Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy "Bobby" New Year!!

From my home to yours, I just wanted to take a moment to wish "y'all" all the best in the coming year.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Uncle Jay Explains 2009

Well, he takes a look back at some of the "major" topics that preoccupied the news in 2009; don't know if anyone can actually "explain" some of the events that occurred this year. But he gives it the old college try, and he does it with song, which I found entertaining. I probably should have posted this closer to Christmas, but haven't been in a blogging mood the last few days, so better late than never.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

It may take a few seconds for the card to load, but hope you enjoy it. Also, sorry that the song I chose to play in the background does not match the lyrics on the card. Unfortunately, Smilebox did not have a version of "I'll Have A Blue Christmas" among their offerings.

Anyway, enjoy the card, and may you all have a wonderful holiday, a joyous Noel, and a very...

Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Vincent Hails A Cab

Not quite Dr. Seuss worthy, but hey...I was just so excited to find these without watermarks in a "Google Alert" for the man that I'm not thinking too clearly at the moment. Couple of questions come to mind. One, is black the only color the man wears now? (Is he channeling Johnny Cash, or what?) And two, does he have a bit of a cold, smoker's cough, or just a wee tickle in his throat? I also wonder if he might be silently wishing the photographer would fall through an open manhole and be swallowed by the sewers of New York City.

I also thought about using, "There he was just a walking down the street," because that song popped into my head when I saw him. Doesn't he look great? Okay, so that' rhetorical question. DUH...of course, he looks great! He's a little grayer perhaps, but he's still the best looking man I've seen to come down the pike in a good long while. Anybody else find it impossible to curb the "impulse" to wave back at him? Sorry, it's been an incredibly long week, and this was a nice surprise. Enjoy, if you haven't seen them already and, if you have seen them, enjoy a rerun.

Vincent D'Onofrio hails a cab in Soho.

Oh, and if you "click" on the pictures, he gets bigger. On a personal note, I just upgraded my cell phone to a "Blackberry." I'm too old to learn all this new-fangled "stuff."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Good Luck" Favorite Scene

I have never made a secret of the fact that I am not a huge fan of a good many of Vincent D'Onofrio's films. Often, the subject matter is not my particular cup of tea, or he doesn't play a very "likeable" character, or he has such a minuscule role it is hardly worth the effort to watch, or know...dies. Be that as it may, even though I may not like the movie or the character he portrays, one thing is a given...VDO will "always" give 150 percent of himself and turn in one whale of a performance. He is the consummate actor.

Every now and then, however, one of VDO's movies will catch my eye and turns out to be a real "gem." "Good Luck" is one of those movies. I don't know what I was expecting the first time I watched it, but what I discovered was a funny, charming, witty and all-around "feel good" movie. I am not going to bore everyone with an in-depth analysis of a movie most of you have probably watched scores of times. I'm just going to say...if you have not seen this sure to add it to your "must see" list of Vincent D'Onofrio films.

Now, there are several "noteworthy" scenes from this movie; i.e., the furniture throwing scene, the crabbing scene, the touch football name a few. But the most memorable scene...hands down...for me at any rate, is the "morning after" scene in the bathroom when Olee summons Lem to take a look at the...ahem... "deposit" he has just left in the bathroom bowl.

I "howled" with laughter the first time I saw this...and every time since. Then, after my laughter subsided, I realized how impressed I was with VDO's acting ability...not just in this truly hilarious scene...but the entire movie. It cannot be easy for a sighted person to play a blind character. But I have never in my life seen anyone behave with such uninhibited, unbridled "joy" over having, as Olee would say, "squeezed out a honey" of a bowel movement. Only Vincent D'Onofrio, hell of an actor.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention how well Gregory Hines and VDO acted together in this movie. "Good Luck" was a decidedly different kind of "buddy" movie, but it worked...beautifully. It is one I watch often, and I highly recommend it.

The Bathroom Scene - "Good Luck"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy "Bobby" Thanksgiving 2009!

Just a little something to help celebrate the day the "best" way I know how...with Bobby. And for those of you who do not observe the holiday, please have a wonderful day and enjoy the card. It may take a few seconds to load, but I hope you find it is worth the short wait.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Season 4 Is On Its Way

I just received an email from that most wonderful of Internet shopping me to the fact that Season 4 is on its way. I suppose I should be more specific and state Season 4 of Law & Order Criminal Intent, but I "assume" the majority of you will intuitively know that of which I speak without needing that particular detail.

Needless to say, I'm a very happy girl.

I don't even care that the photo on the cover is from an earlier season...I'm just so damn happy the folks at Universal "finally" got off their collective butts and released it. It should be here by Thanksgiving, so I know what I'll be doing Thanksgiving day while the turkey is roasting, the pies are baking and the sauces are simmering. Finally, a decent source from which to screen cap all those great episodes like "Semi-Detached," "Want," "Silver Lining," and "Collective" -- to name a few. I repeat...I'm a very happy girl.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bobby's Boxers On eBay

Well, technically, they are purportedly from the wardrobe of one Vincent D'Onofrio, but he wore them as Bobby. Actually, quite a few items of VDO apparel have been showing up on eBay recently. Guess that's what happens when they write you out of a show, huh? There are a couple of shirts, including one blue one, a couple of silk ties, and a pair of...wait for it..."boxers."

I swear I just heard the collective "thud" of VDO Vixens fainting all around the world. Here is the link for the boxers. I have purchased a couple of VDO shirts from this seller, including a coveted BTSOH. He/she used to post a photo of the item up for auction, but I haven't noticed that lately. Hopefully, the winner will post a photo for the rest of us to drool over.

Let the bids begin!

Bobby's Boxers Update. As Eliza pointed out in her comment, there was indeed a photo of Mr. D'Onofrio's undergarment after all. I would like to say that I was so flummoxed by the mere notion of someone offering for sale such a "personal" item of apparel that I momentarily went blind at the mere thought of owning something that had so intimately caressed Bobby's...ahem..."man parts." The sad truth is, I'm just old and am not as sharp as I once was. It's hell...this getting old thing and it certainly is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you for the heads-up, Eliza. The bidding is up to $50. It will be interesting to see just how much someone is willing to pay for a pair of VDO's underpants. Interesting indeed.

"Bright Boy" Quotes

I have been looking forward to getting to this episode to quote and screen cap for quite some time now; especially since it is one that I particularly liked. In fact, it probably makes my Top 10 list of LOCI favorite episodes.

I don’t usually cap and quote the opening set-up scenes, but after watching this episode for at least the hundredth time, I just have to comment on the smarmy Deputy Mayor. Specifically, after Kim gets out of the car to “fetch” his paper, his wife calls and he says he is just getting out of the restaurant and saying good-bye to some colleague of the masculine persuasion. Do all men lie that effortlessly to their wives? Guess it's a good thing I never married.

On to the story. This episode contains one of my "all time" favorite Goren/Eames exchanges, and it happens very early on in the episode. Goren is examining the dead Deputy Mayor and plucks a microscopic fiber from the man’s coat. He ponders his discovery for a second and says, “Looks like Webster had a passenger, sat close to him, wore a purple cashmere sweater.” To which Eames replies, “Tight-fitting, size two, with a plunging neckline.” And, without missing a deadpan beat, Bobby says, “Hmm. That I can’t tell from this.” Good stuff.

