Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Maledictus" Quotes

Not a particular favorite episode of mine. Perhaps that has more to do with the fact that a writer ends up losing her head…literally…and it shows up at her publisher’s office. Granted, there were any number of things I wish I would have shipped to my publisher back in the day, but a severed head was not among them. Come to think of it, didn’t we have a decapitated writer in “Slither” in Season 5? Hmmm? Methinks LOCI may have a vendetta against writers.

Ah, "when writers need money, they write," says the doomed author just before she bites the big one. I never looked at my writing that way. Of course, the extra money was nice, and it came at a time in my life when I made “crap” by way of a salary at my “real” job(s). Writing, for me, was more of an “escape” mechanism, and when I was doing it, I was passionate and obsessive about it. Now, I can barely muster enough enthusiasm for a blog entry now and again. Life sure is funny old dog.

I didn’t care much for Eames’ “lost contact lens” comment to Bobby when he has his face in the box. He didn’t acknowledge it, so I guess he didn’t care all that much for it either. I’m with Eames though when they’re in Ilana’s apartment and Bobby finds the legal pad with Ilana’s scribblings in Russian, and she says, “If you tell me you can read Russian—” Bobby doesn’t say a word…just gives her a look as if to say, “Of course, I can read Russian,” and she responds with, “Oh, brother.” Yeah, he’s one smart cookie is my Bobby, way too smart for me, and for his own good on occasion.

Moving on to the questioning of the old Russian guy (Ilana’s father) in prison. He remains emotionless, won’t say a word, regardless of Bobby’s provocation. He gets up and leaves the room and his attorney asks Eames and Goren if they don’t have anything better to do than harass an old man, and Bobby gets in the guy’s face and says, “We can always harass you.” I loved it.

I have to admit that I am enjoying watching this episode again…up close and personal, so I can pay full attention to all of Bobby’s antics. Like, when he and Eames are questioning the Russian mistress in her apartment. Bobby starts to reach for something on a side table and when she tries to intercept him, he abruptly pulls back and sidesteps around her. I especially think it’s a hoot when he goes through her suitcase and pulls out her bikini bottoms and declares she had gone “south” on her trip. I have to say the Russian chick held her own with Bobby when she told him he was wrong…smart guy…they were leaving that night and going to Hawaii. “That is west,” she said with a little triumphant smile. Little did she know she had unwittingly given them an important tip in their investigation…someone else had killed Ilana before the Russian mob had a chance.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part I

Okay, what’s up with the regular green pencil? Did the prop department lose his stash of blue Pentel “Quicker Clickers?” Because if he needs some, I have a considerable stockpile of my own that I am more than willing to share with the big buy.

I love watching them go through the machinations of trying to piece together bits of clues that lead them to the next phase of their investigation. By sifting through the pictures they found at Ilana’s apartment and translating the “working” titles of her book, they are led to the siblings Kenny and Martha, then to George and ultimately to the “flirtatious” Ursula/Anna.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part II

Don’t you just love it when a suspect or interviewee tells Bobby to “drop” something, as Tate did when they were questioning him. That’s like telling the wind not to blow or the sun not to shine. He’s like a dog with a bone is our stalwart detective.

I realize I stated way back at the beginning of this post that this was not a particular favorite episode, but it does have some “memorable” moments. Besides the exchange with the Russian mistress, there is the scene with the brazen Ursula/Anna and the interrogation of the Canadian call girl near the end. Even though I didn’t particularly care for the subject matter, or the case itself, I guess it did offer up some rather juicy Bobby moments…as most LOCI episodes do.

Okay, I’m not sure whose reaction I like more when Anna casually “fingers” Bobby’s lapel…Eames’ or Bobby’s. Eames kind of gives Bobby the once over and throws a “what the hell was that” look at him, and Bobby just checks out his lapel and gives Anna a curious look. It was cute. Then Bobby goes on to say that he believes her when she says she’s not gay because of the “subtle” way she’s flirting with him.

Subtle, my ass…subtle like a bull in a china shop. She makes goo-goo eyes at him throughout the whole interview. I think Eames couldn’t decide who she wanted to smack more…Anna or him. I mean, Eames is asking all the questions and the chick directs all her answers to Bobby. Not that I can blame her, but it is downright rude. It is immensely entertaining to watch Bobby’s reactions in situations like this though, but – if nothing else – seven years of LOCI have shown us he has quite a penchant for “falling” for exactly the wrong woman.

This is another one of those “amazing memory” situations. Eames and Goren show up to question the sheriff about an incident that took place in November 1978, and he has instant recall about the case. (Well, maybe not “instant” because Bobby has to sort of “nudge” it out of him.) Anyway, as soon as Eames mentions Ilana, the sheriff starts fingering his watch…a detail that does not go unnoticed by the ever vigilant Detective Goren. Then Bobby gets the sheriff to shake his hand, so he can trip the clasp and get the watch off his wrist…all the better to see it, my dear. I love the expression on Eames’ face when Bobby points out the watch is a specific Rolex because it has a higher profile than other models. Eames humors Bobby by looking intently at the watch, as if she understands...or even cares...what he’s talking about. Perhaps she did, but I don’t think so.

