call ‘em facials and charge people $180 for their trouble. It’ll be great!”

Which then leads me to question the judgment of the person who wakes up one sunny Saturday morning and decides she has nothing else better to do that day, so why not scurry on down to the local salon and PAY them $180 to rub bird poop on her face. I want to meet this person because I’ve got some pretty funky stuff that has been growing in my fridge for a couple of weeks now. Perhaps I can convince her of the potential “beautifying” qualities of this bowl of gunk for a mere $50.

The salons hype the product by saying it’s “organic.” Yeah, right, like that makes all the difference in the world. News flash, it’s all organic, but if it’s coming out of a bird’s bottom, I hope I’m not gullible enough to fall victim to some so-called beauty “trend” and wipe it on my face. Granted, it’s not a very pretty face, but I don’t think a generous portion of bird crap would make it anymore appealing…although there may be some who would disagree with that statement.

Oh, well. Perhaps it is just a passing craze. But then I still don’t get sushi and caviar…two things that will never pass through these lips as long as I live. (Well, there's three things actually, but I'll forgo mentioning the third one here.)

I found the following video on YouTube that pretty much sums-up my feelings on the whole bird poop facial fiasco. It was posted by celebnewsasa and I thought was pretty entertaining.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Betrayed Slideshows

I don't want to spoil it for those who have not had the opportunity to see the episode yet, but I think it was a good, solid effort. Eames and Bobby aren't quite back to normal yet, but he is trying to bridge the gap. Bless his heart...he's like all men. He just wants things to be back the way they were, but he's not quite sure how to make that happen. They didn't dwell on it and it was pretty much back to solving the case and not a lot of partner angst or personal drama. Although, I think Ross is gonna have a wee bit of explaining to do to Rodgers.

Okay, I just have to mention the scene with the blonde bimbette who called Bobby "Bullwinkle." I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing when Eames handed Bobby that "sex tape," and he actually grimaced as he very tentatively accepted it. Nice to have a bit of humor back in the squad room.

Oh, and one last thing. What was up with all the "extra" people walking around the squad room...behind front of Bobby? Did anyone else find it distracting and exceedingly annoying? I have never noticed it to that extent before.

Betrayed Slideshow I

Betrayed Slideshow II

Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Know You've Got It Bad For Bobby When...

...You have more articles of “Bobby clothing” in your closet than you do your own.

You’re on your second Photobucket “Pro” account, so you have a place to store all your Bobby photos and slideshows. (Heaven help me if I ever learn how to make videos.)

You go to sleep thinking about Bobby.

You wake up thinking about Bobby.

You have enough pictures of Bobby to wallpaper every square inch of space in your apartment…and then some.

You carry a mini-photo album filled with your favorite Bobby photos everywhere you go.

The doorbell rings and you’re genuinely disappointed when you don’t find Bobby standing on the doorstep, looking a wee bit tentative…albeit absolutely gorgeous…and proffering a strawberry-rhubarb pie.

And finally, you know you’ve got it bad for Bobby when…

You take a vacation day on Monday because you anticipate staying up half the night making screen caps and slideshows of the latest LOCI Bobby episode that airs tonight on the USA Network.

Oh, and in the remote possibility that you’ve forgotten...this is what the dear boy looked like when we last left him.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How Smart Are You?

Here's a little something to keep you preoccupied on a Saturday evening, assuming you aren't watching the rerun of "Purgatory" on NBC, or otherwise engaged in another pleasurable pastime. Oh's a test.

Oh, and when it says you have only 8 seconds to answer the question, they aren't kidding. Re-taking the test mixes up the questions, so you gain nothing there.

Follow this link to the Smart or Stoopid quiz. (My apologies...I did not make up the name.) Have fun.

The Vincent D'Onofrio Quiz

I took this quiz ages...and I do mean "ages" ago, but kept it as a "favorite" in my bookmarks. Just happened upon it a few minutes ago and thought I would see if the link still does. So, if you haven't taken the quiz, now is your chance and, if you have...but it's been a may want to take it again.

Just click on this link, The Vincent D'Onofrio Quiz, to see which VDO character you would be. I always come up with Detective Robert Goren. Yeah, I wish. This is what Quizilla says about him.