Who says LOCI can’t have some “light” moments? USA morons.

It is always interesting to watch Goren and Eames piece together the crime puzzles tossed their way. They start out thinking the Deputy Mayor was the target, but as they wend their way through the maze of clues, they ultimately learn that the social worker was the intended target all along…just so the perp can get his “Bright Boy” into some fancy-schmancy elite school.

You know, had I lived anywhere near New York City, I would have volunteered (begged, pleaded) to be the murder victim every week just so Bobby could “check” me out for clues. Ah, to be checked out by Detective Robert Goren…I need a moment.

“I only eat candy,” says the initial smarmy suspect…Adolph. I know that line is just “begging” for a comment, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. As for his statement when he says, “I got this condition. Oily ears. It’s like I got “bugs” in there,” well…all I have to say is, “EWWW!” Actually, Eames’ expression sums up my feelings quite nicely.

"Bright Boy" Slideshow - Part I

I do love this man...Bobby. I am referring to the scene when they go to the school to question the head mistress – or whatever they call her – about the enrollment procedures. When Goren sees the mathematical problem on the board, he becomes naturally curious. The schoolmarm tells him he is going to disturb the children, but does that dissuade our Bobby? It does not. He wants to know if “these little kids are going to solve that?" Dr. Leonard follows with, “These are very gifted children.” To which, Eames replies with one of the best lines of the episode; i.e., “You’ll have to forgive my partner. He’s feeling very humble right now.”

When Goren and Eames go to talk with one of the kids who was on the "bubble," it is evident that he's really "into" music, and he makes a comment that "hot babes" go for musicians. I’ve got news for the kid, Charlie. Hot babes – and I believe that my “hot flashes” qualify me as a “hot” babe – don't only "go" for musicians. This one goes for tall, dark, handsome, crusading detectives.

It’s interesting to watch Goren and Eames work together, how they have each other’s backs and anticipate each other’s moves. Like when Goren asks Robbie if he wants to show him his room, Eames is on her feet in a second to finagle a way to keep the dad occupied, so Bobby can have a few minutes alone to question Robbie without his dad around. While I appreciate that because it’s…well…Bobby, if I were a parent who had been thus bamboozled, I’d most likely pitch a fit.

I’m thinking the writers for the this time anyway...must have been Derek Jeter fans. Remember the foot rub Eames wanted from him? And now the kid has a Derek Jeter rookie card…signed, no less. Jeter’s okay…it’s that damn Yankee uniform he wears that’s the rub.

I feel so sorry for this little boy. A "classic" example of a parent who could not cut the mustard in his own life, aspiring to live vicariously through his kid’s achievements. Only problem with that…the kid doesn’t get to be a kid.

Another reason I enjoyed this episode was all the “baseball talk.” I love baseball…it’s in my blood, but I bleed "Cincinnati Red," not Yankee pinstripe blue. So, for the record, the glove Bobby pulled from beneath Robbie’s bed was not a catcher’s mitt, so he did not “deduce” that was the position Robbie played by the style of glove the kid owned. But Bobby was most definitely right in his declaration that “catcher” is the thinking man’s position on a baseball team. I’ve got a “thing” for catchers. It started with Johnny Bench back in 1969 and has been going strong ever since.

And that brings us to one of the things that I love to watch Bobby do…study the situation…ponder the possibilities…contemplate the clues…deliberate the – I just like to “watch” him, okay? And, in case you're wondering, I'm talking about the scene when he is studying the white board in the interview room.

And now for one of the silliest lines I “evah” heard from Eames directed to Bobby, “You really need a million bucks that bad?” Hello?! Like…yeah. Doesn't everyone?

Did anybody else find it incredibly sad that a ten year old child could feel so completely lost and alone that he had thoughts of suicide? Of course, will all the atrocities one sees in the news these days, I suppose it may not be all that rare?

"Bright Boy" Slideshow - Part II

I’m with Carver on being incredulous over the concept that a man would kill two people just to get his kid into an educational program. But, then I remember that the world is, you know, “insane” and I understand how it could happen.

After Carver works his magic and finagles a search warrant for Goren & Eames to execute at Robbie’s house, I love the scathing look Eames gives the dad when he says his son would tell him if he was unhappy. Can you spell clueless? It just dawned on me that this egomaniac father demonstrates all the disparaging traits of a “stage mom.”

And the jerk has the “nerve” to call Bobby a know-it-all. Yeah, yeah…I know, I call him that, too. But I say it with “love.” Bobby, bless his heart, just smiles at Bishop and asks him if he’s dyslexic. Which leads to a question? If Robbie's dad was dyslexic, how could he develop and implement a curriculum designed to teach a genius? How could he prep this kid for his SATs and all those other tests they talk about in this episode? Just wonderin'.

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I’m an adult, and can’t say that I could remember what happened to me “last Wednesday” without giving it some serious thought. So, when Eames asks Robbie if his dad read to him last Wednesday, and he answers...without missing a beat...well, I find that…not very believable. Even for a genius; maybe even especially for a genius.

I felt so sorry for Robbie. He just wanted to have fun and be a kid. Why is it that so many parents muck-up their kid’s life before they even get a chance to live it? Poor Robbie, all he wanted to do was play baseball. How was this child supposed to know that his crazy dad would kill someone over his little “white” lie?

I loved the scene when Goren and Eames are going over Robbie’s file and Bobby asks for the MMPI test results, and they find out they both had to take the same test their senior year in high school. Bobby had to go see the school shrink and Alex gets elected prom queen, or so she says. It was cute…the witty banter. USA Network should take a look back at some early episodes and learn a thing or two...or three. And I don’t know about you, but my high school barely had a couple of guidance…and I use the term loosely…"counselors," let alone a school “shrink.”

"Bright Boy" Slideshow - Part III

As much as I love the scene when Bobby talks to Robbie at his “school,” I have a lot of problems as to how they “orchestrated” this meeting. First, I would “think” that they would still need the father’s permission to talk with the minor child at the school, but then what do I know?

“I imagine I could persuade her,” says Carver in regard to getting Dr. Leonard’s permission to speak to Robbie at the University. Yeah, right. “Threaten” is a more appropriate term as to what took place. I have to say I agree with Dr. Leonard on this one. Oh, and – like I have to tell you this – watch Bobby in the background as the exchange between Carver and Leonard progresses. He is beside himself, waiting for the opportunity to get his “two cents” in…which he eventually does, of course.

I love the little maneuver/toss he does with the baseball to entice Robbie into conversation. And for the record, I – for one – would LOVE to play a game of “catch” with Bobby. I also love watching the nervous “leg bounce” when Bobby sits beside Robbie at the desk. Hmm? Wonder if I could come up with a way to harness all that nervous “energy?”

Poor little guy. As much as I wanted the dad caught for what he did, I hated that his kid had to “rat” him out. And talk about a parent putting undue pressure on a child…Robbie was in way over his head. It was nice to see Bobby try to comfort Robbie when he broke down in tears.