I think Bobby should have given the sheriff his “if you’re gonna lie” speech when the good sheriff lied about the watching being given to him brand new a couple of years earlier. And here we go again, Bobby knowing they stopped making this particular watch in 1979, and Rolex never made it in solid gold. Sometimes, the man just knows too damn much. But isn’t that what we all love about him? But the most unbelievable part was the sheriff pulling Martha Strick’s name out of his butt after twenty-plus years. Give me a break.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part III

Carver cracks me up. He is always so skeptical of Goren’s and Eames’ profiles…even though they are right 99.9 percent of the time. When will the man ever learn to trust the famous Goren gut? And did you catch Carver’s reaction when Bobby pulled the newspaper from under his arm and waves it back at him to prove a point? Carver won’t get them a search warrant for Kenny’s place, so…in true Goren and Eames fashion…they go on their own just to have a chat with Martha.

Don’t you just love it when Goren flashes that smile of his at the poor, unsuspecting interviewee when he’s on to something? For example: “The Case Of The Missing Boot,” or why is Kenny so poorly shod? The smile he offers up to Martha is…irresistible. I bet he uses that smile a lot to get his way with women.

I never grow tired of watching Bobby nose around a room. When they go to “chat up” Kenny at his office, you will notice that Eames is handling the bulk of the questions… initially…while Bobby snoops about. He likes to give the appearance that he’s not paying attention to what is being said, but we know better. Before long, the questioning quite naturally transitions to Bobby and, before all is said and done, he’s maneuvered himself in front of the unsuspecting dupe and is all up in his face telling the guy that he sees he plucks his eyebrows. Only Bobby.

And then, Kenny takes a sort of half-step toward Bobby as if he’s going to confront him or something, but Bobby just backs him off with a look, Kenny limps back to his chair, and the secretary arrives to show them the door. All the while, Bobby looks befuddled as if he cannot fathom why Kenny is so reluctant to discuss his personal grooming habits with him.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part IV

Oh, I just came across one of my all time favorite quotes for the entire series. Bobby is explaining to Eames and Deakins that Kenny is a straight guy who can only become “excited” by wearing women’s clothing. Then he goes on to say that usually goes hand in hand with masochism. To which Eames replies, directing her comment to Deakins, “I learn something new everyday.” And she says it with this sweet little smile on her face that speaks volumes. Yep, Eames gets most of the good lines, but then Bobby usually sets them up for her.

Ah, and now we come to one of my favorite scenes in this episode. I love how Eames sarcastically explains to the Canadian bimbo that the “Free Trade” Act doesn’t actually allow prostitutes to cross the border to ply their trade. Then the scene only gets better and better when Bobby gets involved. Do you ever get the feeling that Bobby “gets off” on some of these interrogation sessions when he’s asking people about intimate sexual details. He always seems so…uh... engrossed...in their answers, like he hangs on their every word. Maybe he’s looking for some pointers…who knows?

I’ve got to say the way he “prowls” around behind her chair would make me nervous as hell. And, of course, the way he claps his hand when she isn’t quick to respond…and to accentuate his point…is straight out of Bobby interrogation techniques 101. Then, as the story unfolds, Bobby gets one of his “thinking” looks and he’s off and running, although he does take the time to thank the hooker for her…ahem…services.

Sometimes, Eames can be a little too snarky; i.e., sarcastic for my tastes. I’ve commented on that before. I mean, I get that she’s a woman detective and has probably endured a lot of crap from men in the profession to get as far as she has. She’s good at her job. She deserves respect. And don’t get me wrong, if some smart ass is giving her attitude then I’m the first one to shout…give it right back to them. But to get all pissy with the clerk when Eames doesn’t know if she’s the one who even “misplaced” the other documents. Well, I found that a little bit…um…bitchy. Just know your facts before you go crappin’ on someone else’s day...that’s all I’m sayin’. Even Bobby gave her a glance when she said it.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part V

Okay, does anyone else find it odd that they can go back to a crime scene more than twenty years after the fact and still find evidence? I mean, the house still looked the same. Wouldn’t you think they would have made a “few” changes in the décor, or remodeled the kitchen to modernize it a bit? In fact, I'm amazed Kenny didn't have the place demolished to destroy all evidence of his crime. I suppose Bobby's answer to that would be that...on some level...Kenny wanted to be found out.

I love watching Bobby interact with “old” people…and kids. The soft, patient expression he turns on the old nanny is quite endearing. Just one of the many reasons I like him so much. Oh, and have I mentioned lately just how incredibly scrumptious he looks in that blue shirt?

Yeah, yeah…I know. I said at the very beginning I didn’t care all that much for this episode, yet here I am rambling on and on and on. The deeper I delve into this one, I recognize so many individual scenes or “moments” that have been burned into my memory. For example, the scene immediately following the interview with Mrs. Mendez. The shot opens with Bobby…as every scene should…need I add. Anyway, he’s in a “thinking” pose. He turns to look up, splays his fingers fleetingly across his face, then ends with the balled up fist hunched up against his chin. Oh, yes. My man is deep in thought. Then he stands up and walks over to the board to more closely examine the clippings and photos of the “crime” scene, gives that austere head a little tilt and…wah lah…case solved.

