Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out Like A Lamb...April Showers

You may recognize the pictures I selected for this month, but I'm not certain if I've seen them before or not. There are so many of the man, you know. I wanted to use Bobby photos from the LOCI Season premier, but that's not possible this month...perhaps my downloads will be completed in time for the May calendar. Perhaps not. What is the use of having "high speed" Internet connectivity, I ask you, when it is as slow as molasses in January?

Anyway, Happy April...Happy Spring...Happy Easter...Happy
"Whatever" makes you happy.

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"Loyalty" Part 2 - Preview

Well, I'm presently waiting for my "Loyalty" video to finish downloading, and it is taking "forever," so I won't be posting any screen caps tonight...or maybe until the weekend. I've got LOTS of comments/observations about Part 1, to be sure, but I'll wait until I have the pictures to go with it. I've been staying away from VDO blogs today, so as not to be influenced by what everyone is saying. Am just trying to keep my thoughts "fresh" until I can get them all down on paper. One thing is for certain...I'm gonna need to watch this one way more than once to wrap my feeble brain around this confusing plot.

Now, the preview looks intense...and a little familiar. "We're not releasing him to a maniac." Yeah, we get it...y'all think Bobby's insane. "You're suspended." Been there, done that. "My God, you're clever, but inconvenient, Goren." Clever? He's a freakin' genius, but it's wasted on you people. "Detective Goren has become a liability." Only because it sounds like he's about to nail someone's butt to the wall or blow the lid off something someone wants to keep hidden. "You know what they want." This last comment comes from Eames and could mean a couple of my way of thinking. Either "they" want his badge or "they" want him dead. Either's buh-bye Bobby. I'm thinking about taking off next Wednesday just to recover from all the melodrama.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Loyalty" Preview And Other "Stuff"

Well, the unbearable agony of waiting is almost over. Just two more days until we get to witness firsthand the beginning of the end of Law & Order we know and love it. I realize this "sneak peak" is available at a number of sites, but I like to put these things here, so I can find them whenever I want them. The first thing I noticed was: Bobby is back in a suit and tie. Nothing much else to say after that.

I'm still trying to get my "good" laptop back up and running. After spending hours upon hours of attempting to "repair" the system start-up, or start the computer in "safe mode," or "restore" it to an earlier time, or -- after getting a local computer guy to back-up the data -- restore it to factory settings, DELL sent me a new hard drive. I believe I could install it myself...IF...I had the appropriate "tools" to facilitate removing the screws and an anti-static thingy. Everything I have is too big, so my little computer drama drags on. So, now I'm off to to order the proper tools. I am determined to persevere and conquer.

Here's a small anecdote. My friend, Sara, called me on my birthday a couple of weeks ago to suggest that a group of us who hung out together in high school plan a get-together in two years when we all reach a "certain" milestone birthday. To celebrate the "big event," Sara suggests that we all commemorate the occasion by getting...wait for it..."tattoos." Now, the image of that made me shriek out loud with unabashed laughter, and I told Sara that, if there was one thing my fat, sagging, wrinkled old body "didn't" need, it was most definitely a tattoo. I would, however, happily stand by and watch her get one. But a lot can happen in two years, and if there is a merciful God in Heaven, I won't be around to care about it one way or another.

What else? Well, in my continuing love affair with "Netflix," I just watched the first disc from the first season of "Damages," and I am now thoroughly hooked on this show. The writing is superior and Glenn Close is fantastic as the unflappable, uber-demanding attorney, Patty Hewes. She reminds me of my ex-boss, and not in a good way. Through five episodes, I've former LOCI guest stars, including Nelda from "Semi-Detached" and Harvey Gruenwald from "Unrequited." She plays Ted Danson's wife, and he's -- get this -- a detective.

Oh, and I had a bit of a "financial" scare when I awoke Friday morning and turned on the morning news to discover that the ATM at the U.S. Bank -- where I do the bulk of my banking -- had been "compromised" and a number of customer's card and pin numbers had been stolen by a "reader" that had been placed over the slot where one inserts their debit card. Turns out the thieves had secured the device on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon in late February, then hung around to watch clueless victim after clueless victim unwittingly give them access to their accounts. So far, over $50,000 has been stolen from these accounts. The perps took the device with them when they were done, but I have to say my heart was thumping in my throat until I was able to boot up the computer and ascertain that my accounts were safe...for now. I tell ya, somebody, somewhere is always out to get you...take what belongs to you.

Well, that's about enough of that...and now on to the "Loyalty" preview. With many thanks to Heather, who made this all possible. And, even though "I haven't got time, or room, or the need, for the pain," I am so very glad it is almost over. I never thought I'd see the day when I would be anxious for a Bobby episode to air...just to get it over and done with. And I have the USA Network to thank for that.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Makes Me Want To "Puke"

I'm talking about the "focus" of the following video. And I quote, "...with an all new season of wit and wisdom from the Major Case Squad's "most" Zen detective..." So, like -- BITE ME -- already USA Network. And that's all I've got to say about that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bobby USA Promo

Finally, a USA promo devoted entirely to Bobby. At least, I "think" I'm happy. The big, hulking guy pointing a gun at Bobby's head in this clip does give me pause, however.