Friday, June 20, 2008

"Art"ful Quotes

So many episodes to little time...but so much Bobby to love.

Black Widow Video

I checked for a YouTube video before I completed yesterday's post, but was unable to locate one. Found this report a few minutes ago. So, here is a CNN video report to go along with yesterday's post regarding my Cousin Betty, "alleged" Black Widow.

Posted on YouTube by number1tactician.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life's A Funny Old Dog

You wake up one morning, content in your monotonous, humdrum little life and end up going to bed that night with the new found knowledge that you are related to an “alleged” serial husband-killer. Yep, that’s right, the “Black Widow,” one Betty Johnson Neumar, is my first cousin.

You just never know when life is gonna jump up and bite you in the ass, do ya?

Where to start? Tuesday morning, as I was just about to leave the apartment for the office, a story that was running on “Good Morning America” caught my attention. The reporter was talking about this 76-year old woman in North Carolina, who the authorities had taken into custody on suspicion that she has, over the course of fifty-six years, disposed of a total of five husbands, starting as far back as 1952. The report mentioned two husbands had died in Ohio, one in Florida, and two in North Carolina.

I only caught the woman’s first name; i.e., Betty, but that…coupled with North Carolina…sufficed to trigger a vague memory. You see, back in 1981 (or thereabouts) my dad’s side of the family had a reunion in Norwood, North Carolina, then a couple of years later, we had another one. Both times, Betty and her husband, Harold Gentry, hosted the event. And, both times, I attended because I drove my parents down to North Carolina.

There were a total of eight siblings in my daddy’s family…four boys and four girls. I won’t go into the entire family tree here, just this one “twig.” My dad’s oldest sister, Elizabeth, married a man named Otis Johnson, and for a number of years, they lived just down the lane from my parents in a house on a piece of land my dad had sold them. My folks moved into, what would become, the family home…the house my daddy built…in October 1946 when my brother, Tom, was just two months old, and I was but a mere twinkle in my daddy’s cornflower-blue eyes.

Now, I was born in 1952…the same year Cousin Betty committed her first alleged act of debauchery. I’m not certain when Uncle Otis and Aunt Elizabeth moved their family away from South Point…my old hometown…but I have no memory of ever seeing them until we stopped for a brief visit in Ocala, Florida when I was a teenager. You see, there was some sort of rift between Dad and Uncle Otis that lasted a whole bunch of years and this overture on my dad’s part went a long way toward restoring family harmony.

The rest of my dad’s family was spread far and wide…two brothers in Washington (near Seattle), one brother in Eugene, Oregon, two sisters in Florida, one in Bellevue, Kentucky and the remaining sister just a few miles down the road in Sciotoville, Ohio. Fact is, I’ve got so many first, second, and third cousins that I can’t keep count, and I have never met most of them…wouldn’t know them if they walked up to me on the street. But, when Cousin Betty offered to host a family reunion that summer in 1981, I offered to take Mom and Dad.

There are probably two things that stand out for me at this family gathering. First, I was one year removed from having stomach-stapling surgery as a means to foster weight loss. During that first year, I lost a hundred pounds and…yes, I still needed to lose more…but the fact was, I looked the best I had ever looked in my life, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. Other family members, who had not seen me since the surgery were commenting about my slimmer physique, when this one female cousin – who I had never seen before and whose name I don't care enough to try to remember – after learning how much weight I had lost, laughed out loud and blurted, “God, just how much did you weigh?’

Yeah, assholes and jerks…I attract them like a freakin' magnet.

Luckily, the second memory is a much nicer one. Shortly after meeting "Cousin Tactless," my wandering eyes espied an especially attractive man…a young Tom Selleck look-alike, complete with mustache. All I could think was, “Please, God, don’t let us be related.” Of course, we were…a second cousin, but related is related in my book. We “hit it off” and spent a lot of the weekend playing euchre and talking and such. My first book had come out that spring, but I digress. So, back to the family psychopath.

As I recollect, Cousin Betty and her husband were the perfect hosts. I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary, other than the fact that they served alligator as one of their meat entrees. (Yep, I tried it and…yes…it tasted like chicken.)