While, in my humble and completely “unbiased” opinion, no one has any better facial expressions that the redoubtable Detective Goren, Eames can sometimes give him a run for his money. Case in point, when David answers the door to find Bobby, Eames, and a couple of other detectives in the hallway, the “smile” with which Eames greets him is…priceless. Speaking of expressions, Bobby doesn’t look too pleased when David informs him he doesn’t have to answer his question about going to Colorado.

"Bright Boy" Slideshow - Part IV

Which leads us, as it invariably does, to the “gotcha” scene at the precinct. Although, they don’t question Bishop in the interrogation room, but the interview room. And, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, Bobby’s ability to lie “convincingly” and “effortlessly” at the drop of a hat is both amazing and a I mean, I know it’s an effective police investigative tool, but I cannot help but wonder if Detective Goren can differentiate between lying at work and lying off duty.

How easily David believed Bobby when he told him that Robbie had solved the Riemann Hypothesis. This poor sap looked so happy… elated…thinking his son had solved this impossible math problem and then, “Bing! Reality!” From the heights of unbridled ecstasy to the depths of unbearable misery in the blink of an eye. That’s what our Bobby can do to a person. Although it did serve the purpose of convincing the dad to confess to avoid a trial, so Robbie need not know that his lie is what led his dad to murder the social worker.

"Bright Boy" Slideshow - Part V

So, that brings long, long the end of another episode and a most excellent episode it was. Up next is "Anti-Thesis," and -- yes -- I should warn you now, there will be"sightings" of that most despicable of all creatures...Elizabeth Hitchens/Nicole Wallace. I almost used the term "nemesis" when describing her, until I was reminded that Nemesis was a Greek goddess unsuccessfully pursued by Zeus, and I almost wretched all over my laptop. Can't have that now, can we?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Bobby In "Bright Boy"

I just got off the phone after a nice, long chat with my friend, Linda. She said there was an article in "TV Guide" this week in which USA states -- and I'm paraphrasing here -- that, basically, people don't want to go to bed "depressed," so that is why they offer shows like "Burn Notice," "Royal Pains," "In Plain Sight," and "White Collar." There was no mention whatsoever of "Law & Order CI."

Idiots. I mean, do you find anything...anything at all...remotely "depressing" about the gorgeous man in the following slideshow? I didn't think so. I rest my case. Welcome to USA...the clueless network.

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Bright Boy" - Season 2

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Bright Boy" Extras

I took a break from capturing the dialogue quotes from "Anti-Thesis" to try and finish the "Extras" slideshow for "Bright Boy." Turns out, I can't "force" amusing quips from my tired old brain today, so I'll just go with what I've got. Also turns out, I don't have much to say today by way of a lead-in, so let's just get on with the slideshow, shall we? Hope it makes you smile...if only a little.

Extras Slideshow - "Bright Boy" - Season 2

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Bright Boy" Partners

So, I'm watching "Frame" on Bravo (yes, I know it is a relative of the evil NBC/USA conglomerate, but I cannot help myself where Bobby is concerned) Sunday night when suddenly a singularly appalling thought occurred to me.

To explain, Bobby had just come into Rodger's morgue to learn how his brother had died. So, there is Frank, laid out on that stone cold slab, when it "hits" a ton of bricks. In the Season 9 opener, when either Eames, or Ross, or -- God forbid -- Bobby gets murdered, we're going to be privy to that scene. That god-awful, gut wrenching, completely unimaginable scene when the two left standing meet with Rodgers...with the autopsied corpse center ascertain the details of their colleague's gruesome demise.

If it's Ross, I'll be sad. If it's Eames, I'll be distraught. If it's my Bobby, I'll be completely and utterly inconsolable and be tempted to throw myself in front of a bus. You know, I used to look forward to the season premiere of Law & Order CI with almost "giddy" anticipation. This season...not so much.

Here's a look back at our dynamic crime solving duo when there was considerably less "angst" surrounding their personal lives.

Partners Slideshow - "Bright Boy" - Season 2

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eames In "Bright Boy"

I've been working on the set of posts for "Bright Boy" for quite a while now. What can I say...I'm slow. The delay can be attributed to two things. Partly because when one's head feels like it is going to explode at any moment, staring at a computer screen loses its appeal. But "mostly" my overall feeling of malaise can be attributed to all the recent events and announcements surrounding the pending "demise" of my favorite television character of all time...Detective Robert Goren.

I don't mean demise in the ultimate sense of the word, but any way you look at it, (for me, at any rate) once Bobby departs at the beginning of Season do I.

And now we are being told that "someone" is going to die. I'm not overly concerned that it is going to be Bobby because Vincent D'Onofrio has stated in the press that Goren will continue to "pop up" now and again...whatever the hell that means. Of course, things have a way of changing in TV land, don't they, so who knows?

I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to be Eames, and that is all it is...a feeling. I don't know anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody in the "business" to give me the straight-up facts, so I'm just going with my gut here. All I know for certain is, it sure is hard to watch the old episodes now without thinking about what is "looming" ahead in the future for one of the "linchpins" of my favorite cop show.

Oh, well...enough of that. Here is a slideshow of Eames from "Bright Boy," which has to be one of my all time favorite Law & Order CI episodes.

Eames Slideshow - "Bright Boy" - Season 2

I may be out of line for saying this, but don't you just "hate" it when people leave comments on blogs "claiming" to know who the "victim" is because they "allegedly" witnessed the filming of the funeral scene, and then don't have the common decency to put us -- those of us who wish to know -- out of our misery? I hate this, "I know something you don't know" puerile attitude. ME already.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another VDO Film Listed on IMDB

I had not checked out the Vincent D'Onofrio imdb page for a while, so I did this morning and found a movie listed for 2009 with which I was unfamiliar..."The New Tenants." I have not seen this mentioned on any of the VDO blogs I frequent and have been told that imdb is not always an accurate source of information, so do with it what you will. I've "Googled" and "Binged" and haven't been able to find anything else. He has "top billing," so that is promising.

Alas, there are no pictures to go with it, so this will be one of my shortest posts on record. I've been battling a sinus infection/ headache for almost a week, so haven't felt much like "computing." When not at work, I can be found in bed with a hot water pack on my face. In fact, I'm headed back to bed as soon as I publish this post. Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Vincent D'Onofrio Interview

To be crystal clear, the only reason I'm putting this video on my blog is's Vincent, and because I want to keep it here where I can find it when I want to look at it. This is being touted as the interview in which Vincent D'Onofrio announces his departure from the show, but whoever started that particular rumor is full of "hooey" if you ask me. For the record, I never once hear him say "why" he is leaving or even that he "is" leaving the show. The only thing he says is why he took the gig to begin with.

This interview "appears" to have been done at the same time those other "rash" of interviews were released...wayyyyyy before the "infamous" announcement regarding the pending departure of...well...everyone that matters...from LOCI. You remember the various "snippet" interviews in which he answered questions regarding various movie roles. Anyway, I just like to hear the man's voice, and so I shall...and so shall you...if you click on the little arrow below.

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Dead" Quotes

This is not one of my all time personal faves, but it had its moments; especially its "Bobby Moments." I guess I found the grim subject matter a bit off-putting, but then Law & Order CI is a crime drama, not a “sitcom.” But I do remember when this actually happened in Georgia, so it is only natural the basic premise found its way to one of the Dick Wolf franchises. (Note: I began gathering quotes, making my notes, and then screen capping this episode back on September 9th, way before USA made its announcement, so does my crime drama/sitcom analogy qualify as being…“ironic?”)