I first saw this posted on "The Reel" last night, but it is a USA video, and they have a tendency to remove these types of promos, so I didn't bother posting it. Then, this morning, I found a delightful surprise in my Yahoo inbox from Heather, so I downloaded it and here it is. (Thank you, Heather!!!)

You've probably seen it dozens of times by now, but I cannot help myself. At one point, I was worried that Eames was the one they kill off, but since we see Bobby comforting her at an apparent crime scene, and she looks like she's near tears, I'm leaning more toward Ross being the "doomed" LOCI soul, or sacrificial to speak. Once I found out that one of the three is "fired," I checked Bobby off for that scenario; he's been on a short leash since "Untethered" anyway. Ah well, all will be revealed in a couple of weeks, and then all we will have will be a lot of sad, sweet memories.

I realize the "screen" is black, but click on the play button and the video will run. At least it worked for me when I tried it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Loyalty" Promo

When I first read that USA or "whoever" had changed the title of the Law & Order CI Season Opener from "Puntland" to "Loyalty," I had to chuckle. I mean if ever...OH...ever there was an oxymoron, that has to be it. I mean, give me a break...LOYALTY??? To whom? The fans? The actors who made the show what it is?

Yes, I saw the interviews, and I know that Vincent D'Onofrio is "happy" to be leaving the show. I get that...I respect that, but -- at the risk of beating a long-dead horse -- I still think USA could have handled the whole know...BETTER.

The only reason I am posting the following promo is because of what Eames says to Bobby; i.e., "Do you happen to have an alibi?" Okay, I'm intrigued.

I have read all the comments and posts and guesses and speculations about what is going to happen during that two-part season opener. To be honest, I stopped trying to figure out things a while ago. I'll just wait and watch...and "grieve" for Bobby when it is all over; whether or not he lives or dies or is promoted or fired or resigns or pitches a "hissy-fit" and splits in two like Rumpelstiltskin, Bobby will be gone, and Law & Order CI will cease to exist...for me.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The New Tenants

Well, I just downloaded "The New Tenants" from iTunes and watched it. What can I say? It was kind of "quirky." It' twenty minutes long, so while there is not a lot of Vincent time on screen, he does make good use of what little time he has. I have to say it again, the man chooses the most "unusual" roles, but then -- dammit -- he plays these characters so well. And, while I admired and was mesmerized...I mean, you simply cannot look away when he is on his performance, I have to say that I really look forward to seeing him in a "normal" role in "Chlorine."

I don't want to say too much so as not to spoil it for those of you who have not seen it yet, but he conveys so much about his character and what this man's life must be like in the few minutes he has. Like I said...he is an incredible actor. The movie itself is quirky to the point of being "absurd" and the two guys who have just moved into...what has to be...the unluckiest apartment building in New York play their parts well. Someone will have to explain to me the "meaning" of the very last scene, however. Or, maybe I'll eventually "get it" after I watch it a few more times.

I am going out of town this weekend and planned to sync it to my iPod, but when I tried to do just that, I got a pop up box, telling me that my computer was no longer "authorized" and I had to get it authorized, or I stood the chance of all my music and videos being removed from my iPod. Only thing is, I dozen times to authorize the dang thing, but the iTunes store was not cooperating. Luckily, my other stuff is still on the iPod, but it would not sync "The New Tenants," so I'll have to wait until I get back to watch it again.

In other news, my laptop...the one from which I do my screen capping and the bulk of my blogging, etc., suffered a "major" malfunction night before last. Too much to write about now. Suffice to say, were it not for the fact that I have my desk top and my old "starter" laptop and my purse-sized netbook, I'd be wayyyyy more upset than I am presently. I am going to have to contact DELL to find out how to go about fixing the problem, or ship it off to them to be repaired. Either way, I'm certain I'll get a frustrated blog post or two out of the forthcoming experience.

Add to the iPod thing and the laptop thing, the fact that my psycho-crazy-bitch "former" friend that I wrote about back in January 2009 has resurfaced and stalking me, and let's just say I've had about all I can stand of computers for one three days.

I would love to be able to share some screen caps of "The New Tenants" with you, but iTunes videos will not play in the capping software I use, and I'm too stupid to figure out how in the hell one "converts" an iTunes file to a "wmv" format. Fear not, however, I am quite certain that another, far more intrepid Vincent D'Onofrio fan than I, will post photos soon.

One last thing about the movie. I probably should warn you that I am going to reveal something you may not want to know if you have not had a chance to see it yet, so look away now.

Anyway, when Vincent is lying on the floor, know...dead, watch closely when the camera pans to him. I swear I thought I could see him "breathing" ever so faintly. I could be very, very wrong, but it sure looked like it to me. Let me know what "all y'all" think after you watch it.

I hope everyone out there in bloggerland has a wonderful and safe weekend. The sun was shining, and the temperatures actually climbed into the low 40s today here in the Queen City. It was the first truly nice day we have had in a while which means all the nuts and crazies came out to play in the sunshine, and I ran into most of them on my lunch hour. Toodles!!