Poor Bobby and Eames, having to work on a Saturday. It’s always fun to watch them scatter the bait and then skillfully reel in the unsuspecting prey. I mean, of course, they wanted Kenny to accompany them to the house…that was the whole point in telling them their intentions of searching the “suicide” house. Kenny probably suspected what was afoot, but he wanted to protect Martha or keep her from learning the truth. Anyway, I love Goren and Eames “indignant” comments about kowtowing to them, and they weren’t entitled to be there, and protesting that they all couldn’t fit in their vehicle.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part VI

Ah…at long last we arrive at the “gotcha” scene, the interrogation, the final moments when Bobby pulls it all together and wraps everything up in a neat little package with a bow on top. Note Bobby’s first line: “This place is like a time capsule.” Well…uh…duh! “All the easier to help you solve the crime, my dear.”

As I watched this scene, two thoughts occurred to me. One…my goodness, but Vincent D’Onofrio must have an incredible memory to remember so much dialogue. And, secondly, it certainly was kind and compassionate of Bobby to offer up an alternative “fiction” as to why Kenny murdered the opportunistic Ilana, so that he could save face with his sister. Oh, and Bobby concludes with a little conspiratorial quirk of his brow…I love it when he does that.

Carver’s sheepish excuse about being late; i.e., “I took a wrong turn off the L-I-E,” was a hoot. Talk about "lies." Writers…gotta love ‘em. Actually, in the end…when Kenny said, “thank you,” to Bobby, I think he looked “relieved” that it was all over and grateful to Bobby for giving him a way to confess for his crime of killing Ilana without admitting to the horrible mistake he had made as a child. Good job, Bobby.

"Maledictus" Quotes - Part VII

Now that it’s all said and done, and I’ve watched this episode for about the…oh, I don’t know…hundredth time…I still think the relationship between the brother and sister was a wee bit on the “odd” side.

Well, as Porky Pig would say, "Th-th-th-that's all folks!" See ya next time when we take an in-depth look at "Badge." I'm looking forward to this one.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Bobby in "Maledictus"

So, I watched Jeff Goldblum last night. I didn't hate him, but I didn't love him either. I did, however, like him well enough to keep watching. The interplay between Ross and Nichols was less acrimonious than it has played out between Ross and Goren. Whereas Bobby tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve, Nichols appeared to be oblivious to Ross's derisive comments.

Poor Wheeler just didn't know what to think of her new partner, so I can't wait to see what Eames thinks of him. Something tells me Eames will be able to hold her own. If anything, Ross was kind of "snarky" with Wheeler. I can't remember the specific lines except for one of Wheeler's combackers when she called Ross..."Dr. Freud."

Goldblum brings a different kind of "quirky" to the show, I will give him that. He's nothing like Vincent D'Onofrio, but then...who is? Of course, VDO has had eight years to "perfect" the brilliant and classy detective I just can't seem to live without.

Speaking of Bobby, here's a "few" shots of him in "Maledictus."

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Maledictus" - Part I

Just Bobby Slideshow - "Maledictus" - Part II

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Maledictus" Extras

Well, tonight is the much touted Jeff Goldblum debut on Law & Order CI. I've never been a "huge" fan, but have enjoyed some of his work. I did catch a few episodes of his short-lived TV show a couple of years back, but my favorite role was as the wry and sardonic Dr. Ian Malcolm in "Jurassic Park." As I recall, he looked pretty good in that film, too...perhaps the best he's ever looked.

I'm not worried that he is here to "replace" Vincent D'Onofrio on the show, and I won't boycott his episodes because USA, et.al., made such a big fuss over his arrival. Actually, I think USA should have done a "welcoming" campaign similar to what they did for Mary McCormack prior to "In Plain Sight's" debut last year. Hmm, I wonder what kind of pie Goren would have brought Nichols.

Anyway, the way I look at it...the more people who watch...the higher the ratings, which only increases the likelihood of USA extending the number of seasons I'll be able to ogle a certain tall, darkish, handsome, and extremely charmingly quirky Detective Robert Goren. I can definitely get on board with that.

For now, here are some "extras" I captioned from "Maledictus."

"Maledictus" Extras Slideshow

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Maledictus" Partners

Good news from the NBC Universal Summer Press Day; looks like Goren and Eames may be partners beyond Season 8. Huzzah, huzzah!! They're already talking about Season 9, and we have only one episode under our belt this year. I'm so happy! Bring on the Bobby love.