A few years later, after Gentry turned up murdered in the family home, I remember Dad telling me that a lot of people, including some in her own family, suspicioned that Betty had something to do with it. Dad said Gentry had a safe in the floor of the living room and that had been emptied out and his body had been found...shot multiple the doorway. Cousin Betty, who had been out of town at the time of the murder, evidently showed no surprise or remorse over her husband's demise. What a gal!

The common thread among all of Betty's husbands was the fact that they were all involved in the military. She evidently hung on to them until they ran out of money, then arranged to have them "done in" before moving on to the next one. One supposedly committed suicide while she was in the room and the latest one's cremated remains are being tested for evidence of arsenic poisoning. (I've got my very own LOCI episode unfolding right here in my own family, people. In my mind's eye, I can see Bobby investigating these crimes.) Granted, all of this has yet to be proven in a court of law, but come on...way too much coincidence.

Anyway, like I said at the beginning, I was watching GMA and the story about the "Black Widow" triggered a memory, but I thought "no way" could this person be the Betty I vaguely remembered. Not my family! So, I was fiddling around on the computer last night, the TV was on, and I was in the midst of an email to Music Wench, when my phone rang. It was my brother, Harold, and I had barely said "Hello," before I heard him say excitedly, "Turn on "Nancy Grace" on CNN."

Then he said something about Cousin Betty in North Carolina, and I told him what I had seen on GMA, but didn't think it could possibly be the same person. Talk about your small world, your really creepy, bizarre, wacked-out small world. I wrapped up my email to Music Wench, clicked on the VCR, and switched the station to CNN, and sure as life...there she was...on National Television.

After the show was over, I called him back to chat and asked him how he had known that Betty was going to be one of the topics discussed on "Nancy Grace." Turns out news of our nefarious cousin has spread like wildfire through the family. My cousin Henrietta in Florida called my cousin Mary in Michigan, who called Harold, who then called me. During the show, I happened to think about another cousin, Jim, who lives in Nevada. Jim is the "self-proclaimed" family historian, and I wondered if...amidst all this flurry of phone calls...if anyone had thought to call him. They had. Oh, goody, it's so very comforting to know that such a juicy tidbit has been documented for posterity. I guess...when push comes to shove...I'm lucky to have inherited the "depression" gene vs. the "crazy psycho" gene...hmm?

I provided links at the very beginning if anyone cares to read the CNN article or watch the ABC video. I still think this "ripped from the headlines" story will one day find its way to Law and Order or LOCI. According to the lead detective on the case, good old Cousin Betty can spin a yarn with the best of 'em. I can just see Bobby interrogating the old girl now. And if they need a family consultant for the show...I'm their gal.

Here she is...Betty Johnson Neumar. Not a bad far as mugshots go. I mean, do y'all remember Gary Busey's mugshot? Now, talk about scary.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot Stuff

Well, obviously I have too much time on my hands this evening, but I "blame" Jazzylin for this one. (It's a good thing, Jazzy. Jazzy, I have to you ever sleep? You're amazing.) She sent me a link to her latest video and, after watching that, I found this.

You've probably seen it before. I don't recall seeing this one, but then my short term memory isn't what it used to be. Anyway, I doubt the Bobby/Vincent D'onofrio fans out there will take issue with the title.

With thanks to LielieS from YouTube. (It's mostly Bobby, but there are a couple of juicy VDO movie scenes as well since LOCI has never shown Bobby like this...or did I miss an episode? Didn't think so.)

A Peek At Betrayed

I know, you've already seen this a thousand other places, so sue me. I can't help myself, and I can't help lovin' me some Bobby. Although I have to admit that it does seem a bit silly to post this when I will have the whole episode come Sunday evening. Oh, well.

Looking forward to this episode and, hopefully, things getting back to "normal."

All videos courtesy of TXCANY over at YouTube. With thanks to The Reel and to Music Wench for the heads-up that they even exist.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now Appearing On eBay

Love, love, LOVE the first photo. Well, they are all really cool, but love, love, LOVE, the first one.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Good Day

They don't come around very often anymore; i.e., "Good Days," but when one does happen to catch me by surprise...I savor it. No, I wallow in the lusciousness of a day that was thoroughly enjoyed. Now, I realize full well that we cannot expect to live our lives in a constant state of euphoria, we live the majority of our days in a black pit of despair. Neither of those scenarios is practical nor even healthy.