Right off the bat, we learn something new about Bobby…young Bobby, that is. And that is his biology teacher, Mr. Dixon, didn’t think he was much “fun”…at all. Poor Eames. I’m with her on this matter. Bobby is forever doing disgusting things with the murder victims/ corpses…his antics often make me squeamish.

Scotty, the young “druggie,” seemed quite impressed that Eames knew all the “hip” vernacular for joints…or whatever they call them these days. Kids like Scotty, by the way, are one of the myriad reasons, I am so very happy children were not a part of my life-destiny. Every syllable that comes from his insipid mouth is like some “joke” to this dim-witted twit. If that is an example of the “future” of our country, be afraid, very afraid. Kudos to Deakins, by the way, for his line, “So that’s what a brain looks like on embalming fluid.”

Okay, it never ceases to amaze me that Bobby and others can quote scripture so easily, so effortlessly…not just the everyday stuff of which most people are familiar…I’m talking about fairly obscure passages. Makes me wonder about the lapsed altar boy.

Ah, and this is the episode in which Bobby’s utters one of his “classic” lines. That being, “I need to use my most important investigative tool. My library card.” My question, why does Bobby even need to go to the library…he’s a walking, talking “Encyclopedia Britannica.” So, the lab comes up with all the ingredients of the “goop” that the perp injected into the victim’s body, but could not identify what it was. Yet, in the blink of an eye, Bobby came up with “boils” and the “Sixth Plague” and that Imhotep was the Egyptian god of medicine. I didn’t even know there was an Egyptian god of medicine.

I am going to make an “editorial” decision and refrain from quoting some of the more “distasteful” dialogue from this episode. When the undertaker and the other guy they bring in for questioning describe what is done to corpses in preparation for burial…well, the whole discussion is most unappealing, and I think I’ll forego regurgitating it in a blog post, thank you very much. I’m with Eames when the guy is telling her…in nauseating detail…the purpose of a trocar, and she says, “Let’s leave it at tool of the trade.” The thing is, Bobby is hanging out, ever so nonchalantly, in the background, making me think that he already “knows” about all these gory details.

Okay, I guess we learn a little something else about Bobby’s psyche and – perhaps – what it is that makes him tick and want to be a crusading, profiling detective of the first order. When he says the murder of Hagman was “impressive,” Deakins counters with, “It was demented,” and then Bobby says, “It worked. Whoever it is killed Hagman, I can’t wait to meet them.” He can’t wait to “meet” a deranged murderer? Perhaps there is a reason, after all, as to why he’s alone after all these years. The look Eames gives Deakins as the screen fades to black is pretty good, too. It’s like she’s saying, “See what I have to put up with?”

"Dead" Slideshow - Part I

I did enjoy the exchange between Bobby and Russell the first time they met and Bobby is questioning him about his “work” and asks if it is interesting. Russell replies that you “get used to it.” Then Bobby says that he heard the bodies don’t burn completely and you have to take them out and roll them over like a “log in a fireplace” – nice analogy, Bobby – and shove them back in. Russell informs him that it is called repositioning, and Bobby, with this incredulous look on his face says, “And you get used to that?”

Leave it to Deakins to know that silicon implants had to be removed before cremation. And that is all I have to say about that.

I’m sitting here laughing out loud at Bobby over something I had never noticed before. It is when he and Eames go back to the crematorium, and Eames is questioning Russell about the lady’s pacemaker. Bobby is…ahem…fiddling with his belt, as he is “wont” to do. (Actually, I “want” to do that, but I digress.”) Anyway, Bobby starts to walk around Russell, but then he leans in close and sort of “sniffs” at his neck. What was that all about? Perhaps he can smell some of the decaying, rancid odors out back on the guy?

"Dead" Slideshow - Part II

I just noticed another background “Bobby-move” I had not picked-up on before. You know, even though it takes me an inordinately long time to “quote” and screen cap these episodes, it is worth it for me because I usually run across a gem or two like this. It is a scene at 1PP when Deakins walks in with an update on the tally of bodies found at the crematory. Carver is at the table, drinking a cup of coffee and comments on Deakins’ statement. All the while, Bobby is behind Carver, his left leg bent and foot resting on a chair (or something) while he balances a file box on his thigh. Oh, mama! I truly do not know why stupid stuff like that “gets” to me, but it does.

And thanks, Bobby, for that delectable description of the bodies behind the crematory. What was it you said, they were decaying into one another like a “putrid soup.” Yum, yum. Thanks for that vivid image. It will be a long time before I dine on soup again.

I had to chuckle at Bobby’s profile of Harry Rowan when he commented on his “obsessive concentration on the task at hand.” I mean, HELLO. Isn’t that rather like the “pot calling the kettle black?”

I never get tired of watching Bobby “solve” a puzzle…like figuring out there had to be something hinky going on with the DNA from the crematory and asking Rodgers to run it through the national database.

"Dead" Slideshow - Part III

And then matching it to the DNA of murder victims and figuring out they were all mob hits in disguise. He’s so smart…is my/our Bobby. (Yeah, yeah…I’m sure Eames helped.)

I don’t have an awful lot of observations to make on this one. It’s pretty straight forward procedural stuff; i.e., the “formula” on which the show generated such a loyal following. The writers took the “basic” ripped from the headlines story; i.e., bodies found dumped behind crematory and added their own unique twist; i.e., crafty hit man uses DNA from bodies to plant on his own murder victims. Pretty clever. The rest is just watching Bobby…and Eames…figure it all out and nail the perp in the end. (And I do believe that is the first time I’ve ever used “i.e.,” in a paragraph three times.)

Ah, another Bobby line, “Like an itch he can’t scratch.” Oh, baby, baby, have I got an "itch" for you!

As always, Bobby knows just what buttons to push by confronting the unsub’s wife at the supermarket and acquainting her with her husband’s suspected debauchery. That’s one way to skin a cat, or get the guy to come down to 1PP. Actually, though it did serve the purpose, didn’t they sort of put the cart before the horse by ambushing the woman the way they did? I mean, yes, it turned out they were right…we knew they were right…but at the time they confronted Harry’s wife in the supermarket parking lot, all they had was a nagging suspicion…no real evidence. I felt kind of sorry for the wife; she didn’t have a clue that she was married to a ruthless, murdering barbarian.

"Dead" Slideshow - Part IV

All due respect to Bobby, but how did he think ol’ Harry was going to react to his wife being ambushed by a couple of NYPD detectives while she went about grocery shopping for the family? I mean, Bobby looks almost “peeved” that Harry took umbrage for his wife being thus ill-treated.

I do have one question, though. If Harry was such a "smart" murderer, why did he use the goop from his own garage on the undertaker? I think…I hope…if I was going to kill someone, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep something in my home that could link me to the crime. But then Harry was a bit of an egomaniac.

And then Bobby plants the seed of doubt in Harry’s big ol’ punkin’ head. He is so masterful at this. I love it when Bobby “struts” into the garage and says, “You didn’t find it, did you?” I have to say, I got a little "excited" when Bobby kicked the stuff off the freezer…hoo hah!