The following is the excerpt pertaining to LOCI that appeared on the Yahoo TV blog:

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

  • It was no surprise that Vincent D'Onofrio and Jeff Goldblum have incredible chemistry, but sadly, you won't be seeing that magic with your own eyes anytime soon. They don't share screen time this season, but everyone seemed pretty confident that their characters would meet up in Season 9.
  • Vincent D'Onofrio has no plans to leave the show and says he'll stay "as long as they'll have me."
  • There will be less about the detectives' personal lives in Season 8. For example, according to D'Onofrio, the show will "go back to where Goren is fixated on his job and solving crimes like a motherhonker." And Jeff Goldblum is planning to "ration" his character's backstory.
I'm excited with the notion of Goldblum and D'Onforio having some scenes together, too. I liked the few he and Chris Noth had together on the show, so this sounds promising. Until then, however, I have an abundance of Eames and Goren partner scenes to share, so I'll get on with it.

"Maledictus" Partners - Part I

"Maledictus" Partners - Part II

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back To Season One - Eames In "Maledictus"

Well, since this week's episode of Law & Order CI will feature the new Jeff Goldblum character, I suppose I'll go back to reminiscing about Season One. This will be the first of five posts for "Maledictus."

As usual, I will begin my "tribute" with a slideshow of Kathryn Erbe as Detective Eames. It was announced last week that Erbe will "fill in" for a very pregnant Julieanne Nicholson the last couple of episodes of the season. (Article here.) Now, that is something that intrigues me. I think it will be an absolute "hoot" to watch Eames go back and forth between Bobby and Zack Nichols...solving cases. Oh, the stories she'll be able to tell.

I mean, I don't want to "wish away" the season, but it does give me something to look forward to...besides Bobby, of course. Gee, I wonder if people will start "shipping" Eames and Nichols.

Eames Slideshow - "Maledictus"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Quick And Dirty Look At "Playing Dead"

Just wanted to take a moment to post my initial impressions of "Playing Dead." One of these days, after I've watched it a couple of dozen times, and I get around to quoting it, I'll do a proper "dissection" of the episode. But for now, I'm just going to comment on the "high" points, and I shall begin by saying, "Bobby's back, baby!"

From the moment he took Detective Farley by the arm and led her back to the door to begin recreating the specifics of the crime to taunting the pompous wine seller to mimicking the odious stepfather (sorry, haven't got all the character's names committed to memory yet) with, "Help me, Mommy...Save me, Mommy," it was classic Goren all the way. Welcome home, darlin'!!

At the hospital when the girl said she “went away,” I knew immediately what she meant. Obviously, she had been abused/ molested and that was how she coped with it. I think Bobby suspected something, too because when he explains the relationship to Ross, he specifically makes the distinction that the girl is the councilman's step daughter, not his daughter…to which Ross replies a blasé, “whatever.” Sometimes, I want to smack Ross up the side of the head, but I digress.

When Ross said the Chief of “D’s” was coming by, I shouted at the TV for Bobby to hide, and you could tell by the look on his face, he wasn't too keen on encountering the man.

There was something nagging at me throughout the whole episode about Bobby’s “look,” but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I watched it in “slow mo” as I captured a few photos for the slideshows at the end of the post. Then it hit me how tired he looked...his eyes...his puffy face...his voice at times. Perhaps he had a cold. You know, Vincent D’Onofrio really should take better care of my favorite detective's health and well-being.

And I think I may have a new favorite Law & Order CI Bobby moment, as I'm certain do a lot of folks. It’s when he and Eames go to check out the councilman’s "true love for the grape," to quote Eames. The snooty, pretentious shop keeper tries to slough them off when Bobby tells him they would like to review the councilman’s purchases for the past six months. The guy is feeling pretty pleased with himself until Eames threatens to shut him down for a forensic audit and Bobby says to the guy in a “French” accent, “A…uh…printout will do, eh?” Eames seemed to enjoy the line, too, but not as much as I did. I almost fell off the couch laughing. And I noticed that Bobby's smile actually reached his eyes...haven't seen that in a while.

Okay, so now Bobby has officially said it out loud...he came from a “bad home.” Well, I guess we always knew that, but now the implication is that he was abused…I’m “assuming” physically. Stacey said when bad things were happening to her, she took herself away to another place. Bobby tells her he used to do the same thing; he just wanted to lift himself up and take himself to another place, so he could see things from somewhere else.

Poor little Bobby. It's amazing he turned out as well as he did...crazy mother; gambling, womanizing drunkard for a "father;" biological father was a serial killer; drug addict brother, and now we find out that he was abused, too. I can't take much more. I've got so much to say about this, but I'll save it for later.

I prepared two slideshows last night. Then today, when I was checking out Amazon.com, I found out they are now offering downloads of Season 8 in HD. So, of course I had to buy that and quickly capture some photos to see if there is much of a difference. (Obsessive much? Have you met me?) Anyway, there's a little bit of Eames, and a bunch of Bobby in the ensuing slideshows, and I think there may be a shot or two of Ross thrown in for good measure.

Yes, there are duplicates. Double the Bobby...double the pleasure... double the fun.

"Playing Dead" Slideshow - Part I

"Playing Dead" Slideshow - Part II

Bobby In Amazon HD

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boston Tea Party...2009

In other words...just another lame, pitiful example of how the puling, mean-spirited "cry baby" Republican Party is dealing with the fact that they lost the freakin' election. Get over it already! You'll get another chance in three and a half years.