Fact is, most days, I just muddle through, doing my thing and just grateful (mostly) that I made it through alive when all is said and done at the end of the day. Granted, I am the first to admit that my "expectations" bar is set pretty low these days, but every now and then along comes a day that manages to exceed my expectations in such a way that even I could not have anticipated. Yesterday was one of those days.

It started out as a typical Saturday. I awoke at the crack of of the vagaries of "old age" that my parents warned me about, but that I assured them would never befall me. Yeah, who's saying, "told you so," now? I checked the blog world to gauge all the hullabaloo around the release, or rather the posting on YouTube, of Vincent D'Onofrio's "Five Minutes Mr. Welles." Then, I decided I had to get out of this apartment. The thing was...would my crappy body cooperate with me?

The first few seconds out of bed were...doubtful. I could barely straighten up all the way; my back was stiff and my knees were "cranky" as usual. Now, most days, I would have surrendered to the urge to throw in the towel and climb straightway back into bed with my laptop, a good book, and the remote for a DVD player loaded with Netflix movies. But yesterday, I found myself filled with a sense of resolve that, frankly, I had not experienced in a long, long while.

So, I took a long, HOT, shower to get everything all loose. Then I slathered on the a very long line...of magical "elixirs" I have purchased to help lubricate my aching joints, took a dose of "Aleve" to help with the pain/inflammation...and off I tottered. You have to understand, I didn't used to be this "housebound." I have always had a pretty active lifestyle, in fact. But when one gets to the point in life when every step one takes wracks one's body with excruciating starts to pick and choose one's outings.

I made my way downtown, parked at my "usual" garage and made my way across Fountain Square and up the street to the Aronoff Center. My goal for the day was to see Jersey Boys. You may recall that I purchased a ticket for this show for last Friday, but had to forgo seeing it because I wrenched my back that day. I still wanted to see it...even though that meant buying another ticket...and with only three performances left, it was pretty much a "now or never" situation.

As I was chatting with the sales girl as she helped me pick a seat for the Saturday matinee, I casually mentioned that I had purchased a seat for the previous Friday evening performance, but had been unable to attend. One of the other ladies behind the counter heard me say that, and she asked me if I had the ticket with me. I explained it had been a "will call" ticket, so they looked it up, and the next thing I know, they're handing me my ticket for the 2:00p.m. matinee...NO CHARGE. Okay, if you're keeping score...first indication that this has the potential to go down in Lou Ann's book of "good days." After thanking the ladies profusely and vowing to be a patron for life, I exited the Aronoff Center and went in search of lunch.

One of the things I had noticed during my walk downtown was that a number of new restaurants had sprung up since the last time I had ventured into the city proper, which upon reflection, I realized had not been since last August. So, I scoped out a place called the "Cadillac Ranch" and went inside. It was still pretty early, so a large lunch crowd had not accumulated inside. I was escorted to a booth by a young lady who did not make a big deal out of the fact that I was dining alone...bless her heart. Once seated, I was turned it turned Melissa's very capable hands.

I knew early on that Melissa was going to be a "keeper," meaning I'll remember her name and ask to be seated at her table the next time I go to this restaurant. I am a "lots of ice" kind of gal. To me, you simply cannot get a drink COLD enough, so I always -- and this gets on Nathaniel's nerves -- ask for lots of ice when I order my drinks; i.e., tea or diet sodas. For me the mark of a good server is if the beverage glass arrives filled with ice, an indifferent server... well...there may be a few cubes floating along the top of the glass, but the exceptional server, like Melissa, she brought me an extra glass of ice. It may not mean much to you, but for me it means Melissa is going to be well-rewarded for paying attention to small details like that.

Cadillac Ranch is a country-themed restaurant, complete with country music, a dance floor, and a mechanical bull. Melissa told me that the place "rocks" on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Now back in the day...not all that long ago...before my knees started doing a pretty good imitation of a bowl of Rice Krispies freshly doused with milk, I used to dance. Yep, you read that right...this big ol' girl could "bust a move" with the best of 'em. There was a country dance club right across the highway from my house back home, and I was there anywhere from three to five nights a week. (Those were the days, my friends.) But that is a story for another time.