Okay, while it made for a good, solid episode and lots of Bobby mela drama, I have "one more" question. (Who does that sound like?) Could Carver truly make this case hold up in court? I’m sure the guy’s attorney could come up with a plausible explanation as to why Harry destroyed his garage and the clean-up "goop" could be common enough. They don’t have any actual “physical” evidence against him…just Bobby’s made up story about a missing porcelain cap and Harry's subsequent reaction and utterance that he didn't make a mistake. Oh, well. We'll never know for sure, will we?

"Dead" Slideshow - Part V

Now, it is on to the next episode..."Bright Boy." Now, I suppose that descriptive phrase could apply to a certain tall, dark, and handsome MCS "genius" detective, as well as the young lad who is the focal point of the episode. Oh, and I just checked and the "Petition" is up to 334 signatures as I post this.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Petition To Keep Goren And Eames On LOCI

I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in this, but there is a "petition" out there afloat on the Internet to keep Goren and Eames on Law & Order CI. Likewise, I am just a wee bit conflicted because I am not certain if a petition would do any good if Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe fact...ready to move on.

Conflicted emotions aside, however, I did sign the petition because I figure, if nothing else, it will show VDO and Ms. Erbe how much they, and the characters they portrayed for the past eight years, mean to us all and how much they will be missed.

So, if you are thus inclined, you may want to add your voice to those who want to "Keep Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe on Law & Order CI." Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was directed to this petition by none other than USA_LawOrderCI at Twitter. The comment was "they do listen" to fans, so I thought I might as well sign the petition.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just Bobby In "Dead"

Well, despite the disheartening news regarding the pending departure of our favorite television gumshoe from Law & Order does go on. (Doesn't it?) Having said that, I will continue to do what I can to help keep Bobby "alive" in the minds and hearts of his steadfast fan base. (As, no doubt, will a whole "bunch" of other blogs that are dedicated to Vincent D'Onofrio and/or Detective Robert Goren.)

Considering the fact that I have more than a hundred episodes still waiting to be screen capped and quoted, I may be around for a while. Assuming, of course, I can maintain the spirit and "desire" to do so once the promise/hope of new Bobby episodes is forever gone.

Anyway, here are the "Just Bobby" screen caps from "Dead."

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Dead" Extras - Back To Normal...Whatever That Is

Still smarting from the news about the travesty surrounding the USA Network and the proposed casting upheaval at Law & Order CI. For the first time since the furor of Google Alerts began arriving last Friday...and every day since...I don't believe I received a single email today regarding VDO's pending departure.

I still don't know what to believe about all this, but for what it's worth, I "think" that probably bits and pieces of all the "rumors" floating around out there are true. USA most likely did play hard ball in its determination to force changes in the show and no doubt did all those things BASRIC mentioned on her blog. Vincent D'Onofrio is probably "tired" of this character and wants to move on, but his loyalty to Dick Wolf, the show, "Bobby," his fellow actors, and his fans led him to agree to this "compromise;" i.e., Goren lives, but leaves and drops in now and again this season, but eventually fades will this show once he is gone.

As for me, like the "Eagles," I'm "Already Gone." I decided to not wait until next spring when the final Goren episode airs to enact my plan to boycott the USA Network. I stopped watching their network two days ago. I am also boycotting NBC, but that is easy enough. The only show I'm remotely interested in watching on NBC is Sunday Night Football, so I'll get by quite nicely without it.

I have just a couple of other things to mention before I get on to the main reason for this post. First, USA_LawOrderCI is now following me on Twitter. Should I be paranoid or flattered or unimpressed? And, second, what the hell happened to the "Save Goren And Eames" blog that helped spearhead this campaign?

Okay, back to "Dead." (Talk about your irony.) Considering the emotional roller coaster of the past week, it took me a few days to come up with some "possibly" witty captions for my screen caps, but I gave it the old "college try."

Extras Slideshow - "Dead" - Season 2

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Was He Or Wasn't He...Cast Aside?

Well, I logged on this evening with the intentions of making a very different post. Then I went to VDO's sister's blog and found the following comment in response to a question Judith had posed regarding why Vincent, Kathryn, and Eric had been "pushed out" of Law & Order CI.

Elizabeth states, "Vincent wasn't pushed out of the show. He didn't renew his contract. You can see him quoted in many articles about him leaving that he had a great time building the character Goren, but it is now time to move on to other character opportunities. Of course, we all loved Goren and will miss him dearly, but keep watching the show and you might get surprised every so often."

Well, now don't that just make your brown eyes blue?

And don't I feel the perfect fool? Here I've been sending vitriolic emails all week long to people I wouldn't know if they walked up to me on the street and "bitch-slapped" me in defense of a man appears...didn't need to be defended after all. Thank God, I didn't waste my money on sending a bunch of marshmallow fluff to the execs at USA. (I came this close, but I like to think my "momma didn't raise no fool," Yeah, yeah, I know...all evidence to the contrary.)

I have said all along, if this was Vincent D'Onofrio's decision...then so be it. I'd be disappointed. I'd moan and groan and complain and "whine" a whole lot, but life...such as it is...would go on. And now this? I don't know who or what to believe anymore. Didn't Vincent himself say that he would remain with the show as long as they wanted him? Ah, well.

I don't know. It still doesn't explain the shabby treatment of Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian. Even if Vincent wanted out, why ditch Kathryn when she could "transition" to partner with Jeff Goldblum quite effortlessly? And what did Bogosian do besides have a few bad brillo-pad hair days? Why show them the door when Eames and Ross are still perfectly viable characters?

As for "keep watching and you might get surprised every so often," I think I'll take a pass on that, thank you very much. Dangling the promise of a Goren "carrot" simply will not wash this time. I got "suckered" in when D'Onofrio's imdb page listed him as a cast member in the final episode of Season 8. I would have watched it anyway (for reasons mentioned in the previous post) but I kept a vigilant eye glued to the screen in anticipation of a mere glimpse of that imposing figure, but it was all for naught.

The next day, "Revolution" disappeared from Vincent's imdb page to be replaced with "Alpha Dog." So, I'm thinking, "Yep, I got snookered but good." I'll go to my grave believing the USA Network did that on purpose to reel in all the hopelessly devoted VDO fans, hoping for a fleeting peek of their favorite detective, in order to boost Jeff Goldblum's ratings.

As the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..." Well, let's just say that ain't gonna happen, folks. I am officially done, done, and DONE with all this. So, "BITE ME" USA Network! Or better still, "pucker-up!"

To Vincent D'Onofrio, I say "thank you" for giving me something to live for and look forward to the past eight years. You have no idea just how much the incredible character you created in Robert Goren meant to this short, fat, ugly, curly-haired old woman in southwest Ohio. The "idea" of Bobby will live inside me till my dying day, and I wish you "ALL THE BEST" in all your future endeavors. God bless ya, darlin'.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I began my day yesterday as I usually do; i.e., I dragged myself begrudgingly out of bed and got ready for work. I typically have several minutes to spare before I absolutely, positively have to leave for the office after I complete my morning ablutions, and yesterday was no different. So, I switched on the old laptop and started my usual surfing "routine" which eventually led me to Eliza's blog where I read the following "ominous" comment, "...I finished this morning and thought I should celebrate, then I read "The Cat" and changed my mind..."