Until then...here's a novel idea. Why don't y'all rally together and try to be a solution to the myriad problems that confront this nation rather than acting like a giant horse's ass? But then that would take rational, intelligent, coherent thought, and too many Republicans are sadly lacking in those attributes.

As always, Jon Stewart puts it all into perspective with wit and humor.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Nationwide Tax Protests
Daily Show
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When Last We Saw Our Hero

Season 7 of Law & Order CI ended...a lifetime ago it seems...leaving me with more questions than answers, I fear. In fact, I've watched "Frame" several times over during the show's “extended” hiatus, and each time I watch it, I find myself enjoying it less and less.

Don't get me wrong, any episode that highlights Bobby the way this one did automatically gets a big ole “thumbs-up" from this girl. But it now appears to me that much of the episode was “contrived” so the writers who were leaving the show could “wrap-up” their storylines and the new ones could begin with a clean canvas.

I mean, just look at the “evidence.” Bobby's worthless ne’er-do-well brother is murdered; his arch nemesis, Nicole Wallace, likewise bites the dust; someone tries to “Frame” him for the murders, and he learns that his biological father is indeed the reviled serial killer Mark Ford Brady. Then, when all is revealed, it turns out that the person behind the murders and the frame-up is his longtime mentor and friend, Declan Gage. Whew, that’s a lot to process in 44…give or take…minutes.

Too much, in fact. There was enough material here (had it been handled properly) for two or three episodes…if not a feature film. Instead, the writers tried to take everything we’ve learned about Goren in the past seven years and tie it all together in a neat little package, so that Bobby is now “free.” Well, big whoop! Bobby’s free and I’m disappointed, frustrated, and completely dissatisfied.

Granted, as the following slideshow depicts, we did get to witness some lovely shots of Bobby as he experienced a true gamut of emotions throughout the eppy. We get to see sad, sorrowful Bobby; confused Bobby; angry, confrontational, and enraged Bobby. Then there is tearful, vulnerable Bobby, ending with the one that tugs at my heart strings the most…lost and forlorn Bobby.

Like I said, I loved the fact that the spotlight was on Bobby in this episode. For me...personally, though, the material was much too convoluted to be handled adequately, competently…satisfactorily… in a one hour format.

And now…at long, long last, we have arrived at the premier of Season 8. I’m not all that excited about it…thanks to USA giving it the network equivalent of the "bum’s rush" back in November. I mean, it’s just a TV show after all, and at this stage of my life, I try to keep things in perspective.

Having said that, make no mistake, come 9:00p.m. tomorrow evening, I’ll be in front of the TV…VHS and DVD queued to record “Playing Dead.” And later, I’ll download it from Amazon.com (for watching and capping on my computer) and iTunes (for my iPod). So, maybe, just maybe, I am a “little” excited to see what new trials and tribulations await my Bobby this season now that he’s…“free.”

Vincent In Nashville...Again

They didn't make as big a "to-do" about Vincent D'Onofrio attending the Nashville Film Festival this year as they did last, but he did show up for the screening of "The Narrows." I've got to go back and watch the interview a couple more times, but my first impression is...what a flirt. I'm surprised "the wife" lets him out on his own.

My second impression? What a liar. When he asks the interviewer what she recommends he do for a good time in Nashville and she says, "You can't beat the honky tonks or the Grand Ole Opry," and Vincent replies with, "That would be nice," I laughed my butt off. Just look at the man's body language. Has he learned NOTHING from playing a detective for eight years?

All that aside, it was a nice interview, I thought. He comes off as shy and unassuming...approachable. And it sounds like he has a few other projects in the works besides "the show" which should make VDO fans around the globe very happy indeed.

Vincent in Nashville -- 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

"Playing Dead" Clip

I must be losing my touch; normally I would have found this the day it showed up on "Daily Motion," but I didn't until just a few moments ago. I know this clip is playing on the USA Network website, but eventually it will disappear, so I shall preserve it here for me.

Ah, the long, long wait is nearly over. Can't wait until the hair grows back.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top 50 Best Movie Deaths

Well, before I could return to my screencapping of "Maledictus," I received a Google Alert on Vincent D'Onofrio in which the "Top 50 Best Movie Deaths" are discussed and depicted in all their bloody glory. It's quite a thorough listing, counting down from 50 to Number 1, and each includes a brief lead-in and video of the death scene. Admittedly, I have not seen most of these movies, including "Full Metal Jacket," for which VDO gets the nod for Number 10 on the list.

I suppose I really should watch this one, but I have to be in a "certain" mood to watch a war movie; especially since I know this one deals primarily with boot camp. And that means there will be lots of yelling and screaming and swearing and demoralizing the human spirit...hence...I suspect the reason that leads to Private Pyle's demise.