Moving along...suffice to say, I enjoyed a delightful lunch. The food was great. Melissa was attentive without being overly so, and there were no intrusive neighboring conversations that disrupted my dining pleasure. It was, dare I say it, the "Goldilocks" of lunch experiences. Okay, "good day" status still intact.

The final test...the show.

After lunch, I wandered back over to the Aronoff. Like someone else I obsess about...I like to watch...people that is. So, I found a bench inside the Center to await the time when the ushers would start allowing people to take their seats, and I watched. Sometimes, I like to invent little conversations about the people I how they chose that particular outfit for the occasion, or yes, your butt does look big in those pants. (Yes, I know, I'm a fine one to talk, butt looks big in everything.) Other times, when I see an elderly couple walking together hand-in-hand, it makes me a bit melancholy. One thing I noticed...there were a lot of old folks, young folks, and middle-aged folks coming to see this show. Ah, music...the ultimate equalizer.

Once inside the auditorium and safely ensconced in my seat, I eagerly awaited the moment when they would dim the lights and get this show on the road. Now, I have to say that I was not a huge fan of the Four Seasons. Sure, I grew up listening to their songs on the radio. Who among us has not sung "Big Girls Don't Cry" at the top of their lungs, trying to duplicate those far reaching Frankie Valli octaves? I don't even know if I own any of their albums, and I do mean albums because if I have anything, they would be on vinyl.

Anyway, the show started and I was hooked from the get-go. It was waayyy more than just an homage or tribute to their music. Anyone could have done that. This tells the story of the they came into they evolved...their highs...their lows...everything. And it's a good story. Each member of the group takes a "season" in which they tell the story from their personal, unique perspective. It was well done, well staged, and the songs...oh the songs did take me back. I found myself crying a couple of times...not because of the group's struggles...but for the youthful memories those tunes triggered.

So, as I was driving home afterwards, I did my mental checklist and finally allowed myself to admit that...all in had indeed been a "good day." Perhaps not by your standards, but I pretty much consider it a decent day when I don't encounter someone that makes me want to knock their teeth so far down their throat that they end up talking out of their butt...but that's just me.

Well, I did a knew I had to...of YouTube, and look what I found.

The first video was posted by loc180 and is from a performance at the Tony Awards a couple of years ago. Yes, that's Joe Pesci making the introductions. Turns out, he played an integral role in bringing the group together. Who knew?

This video was posted by chunkychick (I applaud the gutsy id) and is from the London company of Jersey Boys.

I realize this was a rather lengthy post, so if you didn't make it all the way worries. If you did, however, I'll buy dinner if any of us ever get to meet in person some day. Meanwhile, here's wishing that all your days are "good days."

One last thing about "Jersey Boys." While I cannot say it is the best Broadway show I've ever seen, it ranks pretty high on my list. I was entertained...I laughed...I cried...I clapped along with the music...did a little dancing in my seat. You can't ask for much more than that. So, if these boys ever come to your neck of the woods and you're looking for a way to wile away the evening...give them a chance. "Oh, What A Night" you will have.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Five Minutes Mr. Welles

Well, well, well...VDO land is certainly excited this morning. I found this posted by Snarkangel on the Jazzylin blog when I arrived home yesterday afternoon. My immediate thought was, "can't wait to hear what the Vixens think about this." I know that Vincent D'Onofrio fans everywhere have been doubtful that they would ever be treated to a viewing of this film short. Oh, we of little faith, eh?

Anyway, I watched it. I liked it. I will need to view it a few more times to absorb and "process" all the little nuances of the film and the performances of both actors. I am well aware that there are reviewers far more astute than I who will have much more thought-provoking critiques of the at it.

I started to post the video last night, but backed off because I figured it would be...well...EVERYWHERE, so why bother. Not that many people read my piddly little blog in any event, right? Well, this morning, it was pointed out to me via an email to a number of the Vincent Vixens that...only Mr. D'Onofrio himself could have arranged for this particular film to be uploaded to YouTube. It was then suggested that anyone with a blog or a website or a sandwich board should herald the news of this most auspicious happening, so here I am...heralding the news as it were.

So, without further ado...please enjoy "Five Minutes Mr. Welles," a short film by Vincent D'Onofrio in his directorial debut, and starring none other than the redoubtable actor himself. What a treat!