Quite naturally, my curiosity...not unlike that of a cat's...was piqued. So, I took myself over to Tess & Diane's blog where I was acquainted with the heart wrenching news (perhaps that is a "touch" sue me...but that is how I feel) that Vincent D'Onofrio will be "exiting" Law & Order CI sometime during the upcoming ninth season. Not only that, but Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian will be "phased-out" as well.

To quote my all time favorite detective, "I should've seen it comin."

Well, to be honest, I cannot say that I was truly "surprised" with the news. After all, ever since the end of Season 7, USA has treated LOCI...and its devoted they were bastard stepchildren at a family reunion.

By the time I arrived at work, I felt like someone close to me had died and I was beginning to go through the five stages of grief. You know...denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The only thing is, how can one "deny" the news that has been posted on virtually every VDO blog around the world and arrived in my email via "numerous" VDO Google Alerts?

As for anger, I’m more “numb” than angry…for the time being. And bargaining? Exactly, how does one “bargain” with a faceless, heartless, brainless, dickless conglomerate? That brings us to “depression,” but since I pretty much reside in that zip code 24/7, I’ll just add this to an already exceptionally long list of things that depress me. And as for "acceptance," well, I'll accept it when they pry Bobby from my cold, dead fingers.

The thing that bothers me the most is it “appears” as if this was a USA Network-driven decision…not the actors. USA wants a “lighter” fare and Detective Goren apparently comes off as too brooding for their delicate, discerning palates. Well, la-di-da, la-di-da, la la!

I did not feel up to writing a post for my blog last night, but I did look up an email address for the USA Network, so I could vent my spleen on them. This is what I emailed to them.

“First, let me begin by stating that I realize I am in an age group whose opinion means absolutely nothing to you, but I just wanted to let you know that as soon as Vincent D'Onofrio exits Law & Order CI, so will I. I understand shows come and go, and actors come and go, but Vincent D'Onofrio IS Criminal Intent. The myriad Internet articles I read today all imply that the decision for VDO, Erbe, and Bogosian to leave the show was Network-generated because you want Criminal Intent to be "lighter" and that can be accomplished with a less "brooding" Goren. Let me just say, I have watched "Burn Notice" from the beginning and love it. I enjoy "Royal Pains" immensely. "Monk" was okay for an occasional look. I have no time for puling adolescents like the ones depicted on "Psych," and I can take or leave "In Plain Sight"...mostly leave. My point is, you've got enough "light" fare on your network. If I want comedy, I’ll watch a sitcom or the Comedy Channel. LOCI is a CRIME DRAMA, so why are you messing with it? I watched the Logan and Nichols episodes ONLY because I wanted to do my part to keep the show’s ratings UP, so the show would not be canceled. Now, I no longer care. Vincent D'Onofrio created one of the most thoroughly complex and completely watchable detectives to ever grace the television screen in Detective Robert Goren. Shame on you for throwing away such an incredible talent. Shame on you!

By the way, as much as I love “Burn Notice” and “Royal Pains,” I’ll be deleting the USA Network from my channel listings after the last Goren/Eames episode airs, so I won’t be watching them anymore either. What a disappointment you are to “loyal” LOCI fans around the world.”

Now, you and I both know that the only purpose this served was for me to let off some steam and get it off my aging, sagging chest, but at least I felt a wee bit better after I sent it. I should have added, “Detective Robert Goren, Detective Alexandra Eames, and Captain Danny Ross…three “characters” who are no longer “welcome” on the USA Network." Ah, well. That can go into today’s email. I plan to send a few more before Season 9 begins. The link for the USA feedback can be found here.

You know, I understand that Vincent D’Onofrio has stayed with the show far longer than he ever intended. From reading articles and such, I know that he has other endeavors he wants to pursue. I get that, I “respect” that and him for his integrity and unwavering loyalty to the show and to the character. That’s my dilemma. I am going to miss “Bobby” so much. I’m going to miss watching him and thinking about him and worrying about him and writing about him and analyzing/anticipating his every movement. No character before him or after him will ever affect me the way this “man” does/has.

With the arrival of each new Google Alert yesterday, more tidbits of information surrounding the disheartening news were released. For example, it turns out that Bobby will say good-bye in the show’s two-part Season 9 premiere, at which time he’ll pass the baton to Jeff Goldblum. Don’t know about you, but I’ve got a suggestion as to precisely “where” Goldblum can stick that baton when he accepts it.

So, I only get me some Bobby for one episode. That’s disappointing …to say the least.

Late yesterday, Vincent D’Onofrio was quoted as saying, “For all my loyal CI fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goren pops up from time to time.” While that is somewhat encouraging news, I am hardly pacified. I mean, it is reassuring to know that…considering D’Onofrio’s penchant for dying on screen…they don’t plan on killing off Detective Goren.

On the other hand, I am curious as to what he means by “pops up from time to time.” I cannot fathom my Bobby being relegated to a “cameo” appearance. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my “appetite” for Bobby will not be sated with a few "crumbs" when I am accustomed to "feasting" at the banquet that is Detective Robert O. Goren.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vincent - "Looking Good"

Ah, the hair has grown out again. That's the neat thing about eventually grows back. Now if he can just be persuaded to not "shear" it off...again.

Must give proper credit to the Rib City Grill & Catering in American Fork, UT for posting the photo from a recent fund raiser. Of course, I "cropped out" the folks on either side of VDO to show him off to advantage. He looks a little tired around the about your bedroom eyes...but he does appear to be taking care of Detective Goren. Nice stubble.

There is a Rib City Grill just north of Cincinnati off of Route 4 in Fairfield...about 20 minutes away. One of these days, I'm going to drive up there and check it out. Meanwhile, I'll just keep checking out Bobby's alter ego.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Dead" Colleagues Slideshow

Usually, I call this post the "Partners" slideshow and include photos of...almost always exclusively...Bobby and Eames. But I captured so many photos that included Deakins, Rodgers, and Carver (oh, my) that I decided to switch things up a bit and give the whole gang a little "face time" on the old blog.

Colleagues Slideshow - "Dead" - Season 2

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eames Is "Dead" On

Well, it has taken me a while, but I have finally finished most of the "prep" work on the Season 2 opener titled "Dead." I still have to sort through and delete a "bunch" of screen caps that I don't need to keep, so it may be a few days before I get around to posting the rest of the slideshows, but get around to it I shall...eventually.

I realize this is a rather lackluster lead-in for Eames. She deserves better no doubt, but since I'm feeling quite like the title of this episode, this is the best I can muster at the moment.

Eames Slideshow - "Dead" - Season 2

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Look Back At "Alpha Dog"

Yeah, I know, it’s been a minute…or two…since the final Goren/ Eames episode of Season 8 aired. Obviously, I have never been one to worry about being the first to post comments or screen caps of recently aired episodes. That’s not my style. I work at my own pace, and I do this for…well…me. But if there are others along the way who happen to glean some small measure of pleasure from my meager offerings…then that’s just dandy, too. You flatter me by stopping by my blog now and again, and I thank you for it.

And now, a few words about “Alpha Dog.”