We're sure he's a lovely fella, but we would not like to meet Vincent D'Onofrio. He's probably kind to children and maybe even donates a large part of his Law and Order paycheque to charities involved in rescuing damp kittens. Nevertheless, his Private Pyle creeps us out. Driven crazy by the intense training and the other recruits' tormenting, Pyle is found in the barracks bathroom by Matthew Modine's Joker and R. Lee Ermey's Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Two retorts from Charlene later, and only Modine is left standing.

Here is the link, in case you want to check out the others. Does anyone else find it morbidly "ironic" that the author/website released this on Easter Sunday?

LOCI Season 8 Promo

Taking a short break from screencapping "Maledictus" and thought I would take a moment to post this promo. I know it is up on the USA site, but I like to have it here. Wish someone would post an embeddable video of the clip that is presently viewable on USA's LOCI website. Oh, well...if wishes were horses...

USA is running various ads in earnest now that the premiere is a week away. I saw one this morning that crossed over LOCI and "In Plain Sight." Since both show's new seasons will begin the same night, I guess this is their way of getting as much bang for their advertising buck as possible.

Well, until I get me some "fresh" Bobby, I guess I'll muddle along with the old stuff. A girl could do worse; old Bobby is better than no Bobby at all.

Season 8 Promo

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Law & Order CI - Season 4 On DVD - In The U.S.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a Google Alert for Vincent D'Onofrio which stated that Season 4 of Law & Order Criminal Intent was to be released on August 31, 2009...wait for it...in England. In the blink of an eye, I went from the heights of sheer, unadulterated "euphoria" and shouts of "hallelujah" to the depths of sheer, unadulterated "disappointment" and shouts of...well, I won't bore you with that. Suffice to say, I was not a happy camper.

You see, I've been waiting for this announcement for nearly four years...as have the rest of the LOCI faithful. Eliza wrote about it on her blog, as well, and included one of her beautiful "signature" collages to commemorate the occasion.

So, did I languish in the pit of my despair? I did not. Well, maybe for a minute or two, but not for long because I happen to subscribe to that old adage of...where there's a will...there's a way. One thing I know for certain is...when it comes to Detective Robert Goren...I've got the will. And if there's a way, I'll certainly find it. I mean, I already own a multi-regional DVD player, so I should be able to play the Region 2 DVDs...no problemo.

The rub comes into play when I want to watch them on my computer through PowerDVD, so I can watch and quote and screen cap the episodes from the convenience of my laptop. Then I happened to remember a software program that Val...she of the Life and Vincent blog...told me about when I first started dabbling in all this, so I checked it out. According to the software's website, I should be able to do everything I want to do...and then some. So, I "hied" myself over to the Amazon.com U.K. website and pre-ordered Season 4. I did a quick conversion from pounds to U.S. dollars to ensure that I wouldn't have to sell a kidney in order to afford it, and all is well.

Then a couple of days ago, I got to thinking. Scary...I know. "Thinking" can oftentimes turn into an expensive proposition for me, but I digress. I "rationalized" that I found it hard to believe Universal would release Season 4 in England and elsewhere without...at least...doing so in the U.S. at or around the same time. So, I "hied" myself over to Amazon.com (the U.S. version) and...sure enough...Season 4 is available for "pre-order" in the U.S. as well. It does not give a release date, but does list the purchase price as $41.99. The only thing that would make me happier is if Amazon or iTunes decided to sell them as individual episode downloads, as well. Oh, well. Small steps.

Needless to say, I pre-ordered my U.S. copy before leaving the site. Now, the race is on. Who will have it first...the U.K. or the U.S.? I bloody well don't give a tinker's damn...I just want my Bobby in Season 4. And by hook or by crook...it looks as if that is going to happen later this year. I should live so long.

Since I don't have any decent screen caps of my own for Bobby in Season 4, I "borrowed" Eliza's collage from her The Velocity of Vincent blog. I can't wait to get to Season 4 in my episode "tributes," so I can talk about that hair. Thank you, Eliza.

Fear of Flying

Actually, it's not so much a "fear" as a "dread." I'm not afraid of dying because I'm one of those people who happens to believe that...if I'm supposed to die in a plane crash...then I'll die in a plane crash, whether I'm in it or it happens to crash into my apartment building or my car. I watch the news. It happens.

I simply detest the "nuisance" of flying. I hate trying to cram everything I'm going to need on an extended trip into a couple of bags and then wrestling with them and my laptop throughout the whole trip. I hate airports, long term parking, shuttles, airport security, teeny-tiny airplane seats with no leg room, and don't even get me started on airplane bathrooms. Ever try "holding it" from Honolulu to Dallas/Fort Worth? I have. Then there is baggage claim and more shuttles or taxis to get you to your appointed destination, and tipping each and every person you meet along the way. Yep, all things considered, I'd rather drive.

Luckily, this year, I don't have to worry about Dave, my boss, nagging me into going to our National Association's annual meeting. With the recession and everyone trying to save money, conference travel is an easy expense to curtail. For example, last year five people from the office attended the conference. This year, Dave will be the only one going.

The good news...I don't have to fly this year. The bad news...the conference is being held in San Diego. I've never been there and I've heard it is a beautiful city. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some.