With more thanks than you can ever imagine to VDO630 from YouTube.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Time To Die?

I stayed home from work today...mainly because I just needed a "mental health" day away from the office. It happens from time to time. Besides, I have vacation, personal, and sick time to spare, so I decided to use a day to stay home and just "chill." I ended up sleeping-in until almost 1:00p.m., so when I do that, I know my body needs the extra rest.

Anyway, I had taped an episode of "Oprah" earlier in the week and had never gotten around to watching it. So, thinking there was no time like the present, I queued the VCR and clicked "play" and started to watch. It turns out this was a repeat episode that first aired back in March. It was about Kris Carr and Randy Pausch, P.H.D. Both individuals have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Ms. Carr's is a rare form that has given rise to tumors on her liver and lungs. Dr. Pausch has pancreatic cancer, and we all know what that means. Actually, I had heard of Dr. Pausch, had seen snippets of his, now famous, "Last Lecture," that he gave at Carnegie Mellon University on September 18, 2007. Today, I had the opportunity to focus my attention fully to his story, and it is in a word... inspiring...especially to a person who spends a fair amount of time thinking about death. (Can't help it, I have most of my life.)

Randy gave a scaled-down version of his speech on Oprah's show, which you can watch by clicking on the video below, which is made available by TheArchfiend on YouTube. (Ever wonder how people come up with their Internet ids?) The link for the entire hour and sixteen minute speech can be found by clicking on this link to The Last Lecture; it is well worth the viewing.

This post is not meant to be morbid. I can't honestly say that it will make a difference to me personally as to how I view my life...past and present...because I have, much to my chagrin, become a pretty jaded and cynical person in my old age. It is, however, nice to be reminded now and again that there are some incredibly remarkable people out there, and Ms. Carr and Dr. Pausch are two of them.

I leave you with a Leonardo da Vinci quote (courtesy of Oprah): "As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well-used brings happy death." Here's wishing you all happy days and a long, happy life.

With a special THANK YOU to Music Wench for teaching me how to do the hyperlink function. Can you believe I did it on the first try? Actually, the second, but still, my learning curve is usually much longer than that. Thank you!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time To Laugh

Well, for me at any rate. Now, I would not go so far as to list "Laverne & Shirley" as one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, but I usually tuned in for a good chuckle. They were the "Lucy & Ethel" of the late 1970's and early 80's. For me, the show lost its appeal when they switched locations from Milwaukee to California, but that's just one woman's humble opinion.

Anyway, whenever I think of this show, two episodes immediately spring to mind. One is when they sneak into Fabian's hotel room, dressed in skimpy French maid's uniforms no less. When Shirley unleashes that high-pitched scream and flings herself to the floor and wraps her arms around his leg and holds on for dear life...and then Laverne leaps into his arms...and he's stumbling backwards dragging Shirley along for the ride and singing, "Turn Me Loose," well I erupt into peels of laughter every single time. (My apologies for that exceedingly long, run on sentence.)

Unfortunately...well...for me, I have not been able to locate that scene on that refuge for all things video...YouTube...but I did happen upon my second favorite scene. Here's the setup as best I can recall.

Lenny and Squiggy tell the girls about this swanky cocktail party that is going to take place on a Sunday evening. Thinking this will be a swell place to meet men, Laverne and Shirley decide they have to be a part of it, but they lack the funds to get in. Again, Lenny and Squiggy to the "rescue." They tell the girls about this company that is conducting various studies and is looking for subjects to participate; i.e., be human guinea pigs. They will be paid for their trouble.

As it turns out, Laverne's group will be tested for the effects on the human body for sleep deprivation and Shirl's will be denied food. They check in Friday evening and, after two days with very little sleep for Laverne and even less food for Shirley, the girls arrive at the cocktail party, and the following hilarity ensues...

When Shirley pounces on that Ritz Cracker, I just howl with laughter. It’s innocuous, brainless, slapstick humor at its best…I love it. With thanks to danielskinner for the YouTube video. Now, if I could just get my hands on that Fabian scene...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Radio Interview With Vincent

Again, my standard disclaimer...I know you've seen this on "The Reel" or at YouTube, but I like to have a central location for my Bobby/VDO vids.