A day or two after this episode aired, I checked the All Things Law & Order blog, and I had to agree with her…I was confused the first time I watched it. Mainly because I couldn’t keep two of the main characters straight…two of the women…the perp’s wife and the dead guy’s “paramour.” They looked too much like one another, and it took my “aged” brain a while to differentiate between the two. By that time, we were well into the story, so I dispatched the notion of trying to figure out the “who” and the “why” dunnit, and just concentrated on the best part of Law & Order CI…Bobby.

Did you check out the pictures hanging on the wall of Hamp’s (the murder victim) apartment…Gandhi, Cary Grant, and Nelson Mandela. Guess he wasn’t just another buff bod and pretty face, huh? Go figure! But I’ve gotta ask…is it even “remotely” possible for a corpse to be in that reclined position? Frankly, I don’t know how the actor maintained that pose throughout the whole scene.

I loved Eames’ little smirk after Rodgers says, “I’ll hold off judgment until after I crack his chest.” This was in response to all of Bobby’s suppositions, educated guesses, and “gut” instincts as to how Hamp had died; i.e., suffocation.

Again, I find myself agreeing with ATL&O…I thought memory foam mattresses “bounced” back. I’ve slept on them, in fact, and never had any part of my super-sized body’s indentation left for me to fall back into hours later.

Okay, I feel the overwhelming "need" to pause in my “recap” of this episode to interject a personal plea to the wardrobe department for next season…assuming we get a next season. Please, by all that’s holy, burn the damned striped shirts before next season. VDO has trimmed down again, so maybe he’ll be back to the suit & tie and French cuffs regime. If not, that’s okay, but just PLEASE, “No more striped shirts!!” she shrieked in her best “Mommie Dearest” freak-out.

Another memorable line comes from Rodgers in the morgue when she says, “Detective Goren, once again, has an irritating way of being right.” Yes, he does, Rodgers, and that is why I love him so much.

And now for...perhaps...the best line ever delivered by a LOCI guest star. It is the one said by Hamp’s ex-wife when Bobby and Eames are questioning her at 1PP, and she tells them, “I’ve played a murderess, I know how they think.” I love that line and loved equally Bobby’s reaction…that little smile and chuckle. Yeah, right…this chick “knows” how a murderer thinks.

“Remind me to never get old.” Ah, if only it were that easy. It has been so long since I jotted down these notes that I don’t remember which character said this or in what context, but I can surely empathize. I am forever telling people, “Don’t get old.” It’s not fun…nope…not one little bit.

Detective “Goblin?” I’m still chuckling over that one. My poor, picked-on Bobby. And look at Eames, rushing to correct the insipid man. I adore the look on Bobby’s face…it’s like he’s thinking, “You little pischer…I could squash you like a bug.”

It was amusing watching Bobby “brush” the photographers/ paparazzi out of the way when they went to the rally looking for the girl that Hamp hit-on in the bar the night he was murdered; i.e., Gala. I wonder if Vincent D’Onofrio does that in “real” life when he goes out. Most likely, he has "people" to do that sort of thing for him.

“Major Case Squad – the name “implies” competence and judgment,” says Captain Ross after the debacle at the rally makes the cover of a local tabloid. Granted, Bobby’s “judgment” may be off a little at times; i.e., Nicole, Nelda, and Leslie fairly "leap" to mind, but there is no questioning his competence or passion or integrity or compassion or dedication or…well, you get the idea.

I have another plea for next season, and that is for “proper” lighting please. I’m talking about the scene when they go to question the guy in prison and Bobby can be found “propping up” a wall. This is a man who should not be kept in the dark, people. They just don’t light him adequately sometimes. It is "annoying" and…frustrating.

Now, I knew it would be Eames who questioned the chick in the sauna. The one who Captain Ross said was, “…beautiful, very beautiful. That kind of beauty requires high maintenance.” (I’m starting to not like Ross again.) Anyway, wouldn’t it have been an absolute “hoot” if Bobby had been the one who stepped through that sauna door instead of Eames? You can’t see me, but I’m smiling at the thought.

And now for the most obnoxious quote of the episode. It’s one of the things Duke’s wife says to Eames in the sauna; i.e., “It’s not just money, it’s the power that comes with money. “Little people like you” don’t understand.” Well, I “understand” this much…she’s a Bitch!

When the Scotch turns up missing and Eames’ explanation is, “Well, it’s not a perfect world. Some Scotch-loving cop obviously drank it,” I love the reaction-look on Bobby’s face. We all know how he is partial to Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Now, I don’t know if Eames was “implying” that Bobby was the “Scotch-loving” cop who purloined the potent potable, but I suppose that a $2,000 bottle of Scotch from a private stock that is not for sale to the general public “could” be a daunting temptation…even to someone with Bobby’s staunch resolve. Nah, he didn’t do it…not my Bobby.

Did anyone else find it odd that a former cop was “stupid” enough to leave his prints on the crime scene seal on the door at Hamp’s apartment? I suppose that would explain why he’s a Security Cop now and no longer a member of the NYPD.

DNA takes weeks to process…says Ross…and yet they magically, routinely have it in a matter of days/hours. Well, we really can’t track that kind of thing anymore since they took away the date tracker. I'm one of the few who actually miss the "doink-doink" and the date stamp.

And I’m really getting tired of everyone taking potshots and picking on my Bobby. I’m talking about the scene near the end when Duke comes striding into the squad room, taking names and making threats and announces to Bobby that “he” is at the top of his list. Got news for you, smarmy little pipsqueak of a man…Bobby is at the top of “my” list, too…albeit for vastly different reasons. So, get in line, buddy, get in line.

As usual, in the end, Bobby very cleverly gets his man to confess and all is well that ends well. And so ends another Goren/Eames season of Law & Order CI.

A lot of people were not too happy with Season 8 overall...starting with the fact that USA postponed the original start date from November 2008 (I think) until April 2009 and then chose not to air the episodes in the order in which they were filmed to the obvious lack of continuity in the length of Goren's hairstyle and facial hair to the horrible decision to write and present "All In" the way they did to fill in the blanks.

When all is said and done for me, however, all I can say is I was happy to have Bobby back in Season 8. And I look forward to having him come back again and again and again...until he's a doddering old man, solving crimes from a bed in his room at the "Happy Trails" nursing home. Until's the "Alpha Dog" slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

"Alpha Dog" Slideshow - Season 8

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Tuxedo Hill" Quotes

Well, the first thing I noticed about this episode was that it initially aired on my daddy’s birthday; i.e., May 10th. My next observation, or “admission,” is that I never quite understood the complexities of this storyline regarding hedge funds, stocks, and the NASDAQ… “Meshach, and Abednego.” It just goes to show that Wall Street greed, or “avarice” in general, didn’t just come about in the past couple of years to help create our present economic situation. Besides, isn’t “greed” one of the Seven Deadly Sins? Sadly, it’s been around…like…forever.

I know it has been said before, but I will say it again…it is always a “treat” to watch Bobby interact with children. But did anybody else find it odd that the little girl supposedly walked four miles from the wrecked car to the diner where she was found…in the dark?