I came upon the following video as I was surfing the Internet this morning, thus serving as the inspiration for this post. Perhaps if I flew Southwest Airlines more often, I might find the flying experience more enjoyable. Nah! But it's a nice thought. This is pretty cool. I, for one, have never encountered any flight attendant quite this "amiable" in my air travels.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Yesterday" Quotes

I cannot say that this is a particularly favorite episode of mine, except for the final interrogation scene when Bobby “persuades” Lippman to sit where he wants him to sit. I do so love that scene. And, I’ve been watching a lot of “Cold Case” reruns the last few weeks, so I did enjoy that aspect of this episode. I think Bobby would make a most excellent cold case detective.

Yet another episode with the draped badges. I believe this is the third one in a row.

But I should start at the very beginning…a very good place to start. Sorry, Julie Andrews just commandeered my brain for a second. Anyway, ever notice the razor-sharp memories on this show? I mean, without missing a beat, Eames rattles off the style of the miniskirt the corpse was wearing, the store where it was available, and the fact that it was only made one year…1983. I can barely remember 1983, let alone what I wore that year.

And did you notice the hint of “surprise” in Goren’s voice when he asked: “You wore one of these?” What? Does he think she’s a nun? This is the first time I’ve ever noticed Eames’ badge number…looks like 5796.

Continuing with that line of thinking...this is a 20 year old murder case, yet when Bobby and Eames go to Deakins to discuss it, he initially tells them to kick it back to Homicide. After a little “nudging,” however, Deakins relents and opens a desk drawer and magically produces the file of the aforementioned 20 year old murder case. Now, I realize this case has probably been a thorn in Deakins’ side for a very long time, but to have the exact file at his fingertips…I’m just sayin’.

The first interrogation scene with the former boyfriend was a bit different in that they brought Deakins into the mix…his attempt at being the “bad cop” with the guy he has always thought was good for it since way back in the day. This is where Vincent D’Onofrio positively “shines” as an actor. He doesn’t have all that much to say in this scene, but it’s the way he observes the suspect…watches his every move, absorbs everything he says, how he says it, and conveys the contents of his thoughts to the viewer without murmuring a single syllable…that is what makes him such an incredible actor.

Okay, I hope this doesn’t make me sound too terribly “shallow,” but there is something about watching a man…this man…kick open a door. I’ve written enough of those scenes in my day, but it’s quite another “watching” Bobby breathe life into such a primitive act. Needless to say, Bobby can kick open my door any old time he wants…not that he would need to.

">Quotes Slideshow -"Yesterday" - Part I

Just how solicitous was it of Bobby to warn the super at Morrissey’s old apartment that he was on to his lying ways and to tell him how to avoid detection in the future. Ever, oh ever the helpful detective. Then he concludes with this piece of sage advice, “If you’re gonna tell a lie, make sure you can back it up.”

Look at Eames, stealing Bobby’s thunder. He puts his arm around the guy’s shoulder and says, “I think I know what happened here.” But before he can get the words out of his mouth, Eames butts in and says, “Me, too.” Bobby, being the gentleman he is, just gives her a tolerant look and lets her say her peace.

I do love how both Bobby and Eames have a knack for being able to push just the “right” buttons to make everyone—well, almost everyone—they talk to want to spill their guts. Like when Eames tells Maureen that her “ex” can do better than a burned-out housewife with a faux mink, and Maureen promptly sets her straight as to the authenticity of the mink and the identity of the person who bought it for her…Ricky. So much for not seeing him in years.

Quotes Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part II

When Bobby finds the letter from Ricky’s sister, he begins to piece together their relationship and says that Ricky was their “mom’s favorite.” In Season Six—“Brother’s Keeper”—we find out precisely what that means to Bobby. His own mother preferred his rat bastard brother, Frank, to him. If I make it that far in my screen capping and quoting of LOCI episodes, I’ll vent my spleen about that particular relationship when I get there.

Ah, Bobby with a gun and body slamming a suspect into a table. Need I say anything more? Didn’t think so.

Without a doubt, Ricky is one of the wimpiest perps LOCI has ever offered up. I love watching Bobby stalk about the interrogation room, circling the table, biding his time, observing…listening. It’s classic Bobby. Then he positions his chair behind the poor schmuck and proceeds to “straddle” said chair…a maneuver that sends shivers down the spines of Bobby fans everywhere.

Quotes Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part III

I disliked the weasel Lippman instantly, but then I guess we were supposed to. But I liked how Bobby let him know upfront that he wouldn’t let him get away with anything…like how Lippman lowered his voice to “lure” Bobby across the room and out the door. Then Bobby tells him they’re done anyway and turns to leave in one motion, while putting his hand on Eames’s arm to stay her movement while he turns back around to ask his “one more thing” question.

As villains go, Ricky was pretty lame…sad really. A social outcast…friendless. I suppose his need to fit in…to be accepted…is what made him an easy target for Lippman…one that he could manipulate at will. I almost felt sorry for Ricky when Jay (Lippman) threw him off that building…what a pitiful, pathetic creature he was in the end.

