Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get Me To The Church On Time

The happy trio below is my godson, Nathaniel, his fiancee, Melissa, and her little one, Addison. (I "borrowed" the photos from Melissa's FB page.) Aren't they adorable, and don't they look so, SO happy!!! They are getting married this Saturday in Ironton, so I will be heading back home to the "wilds" of southern Ohio tomorrow morning for the occasion.

I still remember the day Carlisa and Ralph brought Nathaniel home from the hospital, and I had the happy experience of assisting at his first bath. Oh, what a fuss he made! I've never seen a baby turn so many shades of purple! LOL And, now, he's all grown up and getting married. My, my, time truly does FLY.

Sadly, Carlisa passed away in December 1995 when Nathaniel was only fourteen. Even though Carlisa won't be there in person, I know - without a doubt - that her spirit will be tucked away in some secret corner of the church, smiling and bursting with pride as she watches her baby boy embark upon the next great journey of his life.
I also have the distinct honor of lighting the "unity candle" for his mother.  I understand the usher, who will be escorting me up the aisle is about 6'5" or taller.  I'm 5'2".  What an interesting picture that will be!  I just hope I don't trip over my feet or set the sanctuary on fire.  It could happen.



Eliza said...

They make a beautiful family!

Hope you have a good time and everything goes safe :)

Anonymous said...

I'm finding it quite scary that the children of the people I knew when I first started work (39 years ago last month) now have children of their own. How did THAT happen?!! Last time I looked, I was about 25.....

Hope the day goes well for the wedding festivities :0)

BobbyG said...

Thank you, Eliza. It was a "perfect" day - one of the best I've enjoyed in a very long time. I didn't take photos, but as soon as I can "borrow" a few, I'll post them, along with a few details of the day. So good to hear from you!!

BobbyG said...

I know what you mean, Diane. I now have a great-great nephew. It was bad enough when my nieces and nephews started having kids. NOW, their kids are making babies. Where did the time go? Good to hear from you.