Ah, Bobby is so predictable…sniffing the lady as the EMTs were trying to carry her up the hill on that stretcher. The Goren nose knows. And how dare that detective doubt Bobby when he said Jennifer wasn’t making up the bit about the gunpowder smell. There is a reason Bobby is at Major Case and this schmuck is not. Little does this idiot know that the “fancy mints” wrapper Bobby found…and the others overlooked and this moron dismisses with a shake of his head…will turn out to be a key clue in solving the case.

You know, I don’t remember Deakins being as contrary and cynical as he comes off in the scene with Eames and Goren when they are trying to establish exactly what is going on with the lady from the car wreck.

“Tuxedo Hill” Slideshow – Part I

One thing I have learned from several years of “intense” observation of Detective Goren is that if he rises from his chair and approaches you to do a little “one on one” talking with you…watch out. And, I’m sorry, but it was obvious to me that the insipid Karyn was lying, so why was Bobby…with all his profiling skills…not “immediately” suspicious of the woman? Oh, well…I suppose even the splendid Detective Goren can have an “off” day.

Bobby breaks down another door when they go to check out the plumber, aka the “murder victim,” only they don’t show us this time. Darn. I do so love it when we get to watch Bobby getting “physical.”

One of the things I love about Bobby is that he is a consummate “gentleman,” or at least he was in the early episodes. Case in point, he stands when Elizabeth Dawson enters the interrogation room. I mean, at this point, she is a “suspect” in the murder of her boyfriend, and he still stands in deference to her. I like that, but then I like most things about Bobby.

He is also like a dog gnawing on a bone the way he keeps offering Elizabeth one of those English black peppermint mints. Now, we all know he was trying to prove a point, but the hapless suspect didn’t have a clue. You just know she had to be thinking, “What is wrong with this crazy man and why does he keep offering me a mint after I’ve told him I don’t like peppermint and don’t want any?” Bobby and Eames both take a mint. Check out the look on Eames’ face when she says, “They’re real zesty.”

And I don’t know what it is like in the part of the world where you live, but finding a “full-service” gas station where an attendant still pumps your gas for you is almost non-existent in my neck of the woods.

“Tuxedo Hill” Slideshow – Part II

I despise the Jack Crawley dude…condescending, money-grubbing asshole that he is. I want to smack the smirk off his face when he “explains” to Bobby that CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer. Although I find he was most aptly named; i.e., Crawley. He sure did make my skin crawl…the jerk!

I love watching Bobby “work” a room…touch this…fiddle with that…pick up papers and other documents to look at. I wonder how much of that is just his “natural” nosiness, how much is done to intimidate the onlooker, and how much can be attributed to Vincent D’Onofrio’s natural mannerisms.

Another thing I noticed…Bobby smiled a lot more in the early years than he does now. I miss that smile.

I laugh every time I watch this episode and Crawley “explains” what Tuxedo Hill is and Eames says, “We have no idea what you just said.” Bobby does look confounded as well, and it should be noted that he does not wear that particular expression very often. This episode sounds very much like a “ripped” from the headlines story a few years ahead of its time. (Can you say Bernie Madoff?) Now, I understand “zilch,” “nada,” “zippo,” about the stock market and how it works, but even I knew something hinky was going on from the get-go in this one.

Eames had an apt description for Crawley…snake-oil merchant. He’s a big ol’ weasel all right.

Notice how the bags of chips are turned so that the brand name cannot be seen? This is the scene at the sidewalk kiosk with the “nerdy” guy who is explaining his concerns about Mattawin and Tuxedo Hill to Goren and Eames. Guess no one wanted to pay the ad fees for the product placement, huh? No such qualms about the magazines, though. Go figure.

“Tuxedo Hill” Slideshow – Part III

You know, the more they tried to explain this whole “scheme”…the more my head hurt. That was the case when I watched it the first time…and every time since then…and more so as I painstakingly captured the dialogue for my quotes post. There’s a reason I don’t “play” the stock market, and I’m too stupid to fiddle much with my 401K. I realized a long time ago…I have to work until I die.

What can I say about the airplane scene that hasn’t been said a thousand times over. A “tight fit,” you say, Bobby? You have no idea, baby…no idea. I never get tired of watching Bobby snatch the flight manifest out of the pilot’s fingers and hand it off to Eames. (He’s such a Bobby.) And then when he asks for mints and the pilot has to “squeeze” past him-- Frankly, I'm surprised Vincent D’Onofrio didn’t somehow contrive to have that particular “maneuver” carried out by the pretty blonde flight attendant who handed him the requested mints. He does give her a “look.”

And those ungodly bonuses, but I already talked about greed, so let’s move on to my favorite “Bobby-line” in this episode. Well, I just remembered that there’s also the line about the “itty-bitty” little doggy, but this one is pretty good, too. It’s when they’re on to Crawley, but don’t have any hard evidence yet and Bobby says, “There might be one thing he left “flapping” in the wind.” He delivers these lines with such “deadpan” composure...masterful.

“Tuxedo Hill” Slideshow – Part IV

Ah, and now we arrive at the scene when Bobby and Eames pay Karyn a visit at her apartment and start to piece it all together. Her sarcastic line about, “Don’t “you people” take notes,” made me want to scratch her eyes out, but then I frequently have that reaction when people treat Bobby inconsiderately.

All I have to say is…Wow! Crawley sure had the fiancĂ©e fooled. Why are women always so gullible when men are concerned? Well, he was also a “rich” man, so there was a double enticement, I suppose.

I already made reference to Bobby and the itty-bitty little doggy, but it was a cute scene. He kept scratching the dog’s ear and Eames kept looking at him like he was crazy. Of course, I’m sure she has given him that look “a lot” over the years.

At long last, we get to the “gotcha” scene, and the first thing I have to say to Bobby is, “Liar, liar…pants on fire.” Bobby tells Crawley that the witness warrant was Carver’s idea when it was really his. Yes, yes, I know...lying to suspects and criminals is an integral part of Bobby’s interviewing style. I just wonder how much would “flow” over into his “real” life…if Bobby had a real life.

“Tuxedo Hill” Slideshow – Part V

I have to admit that I found it particularly gratifying to watch Crawley fold like a cheap tent when Bobby nailed his ass to the wall, and the girlfriend didn’t waste anytime turning on him either. But then, who could blame her? Yep, old Crawley quickly transformed into a big ol’ sniveling "wussy-man" when he realized they had him dead to rights.

Bobby’s final “aria” is one of my all time favorites; i.e., “What fanatics do to us with guns and bombs, you tried to do with an accounting trick! Don’t think for a minute that you deserve anything better than they do.” Powerful stuff, but then…my Bobby is one very powerful and intimidating man.

“Tuxedo Hill” Slideshow – Part VI

Well, that does it for my look back at Law & Order Criminal Intent’s inaugural season. It is hard to believe, but I started this little journey about fifteen months ago…on May 25, 2008 to be precise. That is when I made my first “Quotes” post about LOCI’s very first episode… “One.”

I have tweaked the process a bit since that initial offering…hopefully for the better. I learned how to make a decent slideshow, utilizing Photobucket and added some additional slideshows, and went from showcasing a few “notable” quotes to charting dialogue for most of the dang show. But it helped pass the time and made me appreciate my favorite television detective all the more...and I made a few friends along the way.

So, now it is on to Season 2. At this rate, I am going to be a very old woman before I get to the end of this particular odyssey. I should live so long.