Quotes Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part IV

I know the detectives are all about solving crimes and bringing people to justice and all, but sometimes I wonder if they ever feel any sense of remorse or regret for dredging up horrible events that have happened to people. Case in point…Sally. They get her to tell them what Lippman had done to her when she was a 17 year old high school student…get the information they need…and then send her on her merry way.

I love how Bobby baits our wily perp through his wife by telling her to feel free to tell Lippman that he and Eames had been in their home to question her...they had no secrets from him. Yeah, right.

Quotes Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part V

You know, Bobby’s reaction shots are oftentimes better than the words he actually speaks. For example, when Carver is doubtful of them being able to connect Lippman to the Alyssa Cooney murder without Morrissey to point the finger of blame at him, Bobby’s frustration is perfectly reflected in his “body language” as he turns in disgust toward the door. Even better…before that…Eames is reading the litany of things that had been done to the dead prostitute in Vermont, clearly connecting the two murders. Anyway, Bobby has this pissy, “I told you so” look on his face the whole time. Positively priceless, classic Bobby.

You just know there is going to be trouble when Bobby tells Lippman where to sit when he enters the interrogation room, and Lippman blatantly ignores Bobby and chooses a seat at the end of the table. You just know Bobby isn’t going to let that slide. There is nothing more gratifying than watching Bobby out-maneuver an arrogant suspect and get him to do his bidding. Like when Lippman’s attorney keeps doing all the talking and Bobby ingenuously points out that “he gets it” – Lippman’s lawyer is in charge, so they’ll just talk to him. Another “button pushing” moment. Bobby is so very good when it comes to pushing buttons.

Eames and Bobby both play him well in this scene. Once they decide to “shun” Lippman, Eames turns her back on him and Bobby focuses his attention on the attorney, Lippman is beside himself at being excluded from the proceedings. I chuckle every time when the lawyer reaches for one of the documents to show Lippman and Bobby pats his hand and tells him he didn’t say he could touch “that” because it was evidence.

Bobby just keeps baiting Lippman, telling him they found a pertinent photo of him, and Lippman keeps straining to see it from his position at the end of the table, and Bobby extends his hand in a “beckoning” gesture. All of this just to get the guy to sit where he wanted him to sit. Talk about a pissing match. Makes me wonder just what kind of “games” good ol’ Bobby would play in a real relationship.

Quotes Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part VI

Then Eames sits down in the chair Lippman vacated, so he can’t go back. Now Lippman must endure Bobby’s questions…or must he? The insipid man actually thinks he can outmaneuver my Bobby by snubbing him and whispering in confidence to Eames. Hmph! Like that will deter our stalwart detective. I love it when Bobby yanks Lippman’s chair around and then sits down opposite him…toe to toe…as it were. Just like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”…he’s not going to be ignored.

Anyone ever notice how…when the lawyers speak…no one listens. I mean, the lawyer states clearly that his client wants to return to his cell, but Bobby just keeps on talking. It’s like the lawyer doesn’t exist…I know how that feels.

Just a random observation…those eyebrows of his…they have a mind of their own.

And, following Bobby’s “aria” in which he explains the whys and wherefores and whatnots of Lippman’s pathology, our doer collapses into a quivering mass of sobbing “goo” and, with the utterance of four simple little words…"you have no idea"…Bobby nails another perp.

It could have happened before, but this is the first time I’ve noticed...Lippman had the last line. There was no follow-up “tag-line” by Bobby or Eames…as is the norm. Just some closing shots of Bobby, the lawyer, and Deakins and Carver in the observation room. Guess the writers didn’t feel anything more was needed or warranted in this episode.

Quotes Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part VII

So another recap comes to an end. Only four more episodes to go in Season 1 before I can take a crack at Season 2. My next project is "Maledictus." I'll try to not lose my head over that one. Ha Ha.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Bobby From "Yesterday"

Not feeling particularly chatty this evening, which is just as well for this entry. I mean, why go on and on about silly nothings when one can just gaze longingly at the gorgeous reason for this post...the reason for most of my posts, in fact...Bobby.

Bobby Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part I

Bobby Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part II

And in a "belated" salute to St. Patrick's Day...and my birthday...it's "Shamrock" Bobby.

Bobby Slideshow - "Yesterday" - Part III

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Yesterday" Extras

So, I'm sitting here getting ready to watch "Lost" and trying to not let the stench of my downstairs neighbor's cologne render me physically ill. I swear the guy must bathe in the putrid stuff. I guess he had a "hot" date or something. I mean, he's only in the hallway a couple of seconds, yet evidence of his "aromatic" presence lingers long, long after he's gone.

Ah, I have so, so many pesky "neighbor" stories to share. One of these days I'll get around to it. But for now, it's time to have a little fun with Bobby. Ah, from my rapacious thoughts to God's ear. I'm one of those people who happens to believe in a God who can do absolutely anything, but even He cannot give me Bobby.

But I can give you a few "Extras" from "Yesterday," along with my feeble attempt at humor. Sorry 'bout that.

Extras Slideshow - "Yesterday"