So, now that that's out of the way, I just listened to it. Vincent sounds a little garbled, but it's him. I loved the part when they're discussing his smart Goren is, etc., and VDO says something about the viewers taking a "leap of faith" with him. Oh, yeah...we can do that...and so much more.

This video was posted on YouTube by Allthingslawandorder and I thank you so much for doing so.

Purgatory...The Episode

You know, I don't read message boards because...well...for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I know what I like about an episode and what I don't like. Usually, they just end up pissin' me off, so I stay away.

My opinion...for what's it's worth is...I LOVED IT!! I was not disappointed. It was definitely worth the wait. This one leap frogs straight to the top of my favorite list. And it opened up a whole can of worms in some areas that should make for a very interesting rest of the season.

Here is my feeble effort at screencaps. One of these days, I swear to God I am going to figure out how to convert my Amazon downloads to a format that allows me to view them in something other than Windows Media Player...can't cap in that. I've downloaded no less than five different programs and ended up with nothing more than "frustrations galore."

Oh,'s 58 of the 450 I captured. Yeah, I really do need to get a life of some sort.

Purgatory Part I

Purgatory Part II

Oh, I loved it when the Drug Boss called Bobby "Cowboy" because I call him that, too.

The only thing I hated about the episode is USA's incessant need to place their ads in the bottom left corner. It detracts from the show and Bobby's beautiful face.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Foolin' Around With Bobby

You know what happens when you're laid up in bed with a gimpy back? Well, in my case, I spend a LOT of time fooling around with Bobby.

I finally managed to capture this on a DVD during yesterday's USA marathon. There is actually a slightly longer version of this promo. I saw it once. Bobby has an extra line when he says, "So, welcome to USA," or something like that and Mary McCormack has another line or two.

Purgatory Previews

Okay, now I'm psyched! If they show enough previews, I won't have to watch the show...yeah...right! With thanks to TXCANY over at YouTube and the Reel (respectively) for both. Sorry, I get so excited when I find these, I sometimes forget to give proper credit. My bad.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Will The Real Vincent D'Onofrio Sign In Please?

Just look at all these scrumptious photos to which Vincent has purportedly affixed his official “John Henry.” All of these are, or were recently, available on eBay.

Several years back when I was “into” one Mark McGwire, I was apt to cruise the Internet in search of articles and memorabilia and such of him. That is – unfortunately for my pocketbook – when I became an avid eBayer. Anyway, since Mac was such a big sports superstar at the time, anything with his autograph was going for mega bucks. Eventually, one fan site or forum posted a series of signatures; one was McGwire’s actual signature and the rest were bogus imitations. I got so I could detect his actual autograph fairly quickly.

So, as I was scrolling through the autographed photos of VDO on eBay the other evening, I began to scrutinize each signature closely. Some look very similar, others don’t even come close…at least to my untrained eye. I suppose the only way to be absolutely, positively certain I’m getting the “real deal” would be to track him down in New York and watch him sign it with my own two eyes, but that is not gonna happen in this lifetime.

Funny thing is…one of the sellers states that ninety-five percent of the autographs being offered for sale on eBay are fake and I thought his looked the “fakiest” (is that even a word) of them all.

In Bed With Bobby

So, I messed up my back this morning, getting dressed for work of all things. I was pulling on my jeans and I felt something...pop in my lower back. It's always something...ya know? I had to go into the office to finish packaging a deal for Andy, but was back home and in bed by 12:30ish. Luckily, USA is running a marathon of the first half of Season 7, so here I am in bed...with Bobby. Logan pops in every other hour, but I quickly shoo him away.

Then one of my favorite sellers on eBay sent me a bunch of thumbnail pictures of VDO. I have seen most of them, but there were a few new least I don't recall seeing them before. Plus some of them I had only seen with the lovely watermarks emblazoned across the front of VDO's exquisite form. So, while I waited for the pain pill to kick in, I fiddled around with a Photobucket slideshow.

The bummer is, I have a most excellent seat for "Jersey Boys" down at The Aronoff Center tonight. This invariably happens to me...I buy a ticket for an event...then can't go for some reason. One day I'll learn to wait until the day of the show to purchase my ticket. Meanwhile, I'll just lay here and console myself with some Bobby.